Catalogs of Active Volcanoes


World thru 1978

  • Gushenko, I. I. Eruptions of volcanoes of the world, a catalog. Acad. Sci. U. S. S. R. Far Eastern Sci. Center, Moscow, Nauka Publishing House, 474 p. 1979. (In Russian)


  • Bulletin of the Global Volcanism Network

  • Current volcanic activity; also see section J of The Electronic Volcano


  • McClelland, L., Simkin, T., Summers, M., Nielsen, E and Stein, T., Global Volcanism 1975-1985.

    This volume is a reorganization of the material regarding recent volcanic eruptions which appeared in SEAN (Scientific Event Alert Network) for the period 1975-1985. The material which appeared chronologically in the SEAN Bulletin is now arranged by volcano and interpretative material added to the new compilation.It is in effect a catalog of recent volcanism for these years

    1960 to date

  • Bulletin of Volcanic Eruptions, Issued by the Volcanological Society of Japan and the International Association of Volcanology and the Earth's Interior.

    Numbers issued are 1 (eruptions in 1960) (in 1961) to No. 30 (eruptions in 1991) (in 1993) with No. 9 in two parts (in 1969) Issues 1-8, 9-1 and 9-2 are appendices in the Bulletin of the Volcanological Society of Japan. For example, Bulletin of Volcanic Eruptions No. 1 is in Series 2, Volume 6, appendix to Number 3. Issues beginning with No. 10 are attached to the Bulletin Volcanologique (or its successor Bulletin of Volcanology) as well as the Bulletin of the Volcanological Society of Japan.


  • Hantke, Gustav, Übersicht über die vulkanische Tätigheit 1941-1959 (Summary of Volcanic Activity in the period 1941-1959) Much of this information has been incorporated in later publications. This summary appeared in several installments in Bulletin Volcanologique, specifically:
  • Summary of Volcanic Activity 1941-1947 Bull. Volc. #11, 1951
  • Summary of Volcanic Activity 1948-1950 Bull. Volc. #14, 1955
  • Summary of Volcanic Activity 1951-1953 Bull. Volc. #16, 1955
  • Summary of Volcanic Activity 1954-1956 Bull. Volc. #20, 1959
  • Summary of Volcanic Activity 1957-1959 Bull. Volc. #24, 1960

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