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Social & Personal Advising Resources

Undergraduate Deans Office

Deans support and advise students on all issues relevant to a successful college experience -- e.g., roommate & family conflicts, balancing social activities, campus adjustment/environment difficulties, medical/health problems.  They also help students navigate Dartmouth policies and procedures.  Ultimately, the role of the Assistant Undergraduate Deans in the development of Dartmouth students is to help them to function independently -- to be able to locate resources, to access information and to act in their own interests.

Additional social and personal advising resources are listed below:

The Center for Gender & Student Engagement

The Center for Gender & Student Engagement celebrates women's achievements, explores the role gender plays in human experience, and supports individual and collective struggles related to gender. The CGSE provides opportunities for reflection, engagement, and personal growth, with a particular emphasis on honoring women's voices and encouraging the full, active, and equal participation of women in the life of the College.

College Health Service -- Dick's House

The Health Service believes that good health is a vital part of every student's college experience. We are here to provide high quality care and services for Dartmouth students and to develop and promote health education information for students to maintain a healthy lifestyle during college and in the year beyond.

Dick's House Services include:

  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Alcohol & Drug Education
  • Immunizations
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Primary Care & Preventive Medicine
  • Sexual Abuse Awareness Program
  • Sexual Health Programs
  • Travel Health
  • Allergy Injections
  • Athletic/Sports Medicine

International Office

Dartmouth's International Office offers a full range of services and programs. Our primary mission is to assist over 1,050 international students, faculty, and scholars who study and work at the College. The International Office provides the visa support necessary for our non-immigrant international population to join the Dartmouth community. We also assist internationals in maintaining their legal non-immigrant status once enrolled or working at the College.

Office of Pluralism & Leadership

OPAL strives to provide a comprehensive program for cultural enrichment and leadership development to ensure that historically under-represented groups in particular and all Dartmouth students in general will have rich learning experiences outside the classroom.  We work with individual students as well as student communities and organizations to facilitate academic, personal, social, and cultural development and success.

Office of Residential Life (ORL)

The Office of Residential Life offers undergraduate student housing and promotes personal growth, social responsibility and intellectual development through community-based interactions. The work of the Office of Residential Life is guided by a set of organizational values. Those values are characteristic of the kinds of inclusive, residential communities we strive to build on campus.

Peer Advising

UGAs: Undergraduate Advisers offer advice through the Office of Residential Life.  They promote the health and safety of student residents.  They foster a sense of community and a respect for diversity.  UGAs are also able to assist students in identifying other appropriate resources and contacts across campus.

Safety & Security

Student Accessibility Services

Students requiring or requesting assistance should call or visit Student Accessibility Services. The Director of Student Accessibility Services assists students in resolving specific matters with faculty or with the appropriate College departments.  The Student Accessibility Services office provides documentation guidelines for some disabilities -- e.g., learning, ADHD, psychiatric.

Student Financial Aid

Dartmouth is committed to the philosophy that the cost of a college education should not be a deterrent to prospective applicants. Our decisions are need-blind, meaning that we admit the very best students and never stop to ask if they can afford to pay. We are also committed to making sure that Dartmouth is affordable and accessible to every student we admit.  Frequently Asked Questions.

Student Financial Services (Bursar)

Student Financial Services is responsible for the billing and collection of student tuition & fees, room and board charges as well as non-student receivables and the operation of all College loan programs.  For Student enrollment, tuition and loan questions.

Tucker Foundation

Charged with supporting and furthering the moral and spiritual work of the College, the Foundation provides community service programs, off-campus fellowships and internships, leadership development programs, and houses the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life in an attempt to further develop and enhance our local and worldwide community.

Office of Religious and Spiritual Life

The office provides opportunities for members of the Dartmouth community to express and explore their faith in the context of a supportive and questioning community. The College supports numerous student religious groups representing multiple denominations and faiths.

Last Updated: 9/21/15