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Things to Think About - Sophomore Year

Completing a Major Card

The Class of 2016 is the first class to use the new online Major Declaration process.
Check out the "Declaring a Major" document that reviews the old-fashioned "major card" -
this tool could be useful as you prepare for declaring a major during your fifth term in residence.

We suggest that you pick-up THREE MAJOR CARDS at the Office of the Registrar and give them a try (
Then, if you have questions that aren't answered by the information here or on the Registrar's website,
bring them to an advising appointment (or drop-in hours) with your Undergraduate Dean.

2014 Summer Emails from your Undergraduate Deans

2014 Spring Emails from your Undergraduate Deans

2014 Winter Emails from your Undergraduate Deans

2013 Fall Emails from your Undergraduate Deans

Topics you might want to discuss with your Undergraduate Dean


Career/After Dartmouth Opportunities


  • Continue to expand social circles
  • Strive to balance one's life
  • Explore your own personal balance and wellness
  • Continued exploration of extracurricular activities and opportunities
  • Out-of-classroom contact with professors

Other Opportunities


We encourage you to check out the following Dartmouth web sites for other helpful information:

Last Updated: 8/5/14