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Welcome to Your Junior Year

Communication from our Office

Junior year provides you with a space to focus more purposefully on your major, develop a plan to complete graduation requirements, cultivate strategies to pursue professional as well as post graduate opportunities, and choose how you will leave your mark through your Dartmouth College experience.


  • Take full advantage of the D-Plan (participating in FSP's and LSA's or exchange programs) and careful d-planning because of senior year residency requirement
  • Continued exploration/confirmation that the major choice is the correct one for you
  • Begin to prepare for senior year fellowships and scholarships for graduate study
  • Time to become acquainted with faculty, particularly those in your major
  • Out-of-classroom contact with professors
  • Begin thinking about an honors thesis
  • Advanced preparation for senior year given that you might be away much of junior year
  • Be aware of deadlines!
  • Make revisions to your major card, if necessary
  • Confirm completion of PE requirement
  • Confirm completion of language requirement

Career/After Dartmouth Opportunities

  • Internships (both through Dartmouth opportunities and off campus) either related to your intended career field or as exploration of personal interests
  • Plan for graduate school placement exams (i.e., GRE, LSAT, MCAT)
  • Just for Juniors Program—A multi-session event designed to give juniors a head start to their senior year career development and planning. At Just for Juniors in the beginning of spring term, students will have an opportunity to learn about the Center for Professional Development's offerings and resources as well as attend topical panels, featuring alumni(ae) and other knowledgeable professionals from a wide range of career fields. Panels typically focus on opportunities in Education, Not-for-Profit, Communications, International work, the Sciences, Environment, Public Service/Policy, the Arts and Sports. Students should monitor the Center for Professional Development's Blitz Bulletins for dates and times of these events.


  • Self-assessment of interests, values, goals, etc.
  • Get more involved in extracurricular activities and taking on leadership roles
  • Time Management
  • Continue to expand social circles

We encourage you to check out the following Dartmouth web sites for other helpful information:

Last Updated: 8/2/17