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Mail/Postal Services and Email

Mail and Packages

Here is an example of how mail and packages should be addressed to students at Dartmouth:

John/Judy Doe (student)
Dartmouth College
1234 Hinman
Hanover, N.H.  03755-3529

Hinman mail boxes are located on the first floor of the Hopkins Center. Shipment may be made by U.S. mail or by a shipping company such as Airborne, United Parcel Service, or Federal Express. If your shipping company requests a “street address” for delivery, use the actual Hinman box number with the word "Hinman" (see sample above), in effect making it a street address.

Parcels and packages shipped to students are placed in secure storage and a notice with the date and time of receipt is placed in the student’s post office box. Students will also receive an email notification from WITS tracking when the package is entered into the system. Please allow one hour of processing time before arriving at Hinman to pick-up your item(s).

Limited storage space and the possibility of loss or damage to packages stored for extended periods necessitate the Hinman Post Office staff to return all packages to the sender that are not picked-up within 15 days after receipt of notice.

The combination for a student's Hinman boxes will be available for pick-up from the Hinman service window.


Dartmouth email accounts, referred to as BlitzMail on campus, will be in the following format:

Last Updated: 11/8/12