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Class of 2017 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Remember to check back often - we will continually update this page as new information becomes available, or as new questions arise! And we want to hear from you if there are questions/answers we could add that would be helpful to first-year students and their families!

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First Things First

Area & College Services

Credits, Exemptions, Academic Information and Academic Support


First Things First

What is the best way to get to Hanover by plane, bus, or train?

There are several different airport options:

Bus information:

  • The bus from Manchester, NH is Greyhound/Vermont Transit; it takes 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Dartmouth Coach offers bus service from Logan Airport and South Station in Boston; it takes about 3 hours to get to campus.
  • Both buses deliver students to a bus stop on campus.
  • For students coming from New England or New York, there is a Greyhound bus station in White River Junction, VT (10 minute drive from campus; taxi companies are listed below).
  • The Dartmouth Coach also offers luxury bus service to campus from Stamford, CT and New York City.
  • UVRide is a shuttle service that offers transportation both to and from Manchester and Logan Airport.

Train information:

  • Amtrak services White River Junction, VT. The train station is a 10 minute drive from campus; taxi companies are listed below.

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Transportation: Contact Information and link to directions

Directions to Dartmouth College

Note: this is simply a list of available services taken from the yellow pages; none of these services are endorsed by Dartmouth College.

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Do I need to send a deposit to Dartmouth? When will the tuition bill arrive?

Dartmouth does not require a deposit. Tuition bills can be viewed online in early August.

The "Pre-Matriculation Checklist" has a link for enrollment in the online billing system.

For questions about bills, please contact:

For questions about Financial Aid awards, please contact:

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Will I need to have a physical exam or receive immunizations before coming to Dartmouth?

Please see Health Services' website for incoming undergraduates:

This website has all the information you will need about requirements, including instructions for completing your online Health Forms.

Please note: Dartmouth requires all students to be up-to-date on certain immunizations. Please check Health Services' website for specifics and make sure you are scheduling necessary medical appointments in time to be able to complete and submit your online Health Forms by June 28, 2013.

A physical exam is only required if you are going to be participating in NCAA Athletics or Rugby. You will find more information at the Health Services website.

For additional questions with regard to immunizations or a sports physical, you can also call Health Services at 603-646-9404.

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Do I need health insurance?

Please see Health Services' website for incoming undergraduates:

  • Dartmouth College requires all students who are classified as full-time in the College Student Information System (Banner), including students not taking classes or on a leave term, to have health insurance meeting specified standards of coverage.
  • Eligible students are automatically enrolled in the Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan (DSGHP) each academic year and the cost of the plan is billed to their tuition account.
  • Students who have insurance coverage that meets Dartmouth's insurance requirements may apply to waive the automatic enrollment into the DSGHP by submitting a completed insurance waiver petition.
  • Students are enrolled in the DSGHP (Dartmouth Student Group health Plan) unless they obtain an approved waiver for another health plan.  Health plans must meet several criteria, including the provision of benefits for non-emergency services that students need while in residence in the Hanover area.  Information is available online at:

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What health care services are available?

The Dartmouth College Health Service, which is also known as Dick's House, is available to meet most of your health care needs.

Health Services offers students:

  • a medical staff of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses,  and medical assistants;
  • a counseling staff of psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers;
  • a fully staffed on-site pharmacy;
  • an x-ray department;
  • and the Student Health Promotion and Wellness department, which includes general health educators, a nutritionist, Sexual Assault Program coordinators, and Alcohol and Other Drug Program coordinators.
  • PLUS a number of support staff ready to assist students.

Dartmouth is also fortunate to have the Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC) a short 3 miles from campus. Dick's House staff will be happy to work with you should you require any of the more specialized medical or psychological services that are available at DHMC.

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What is "Blitz"?

Blitz is our communication and collaboration system. With this system you can email, text or video chat, share documents, and more. This system can be accessed via a web browser, Outlook 2010/2011 or Apple Mail.

You will often hear students say "I'll blitz you" – meaning they'll send you an email!

In late May, you should have received your log-in information and instructions for accessing Blitz.

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Am I required to have a computer on campus?

Yes. Please check here for more information:

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Am I required to purchase my computer from Dartmouth? 

Absolutely not, but there are some advantages to doing so. Visit this site to learn more:

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Is there a minimum hardware/software requirement for my computer? 

Yes. Please check here for more information:

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Where can I find public computers on campus?

To find where the public computers are located throughout the campus, click here.

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Am I allowed to have a car on campus?

First-year students are not allowed to have a car on campus or in Hanover. The only exceptions are for emergency, medical, or special family situations. In those instances, the student or parent should call or e-mail the Undergraduate Deans Office with the request, reasons, and dates the vehicle is needed.

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What will my new address be? When can I mail packages to myself to be picked up when I arrive on campus?

Your individual address here at Dartmouth was sent to you July 17th with your housing assignment.

Your Hinman mailbox is located on the first floor of the Hopkins Center ("Hinman" is the name of our mail service).

You should address packages to yourself in the following format:

Student name
Dartmouth College
XXXX Hinman (XXXX will be the actual number of the student Hinman Box)
Hanover NH 03755

Students wishing to send belongings in advance of their arrival may do so now and should address items to themselves, using the format above.

Shipment may be made by U.S. mail or by a shipping company such as Airborne, United Parcel Service, or Federal Express, so long as the shipment meets the companies' limits on the size and weight of packages that can be handled.

Freight shipments (by truck) will not be accepted.

Parcels and packages shipped to students are received at the Hinman Mail Center in the Hopkins Center for distribution.

  • The packages are placed in secure storage and a notice with the date and time of receipt is placed in the student's Hinman mailbox.
  • The student also receives an email notification from Witstracking informing them that a package has arrived.
  • After the email is received the package is available for pickup after one hour.
  • Limited storage space and the possibility of loss or damage to packages stored for extended periods forces the Hinman Mail Center staff to return all packages to the sender that are not picked up within 15 days after receipt of notice.
  • International packages and packages received before the beginning of the term will be returned 15 days after the student has acknowledged that the packages have been received and are in storage.

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Area and College Services

How does my Dartmouth Card work? How can I put more money on it?

Your Dartmouth Card is your official College ID, and allows you to access your Dining Meal Plan and your DA$H Discretionary account (Laundry, Vending, Tickets, Events), as well as door access to residence halls and facilities – and it's your library card, too!

You will pick-up your Dartmouth Card when you arrive on campus for New Student Orientation. Remember to bring a valid photo-ID, such as a driver's license or passport. Valid photo ID is required for all first-time Dartmouth ID cards.

Students and parents can check their balance online and add money online. For more information, please visit the Dartmouth Card Office, or call at 603-646-3724. The Dartmouth Card office is located in the basement of the Class of 1953 Commons.

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Where can I find information about working/finding a job at Dartmouth?

Please see the following web site for lots of great information on employment at Dartmouth: Also, please know that, while you are welcome to begin applying anytime, the hiring timeline is at the discretion of the supervisors. Some supervisors are eager to fill their positions prior to the start of term and are flexible in their hours, while others prefer to select student employees after students have confirmed their class schedule for the term (which you'll do during New Student Orientation).

You won't be "too late" to find employment if you do it in the first few weeks of the term; in fact, the Student Employment Office hosts a campus Job Fair on the second day of classes, where students and employers can talk about their shared interests. Most fall term positions won't be posted in Jobnet until later in the summer (probably one month before classes begin). Feel free to contact the Student Employment Office directly with questions.

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Can I do my laundry in the residence hall? Is there a laundry service?

Yes. Students can either do their laundry in the residence halls or opt to use a laundry service.

  • Laundry rooms are available for student use on the ground or first floor of each residence hall cluster. Washers and dryers can be used 24 hours a day. The cost is $1.25 to wash and $1.25 to dry, and can be paid for with quarters and/or Dartmouth Card.
  • E&R Laundry Service information is sent in a summer mailing and can be found at

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What cell phones work in Hanover?

These companies were chosen because they have branches on a bus route and have overall good coverage in the Hanover area.  This is not an exhaustive list.  Inclusion in the list does not imply endorsement by Dartmouth College.

US Cellular 285 Plainfield Rd, West Lebanon, NH (603) 298-7111
Verizon Wireless 267 Plainfield Rd, West Lebanon, NH (603) 298-9900
Sprint Radioshack, 2 Airport Rd, West Lebanon, NH (603) 298-6650

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What banks are available?

These banks were chosen because they are within walking distance of campus.  This is not an exhaustive list. Inclusion in the list does not imply endorsement by Dartmouth College.

Ledyard National Bank 38 S. Main Street, Hanover, NH Phone: (603) 643-2244
Citizens Bank 44 S. Main Street, Hanover, NH Phone: (603) 640-1150
Mascoma Savings Bank 80 S. Main Street, Hanover, NH Phone: (603) 643-1537
Lake Sunapee Bank 12 South Street, Hanover, NH Phone: (603) 643-3238
Bank of America 63 S. Main Street, Hanover, NH Phone: (800) 432-1000

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How can I get around Hanover and to the stores in West Lebanon without a car?

Advance Transit is a free bus system that runs Monday - Friday and goes to all of the surrounding towns. You can view a schedule online at

For students over 21, two Zip Cars are available on campus. Click here to learn more about our Zip Cars.

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Credits, Exemptions & Academic Information

For which AP scores (or IB or A-Levels) can I get credit or exemption? Note: This was updated on June 14, 2013.

» The Class of 2017 charts listing AP, IB, and A-Level credit options are now available. Please click below for the appropriate information.

If your AP test is not listed, it means the department does not accept AP scores for credit or placement. If you have further questions, you may contact the department directly.

  • Credit for a class will count towards graduation but cannot fill a major or distributive requirement;
  • Exemption means that the student can "skip" that class;
  • Placement reflects the course a department recommends.

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If I don't have any AP scores (or IB or A-Levels), is there any way for me to get credit or exemption?

» Some academic departments offer "Placement Exams." A few will be online; the others will be administered on campus. Placement Exam information, including schedule, will be available in mid-July on the New Student Orientation web site.

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Are first-year students required to fulfill a Writing Requirement?

Yes! All first-year students are required to fulfill Dartmouth's first-year writing requirement. Through the first-year writing courses, the College offers entering students a valuable opportunity to develop the thinking, research, writing, and presentation abilities that characterize intellectual work in the academy and in educated public discourse.

Most first-year students take Writing 5 (or its two-term equivalent Writing 2-3) and a First-Year Seminar to fulfill this writing requirement. As of Fall 2012, another way of fulfilling the first-year writing requirement is to take both terms of Humanities 1-2, a special interdisciplinary two-term course for first-year students offered only in fall and winter terms.

You will receive more information regarding the first-year writing requirement in June. More information about the first-year writing requirement can also be found on the website of the Institute for Writing and Rhetoric:

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To whom should I speak about disabilities or accessibility resources?

Student Accessibility Services provides resources to students with disabilities. To learn more, visit their website at:, email, or call 603-646-9900.

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Will I have an academic advisor?

Yes. All students are assigned a Faculty Advisor to work with them throughout their first year. Your Faculty Advisor will be able to help you pick your courses and understand academic life at Dartmouth.  Once you have decided on a major in your fifth term, advisors in you area of study will be able to guide you through the rest of your Dartmouth career.

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When do I elect courses (select classes)?

First-year students elect fall term courses during New Student Orientation. 

  • You will be assigned a Faculty Advisor to help you make your course elections.
  • You will also attend a group advising workshop.
  • Your undergraduate dean is also available to support you in the process of course election, as well as department and program chairs, individual professors and upperclass student advisors.
  • Course elections are made online and you will have the chance to make changes during an add/drop period.
  • Fall classes begin on Monday, September 16, 2013.

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When do I declare a major?

Students do not need to declare their major until the end of their fifth term on-campus (i.e. typically the middle of sophomore year).

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Are there tutors available at Dartmouth?

The Academic Skills Center provides general academic support, including classes in effective study strategies. Through the Tutor Clearinghouse, students may request a Peer Tutor or join a Study Group.  To learn more, visit their website at: or call 603-646-2014.

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Last Updated: 9/16/13