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For Exchange Students

Congratulations! You have officially arrived at Dartmouth and we're happy to have you here. Before you jump into life at Dartmouth there's some information you'll need. Listed below are some stops you should make in your first day or week here at Dartmouth. This is by no means an exhaustive listing of the people and offices here to support you so we encourage you to ask questions of us.

We look forward to meeting you soon, and hope you will be in touch via phone, email or in person.

Important Phone Numbers


Please plan to attend the Orientation Meeting for all new exchange students on the dates below. The meeting will provide information essential for having a successful academic and social life at Dartmouth. You will receive information about registration, course selection and advising at Dartmouth. Several students will also be present to answer questions and give insight about life at Dartmouth. Please plan to attend!

Check in with The Guarini Institute, 44 North College Street or call 603-646-3105.

Helpful Links

Identification and Meal Cards

The Dartmouth card office is located in Class of 1953 Commons (might be called Thayer Dining on some maps). The building is brick and located behind the Collis Center. '53 Commons houses a dining hall, a convenience store, recreation room, and the Dartmouth Card Office in THE BASEMENT . You will need to bring current PHOTO identification (ID) with you: a picture ID is REQUIRED. They will provide you with an ID card that also acts as your meal and residence hall (dorm) access card.

They are open Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:30pm.

You've Got Mail (or you will soon)

Every student (and office) at Dartmouth has a mailbox assignment. Mailboxes are referred to as Hinman Boxes or simply HBs. The student mailroom is located in the Hopkins (HOP) Center. To get there, locate the Hopkins Center on a map. Enter through the front doors and head towards your right (down a small flight of stairs). The corridor will eventually turn towards the left through a double door. Through those doors and on the right is the mailroom!

Your Mailing Address:

Your Name
xxxx Hinman
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

(xxxx = your Hinman Box number)

You can also use this address if you wish to send belongings in advance of your arrival; “xxxx Hinman” serves as a street address, so will suffice if a shipping company requires a street address.

In the Residence Halls

During your time at Dartmouth, you may have questions about the school, the community, or other aspects of college life here. The Undergraduate Housing staff is here to help with these questions. In your residence hall, there are Undergraduate Advisors (UGAs) and Program Liaisons (PLs, who work in affinity houses) to serve as resources for you. Their doors are clearly labeled, and he or she should be coming around to introduce themselves to you. Also, there is a professional staff member called a Community Director who lives in each residential cluster, who can also assist with issues or questions that arise. Check your residence hall's blitz bulletin to find out who are your staff members, both student and professional. They're here to help you, and they are looking forward to chatting with you!

Advising Resources

Academic Advising Resources   

Social & Personal Advising Resources

Computing at Dartmouth

If you brought your own computer you should be able to connect to the Dartmouth network with an Ethernet cable. Your residence hall room is networked, as are most outlets in public areas such as lounges and library study areas. For assistance when connecting to the network, or other computing questions please contact the Help Desk 646-2999. If you did not bring a computer to campus we recommend that you find the areas with public terminals as soon as possible. You'll soon find that a substantial amount of academic work and connections to others on campus are made through computing applications. Most buildings have several public terminals available for quick BLITZ checks (BLITZMAIL or BLITZ is Dartmouth's email system). For more extended research or writing you should seek a computing cluster in a library. Many students choose to have their work printed from their home computers to printing stations around campus.

Outdoor Fun!

Check out these opportunities to enjoy the seasons in New England:

For more information on these activities and others visit:

Experience the arts . . .

Student Involvement

Last Updated: 10/31/16