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Diversity and Inclusivity

DiversityThe Undergraduate Deans Office strongly believes that our mission, to foster and support the academic and intellectual growth of undergraduate students, is enhanced by our efforts to "hold diversity as a core value in our professional lives."  Our endorsement of Dartmouth's Principle of Community also guides our planning toward supporting the full potential development of all of our students through implementation of the goals of our Diversity Statement:

  1. Exhibiting professional behavior that respects diversity and creates an environment where everyone is valued.
  2. Fostering an environment that welcomes the exchange of ideas and promotes acceptance and understanding of the diverse populations within our community.
  3. Hiring, retaining, and promoting employees and student workers who demonstrate commitment to diversity as a core value and who can articulate why this value is important.
  4. Developing, implementing, and evaluating programs and services for students that are consistent with the diversity goals of the College.
  5. Creating communication vehicles that support and advance diversity.
  6. Seeking and creating opportunities to engage in personal reflection and continual education about diversity and pluralism.  These opportunities may expand personal world views and enable staff and students to consider the historical and sociological contexts in which we live, work, and learn (both at Dartmouth and in 21st century America).  While these efforts may be challenging, and at times cause tension, we commit to maintaining an open discussion that will enable us to understand the views and experiences of our colleagues and students.
  7. Each year the office will review and assess the collective activities towards enhancing diversity on campus. To facilitate this, each term the office will compile a list of accomplishments, activities and suggestions promoting diversity.

This Diversity Statement reflects our commitment to continue efforts to embrace diversity in our students and our office. We hope to continually expand our visibility with our attendance at professional development opportunities related to diversity, pluralism, and social justice, and by allocating money and time to sponsor and/or co-sponsor events that support diversity and community at Dartmouth.  We will continue to facilitate discussions and focus groups on the difficult conversations surrounding diversity.

For more information about Dartmouth's commitment to diversity, see:

Last Updated: 6/26/14