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Major: Chemistry & Classical Languages and Literature

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study Programs (FSP): None; Dickey Internship in Israel and Palestine

Internship/Research Experiences: Thesis in chemistry; Organic and organometallic chemistry research (Zabriskie Research Fellowship, James O. Freedman Presidential Scholar); UNRWA Clinic in Shuafat, Jerusalem Refugee Camp; Seeds of Peace (Counselor, Programming Intern); DHMC Department of Physiology and Neurobiology (Sophomore Science Scholar); Rockefeller Center Civic Skills Training; DHMC Brain Imaging Lab for Alzheimer's Disease Neuroimaging Initiative (Research Assistant); Clean Water Action.

Extra-Curricular Involvement: Undergraduate Advisor; World Outlook Journal of International Affairs (Editor-in-Chief); Big Brother Big Sister; Teaching Assistant for organic chemistry and classics; Circulation Assistant at Kresge Library; Aquinas House (Service Chair); WISP & LinkUp Peer Mentor; tutoring; Jacksonville Florida Alternative Spring Break; Multifaith Council (sporadically).

Post-graduation Plans: More school. Some travel. Peace Corps and graduate school for Chemistry, or maybe an MD.


Major: Women's and Gender Studies

Minor: Biology

Hometown: East Lansing, MI

Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study Programs (FSP): Spanish LSA in Cholula, Mexico

Internship/Research Experiences: Biosystems Engineering Research Assistant, Michigan State University; Intern at Asociación de Mujeres del Altiplano (AMA) in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala through WGST / Dickey Global Health Initiative; Shadowing at DHMC and Sparrow Sports Medicine Center.

Extra-Curricular Involvement: Novack; She's The First; LALACS; Nathan Smith Society; La Alianza Latina; GSX.

Post-graduation Plans: Take a gap year and apply to medical school.


Major: Chemistry, Economics & Russian Area Studies

Hometown: Saint Joseph, MI

Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study Programs (FSP): Russia LSA+ in St. Petersburg; Bocconi Exchange in Milan

Internship/Research Experiences: Winter research associate intern at Alger Management; Presidential Scholar in the Wilcox Lab; and have conducted a term of full-time research in the Wilcox lab through undergraduate research grant.

Extra-Curricular Involvement: DREAM mentor; Chemistry Society; Organic and General Chemistry laboratory teaching assistant.

Post-graduation Plans: Tentative plans are to work in financial services. Also considering graduate school for chemistry.



Minor: Public Policy

Hometown: Waterville, ME

Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study Programs (FSP): Spanish LSA in Barcelona

Internship/Research Experience: Biomedical research in Dr. Kisselev's Lab at Norris Cotton Cancer Center - Women in Science, HHMI; Presidential Scholar; Honors Thesis; First Year Fellowship (public policy internship) through Rockefeller Center at National Disability Institute in D.C. over freshman summer.

Extracurricular Involvement: Marching band drum major/student conductor; Nathan Smith Society executive committee; Cancer and Patient Services Patient Visit Coordinator; Dartmouth Ears patient listening program; Link Up and Women in Science Peer Mentoring; Big Brother Big Sister; Kappa Delta Sorority philanthropy and recruitment committees; Center for Environmental Leadership Training intern (with John Topping, alumnus who runs Climate Institute in Hanover and D.C.).

Post-graduation Plans: Attend medical school.


Major: Sociology

Hometown: Ossining, NY

Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study Programs (FSP): Semester at Sea (Fall 2011); French Language LSA (Winter 2013)

Internship/Research Experiences: Wells Fargo Fixed Income Sales and Trading Summer Analyst.

Extra-Curricular Involvement: Director of Ujima Dance Troupe; President of Dartmouth Caribbean Connection; Board Member of the Council on Student Organizations (COSO); Supervisor at Novack Café; Global Ambassador for Semester at Sea at Dartmouth; Parliamentarian of the Afro-American Society; Men of Color Alliance; Gates Millenium Scholar; Dartmouth Men's Rugby; Graphic Designer for the Dartmouth (Mirror Section).

Post-graduation Plans: Change the world.


Major: Biological Sciences

Minor: English

Hometown: Manila, Philippines

Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study Programs (FSP): Biological Sciences FSP, Costa Rica and the Cayman Islands

Internship/Research Experience: Intern at the Upper Valley Humane Society; Extern at New England Equine Medical and Surgical Center; Research Assistant for the Biology Department; Intern at Wildlife in Need in Subic, Philippines; Intern at Modomo Veterinary Practice in Manila, Philippines; Veterinary shadowing at various practices.

Extracurricular Involvement: Dartmouth Sing Dynasty A Cappella Group; Dartmouth Pre-Vet Society; Dartmouth IHSA Equestrian Team; Pit Singer for Hopkins Center's Hairspray.

Post-graduation Plans: I plan to attend veterinary school.


Major: Psychology

Minor: Human Development and Education

Hometown: Malden, MA

Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study Programs (FSP): Spanish LSA in Barcelona, Spain (Fall 2012)

Extra-Curricular Involvement: Eating Disorder Peer Advisor; For Your Glory Praise Dance Group; GlobeMed Member; Afro-American Society member; Dartmouth Caribbean Connection; and Nathan Smith Society.

Post-graduation Plans: Post-baccalaurate program directly after graduation to prepare to apply to Medical School.


Major: History modified with Women's and Gender Studies

Minor: Government

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study Programs (FSP): Spanish LSA, Barcelona

Internship/Research Experiences: Marketing Intern at D'Aquino Wine Importing Company; SEAD Intern at East Boston High School; Presidential Scholars Research Assistant with Professor Goldthree.

Extra-Curricular Involvement: Mentor, Intern, and Assistant Student Director for Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth (SEAD) Program; Reading Tutor and Co-Chair for America Reads; Sexperts Peer Advisor; Mentor and Co-Chair for LEAD/ARC; VP-Public Relations for Panhellenic Council; Philanthropy Chair for Kappa Kappa Gamma.

Post-graduation Plans: Getting a job and a puppy, traveling, deciding if I want to go to grad school, and working in education in some way, shape, or form.


Major: Government

Minor: Economics

Hometown: Waukegan, IL

Internship/Research Experiences: Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth (SEAD) Intern at East Boston High School; Tuck Bridge Business Program; Summer Enrichment at Dartmouth Residential Staff Member; James O. Freedman Presidential Scholar; Government Department Honors Thesis Program.

Extra-Curricular Involvement: Mentor for First Generation Student Enrichment Program (FYSEP); Management and Leadership Development Program; Latin American, Latino and Caribbean House; Boxing Club.

Post-graduation Plans: Education consulting, non-profit consulting and also considering a PhD in Political Science or Latin American Studies.


Major: Anthropology Modified with Senior Fellow

Hometown: Nairobi, Kenya

Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study Programs (FSP): German FSP, Berlin

Internship/ Research Experience: Independent Research on ethnicity and nationalism in Kenya; James O. Freedman Presidential Scholar, German Department; Intern, Kenya Parliamentary Strengthening Program; Intern, Marakwet Girls and Women Project.

Extra-Curricular Involvement: Residential Education; RWIT; Tucker Fellow; Jabulani African Chorus; Dartmouth African Students Association (DASA); Rockefeller Center; Library Student Assistant; Student Forum on Global Learning.

Post-graduation Plans: Gap year then grad school.


Major: Anthropology Modified

Minor: Psychology

Hometown: Carrollton, TX

Internship/ Research Experience: Residential Education Intern; Northwestern Department of Campus Community and Inclusion Intern.

Extracurricular Involvement: UGA; EDPA; Sexpert; Aegis Yearbook; Mosaic; Panhellenic Council; Epsilon Kappa Theta Sorority; Active Minds.

Post-graduation Plans: I hope to pursue a master's degree in Higher Education.


Major: Psychology and Sociology

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study Programs (FSP): Portuguese LSA, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

Internship/ Research Experience: Communications Intern at Africare; Research Assistant and Laboratory Aide at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Extracurricular Involvement: Tuck Business Bridge Program; Bethel Campus Fellowship; Afro American Society Big Sib Lil Sib Program; Alabaster Group; Women in Business; For Your Glory Praise Dance Troupe; Women's Prayer Group; Minority Association of Premedical Students; Dartmouth Minorities in Business.

Post-graduation Plans: Gain work experience, further my education, create value in the lives of others and leave the world a better place than when I entered.


Major: Neuroscience & Anthropology

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study Programs (FSP): Anthropology FSP, Auckland, New Zealand

Internship/ Research Experience: Public Health non profits in Los Angeles; Project Angel Food and Meet Each Need with Dignity.

Extracurricular Involvement: Member of the DOC summer crew working on the Appalachian trail; SEAD mentor working in Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics; Lab experience working with the US Army CRREL cold regions laboratory and am planning to begin some neuroscience research with Professor Meng; Alumni Relations and rush chair for Epsilon Kappa Theta.

Post-graduation Plans: I plan to eventually apply to medical school, but first take some time off after college to get a job and relax.


Major: Biology & Psychology

Hometown: Albany, NY

Internship/ Research Experience: Dartmouth Partners in Community Service Intern at New England Baptist Hospital; Teaching Assistant at Duke Talent Identification Program; HHMI-funded research in Pharmacology-Toxicology at DHMC.

Extracurricular Involvement: DREAM; GlobeMed; EMS; Drug and Alcohol Peer Advisors; Tutor in General and Organic Chemistry.

Post-graduation Plans: Taking a gap year and applying to medical school.


Major: Neuroscience

Minor: Theater

Hometown: Menlo Park, CA

Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study Programs (FSP): Buenos Aires LSA (Winter 2013)

Internship/Research Experiences: Honors Neuroscience Thesis; Presidential Scholar Internship experience: St. Pauls Advanced Studies Program: Biomedical Ethics intern.

Extra-Curricular Involvement: Dartmouth Women's Club Soccer (Co-Captain 2013-2014); Early College Awareness (Director 2013-2014); Let's Get Ready SAT tutoring; Kappa Delta Epsilon; Sherman Art Library Reference Desk Worker; DOC Trip Leader; SEAD Academic Coach.

Post-graduation Plans: I plan to pursue masters degrees in neuroscience and criminology or attend law school.


Major: Engineering Sciences modified with Environmental Sciences

Minor: Government

Hometown: Bloomsbury, NJ

Internship/Research Experiences: VerNet Undergraduate Intern: Colorado University at Boulder; Grassroots Organization Intern: Environment New Hampshire;  Volunteer at Umkhondo Wildlife Program: Garden Route Game Lodge, Albertinia, South Africa; Sports Analyst, Krossover Intelligence, Inc.

Extra-Curricular Involvement: Varsity Field Hockey; Executive Board of Dartmouth Humanitarian Engineering; Management and Leadership Development Program; Tutor at Academic Skills Center.

Post-graduation Plans: Work for a year before applying to graduate programs in either business or environmental science.


Major: Chemistry

Minor: Biology

Hometown: Saratoga, CA

Internship/ Research Experience: Currently interning at a biotechnology company, Adimab; Research Assistant for The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Research. Chemistry Honors Thesis research in the Pharmacology and Toxicology department; Stanford Neurology lab, Biochemistry department at Geisel through Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Scholars program, and the Radiology department at Geisel through the Women in Science Project; Science instructor for Youth Science Institute.

Extracurricular Involvement: Dartmouth Endurance Running Team; ASPIRE; Dartmouth Ears; Undergraduate TA for Genetics; Chemistry Academic Skills Center Tutor/Study Group Leader; Kappa Delta Sorority; Dartmouth Global Leadership Program to Hartford; Nathan Smith Society Executive Committee.

Post-graduation Plans: I am currently applying to medical school.


Major: History with a concentration in International Relations

Hometown: Falmouth, MA

Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study Programs (FSP): Dartmouth Foreign Exchange Fellowship

Internship/ Research Experience:  U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Geneva (Economic and Science Affairs Intern); U.S. Embassy in Paris (Political Affairs Intern, Cultural Heritage Program Intern); Dartmouth Institute of Arctic Studies (awarded Stefansson Fellowship for independent fieldwork examining effects of climate change and development on indigenous reindeer herding in the European Arctic).

Extracurricular Involvement: Undergraduate Advisor; Varsity Equestrian; Dartmouth Council on Climate Change (Chair, 2011); Great Issues Scholars (Scholar, 2009-10; Mentor, 2010-11); The Dartmouth Staff; Club Fencing; Dartmouth Admissions Office (Tour Guide); Green Key Society; National Residence Hall Honorary.

Post-graduation Plans: I hope to attend graduate school prior to pursuing a career in international affairs.


Major: Biology Modified

Hometown: Wading River, NY

Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study Program (FSP): German LSA, Berlin, Germany

Internship/ Research Experience: Research internship at Max-Planck-Institute for Neurobiology in Munich, Germany; Epidemiology research at DHMC; Plant genetics research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, NY; HHMI/Sophomore Science Scholars research at Veteran's Affairs Hospital in VT.

Extracurricular Involvement: Alumni-Donor Chair, Figure Skating Team; Exec Board, Link Up; Alpha Phi Sorority; Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra; Dartmouth Cancer Scholars; Tutor and Study Group Leader.

Post-graduation Plans: Take a few years to work, preferably in health policy, and then perhaps graduate school.


Major: Biology

Hometown: Amherst, MA

Language Study Abroad (LSA) or Foreign Study Programs (FSP): French LSA in Lyon.

Internship/ Research Experience: WISP Internship in biomedical engineering at Thayer; Research Assistant in the Genetics Dept. at Geisel Medical School; Project Assistant in Geriatric Psychiatry at DHMC.

Extracurricular Involvement: Dartmouth Endurance Racing Team; Alpha Xi Delta Sorority; WISP Peer Mentor; Tutor for Tutor Clearinghouse; Biology 13 (Genetics) Lab TA.

Post-graduation Plans: Attend medical school after a gap year.

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