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2014/2015 DOSC (Deans Office Student Consultant)
Position Description


Please return your application to the Undergraduate Deans Office by 11:59pm on Sunday, April 24th (via email to, by mail to Hinman Box 6064, or in person to Carson Hall, Suite 125).

The DOSC Program, in its 20th year at Dartmouth, has two primary purposes:

  • to make informal and informative academic peer advising easily accessible to students, and
  • to direct students to the various offices that constitute the advising network at Dartmouth.

The twenty SENIORS who serve as DOSCs are well informed regarding course selection, major choice, enrollment patterns, internship and research opportunities, funding resources, grants/scholarship options, time management, reading comprehension, study strategies, and library skills.

Each DOSC receives a termly stipend.

In interacting with individual students DOSCs provide informal mentorship and preliminary advising information and then refer students to appropriate offices for more in-depth advice. The twenty DOSCs make themselves easily accessible to students by holding office hours in residential clusters and responding to questions submitted via email.

DOSCs enjoy many opportunities to help students navigate their Dartmouth academic experience by providing useful information and resource recommendations in an easy, timely, and user-friendly manner.

While the DOSCs spend most of their time in one-on-one meetings with students, they also initiate, coordinate and implement outreach programs and information sessions throughout the year.  These programs are suggested by the DOSCs themselves to address needs they have identified. Through collaboration with administrative and advising offices on campus, they are able to affect the experiences of many Dartmouth students.

The Undergraduate Deans Office relies on each DOSC to bring their ideas and resourcefulness to the position; we place tremendous value on the input, feedback and proposals of the students with whom we work.

All DOSCs receive training prior to fall term from the following: Undergraduate Deans Office, Pre-Major Advising, and Undergraduate Advising and Research, the Academic Skills Center, Career Services, Residential Education, and Baker Library, as well as other advising offices on campus, including OPAL and Pre-Health Advising.

DOSCs serve all three terms of their senior year.

This year, we are once again enriching the program by adding a residential component for some of the DOSC positions: these DOSCs will each live in a single room in the cluster in which they are advising students. What a remarkable opportunity to serve as a resource while getting to know the students around you!

Interviews will take place during the week of April 14th through April 30th. All applicants should be prepared to participate in interviews with both the Undergraduate Deans and current DOSCs.

See a list of our terrific DOSCs at


Questions? Blitz "Dean of Undergraduate Students"


As an employee of the Dean of the College Office at Dartmouth College, each DOSC understands that they may be handling documents and participating in discussions which contain confidential student information. It is important that confidentiality of all student information be strictly upheld.  Therefore, they agree not to discuss or disclose any student information to persons other than the Undergraduate Deans or DOSC advisors.

This agreement also pertains to any conversations overheard or encountered while working in the Undergraduate Deans Office or any advising office.

In addition, they understand that as employees of the Dean of the College Office at Dartmouth College, they represent that office and will conduct themselves in ways consistent with the goals, values, and mission of the Dean of the College.


Undergraduate Deans Office

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