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Early Christianity / Jewish Literary Criticism / Art History

Aesthetic Theology and Its Enemies

The role of Judaism in the formation of Western aesthetics
Nirenberg, David

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Sociology / Religion

After the Fire

A moving first-person account of the struggle between the Old Order Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding society that threatens to drive them out on the ever of their religion’s 300th anniversary.
Testa, Randy-Michael. John A. Hostetler, fwd.; Robert Coles, afterword.; Susie Riehl, illus.

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Sociology / Religion / Ethnic Studies

The Amish Struggle with Modernity

A distinctive American subculture responds to the forces of social change
Kraybill, Donald B., and Marc A. Olshan, eds.

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Women's Studies / Religion / Politics

Citizenship, Faith, and Feminism

The first book to examine religious feminist activists in Israel, the U.S., and Kuwait
Feldman, Jan

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Religious Education / Jewish Studies / Comparative Education

Educating in the Divine Image

An incisive look at gender inequities in Jewish day school education
Gorsetman, Chaya Rosenfeld and Elana Maryles Sztokman

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Middle East Studies / Ancient History / History of Religions / Late Antiquity

Empires in Collision in Late Antiquity

Political and military developments in the Arabian Peninsula on the eve of Islam
Bowersock, G. W.

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Biology / Philosophy of Science / Buddhist Ritual & Practice

The Enlightened Gene

Are humans inherently good? Where does compassion come from? Is death essential for life? The surprising confluence of Buddhist thought and cutting-edge biology.
Eisen, Arri and Konchok, Yungdrung

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Jewish Studies / Women's Studies / Religion & Science

Fertility and Jewish Law

A comprehensive comparative study of Jewish law on contemporary reproductive issues from a gender perspective
Irshai, Ronit

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Jewish Studies / Religion / Women's Studies

Four Centuries of Jewish Women’s Spirituality
Revised Edition.

The only comprehensive volume of Jewish women’s spiritual writing from the sixteenth century to the present
Umansky, Ellen M., Ashton, Dianne,eds.

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Jewish Studies / Religion / British & European History

A House Divided

Katz, Jacob. Ziporah Brody, tr

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Jewish Studies / Religion / Philosophy


A translation of the famous 18th-century German treatise with introduction and detailed commentary
Mendelssohn, Moses. Alexander Altmann, introd. and commentary; Allan Arkush, trans.

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Law / Religion & Politics

Jewish Legal Theories

Anthology of writings about Jewish law in the modern world
Batnitzky, Leora, and Yonatan Brafman, editors

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Jewish Studies

Kabbalah and Art

Bronstein, Léo

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Marriage & Family Law / Women's Studies / Religion & Politics

Marriage and Divorce in the Jewish State

A comprehensive look at how rabbinical courts control Israeli marriage and divorce
Weiss, Susan M. and Netty C. Gross-Horowitz

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Women's Studies / Marriage & Family Law / Mormans

Polygamy in Primetime

A provocative look at the costs and benefits of polygamy among western fundamentalist Mormon women
Bennion, Janet

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Colonial History / Religion

The Puritan Experiment

The comprehensive history of a system of faith that shaped the nation
Bremer, Francis J.

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Colonial History / Religion

The Puritan Tradition in America, 1620–1730

A classic documentary collection on New England's Puritan roots is once again available, with new material.
Vaughan, Alden T., ed

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Quakers in the Colonial Northeast

Traces the Quaker experience in New England and New York from the arrival of the first English Quaker missionaries in 1656 to 1790.
Worrall, Arthur J.

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Religion / Chinese History / History - 20th Century

Religion in China and Its Modern Fate

Katz, Paul R.

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Women's History / German History / Religion & Politics

Religious Crisis and Civic Transformation

A rich analysis of how issues related to gender and sexuality transformed the West German Catholic Church
Tichenor, Kimba Allie

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Sexuality & Gender Studies / Islamic Law / Women's Studies / Islam

Self-Determination and Women’s Rights in Muslim Societies

An interdisciplinary anthology on the intersections of gender, Islam, and law
Raghavan, Chitra, James P. Levine, eds. and Jeremy Travis, fwd.

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Poetry / Religion

The Song of Songs
Bilingual Hebrew-English ed.

An acclaimed translation of the Bible’s celebrated collection of love poetry.
Falk, Marcia

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Literary Criticism - Religion / Sexuality & Gender Studies / Judaism - Sacred Writings

The Soul of the Stranger

Evocative readings of the Torah through the lens of transgender experience, exploring the ways trans perspectives can enrich our understanding of religious texts, traditions, and God

Ladin, Joy

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Religion / Jewish Studies / Modern Jewish History

Untold Tales of the Hasidim

Reveals the untold tale of shocking events and anomalous figures in the history of Hasidism
Assaf, David

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