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Sociology / Religion

After the Fire

A moving first-person account of the struggle between the Old Order Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding society that threatens to drive them out on the ever of their religion’s 300th anniversary.
Testa, Randy-Michael. John A. Hostetler, fwd.; Robert Coles, afterword.; Susie Riehl, illus.

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Terrorism / 20th Century U.S. History / East African History

Al Qaeda Declares War

The dramatic story of the FBI’s hunt for al Qaeda terrorists in the wake of the African embassy bombings, and of the successful prosecutions that resulted
Hoffman, Tod

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Literary Criticism - Politics / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism / Literary Criticism - American

American Studies as Transnational Practice

The internationalization of American studies
Shu, Yuan and Donald E. Pease

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Political Science & Government / Arctic Studies / Canadian Studies

Arctic Politics

Thoughtful essays establishing the Arctic as a distinctive region of international political, socioeconomic, and environmental importance.
Young, Oran R.

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Colonialism & Post-Colonialism / Film, TV, Visual Culture / Literary Criticism

Artificial Africas

A groundbreaking investigation of Western conceptions of Africa.
Mayer, Ruth

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Philosophy / Political Science & Government

Autobiographical, Scientific, Religious, Moral, and Literary Writings
Trans. from the French

Noteworthy short pieces from Rousseau, most of which have never been translated into English before now.
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques; Christopher Kelly, trans. and ed.

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Biography / Political Science & Government

Best of Times, Worst of Times

A memoir by a prominent and highly respected historian and political commentator
Laqueur, Walter

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Political Science & Government / Sociology / International Relations

Beyond Tocqueville

An interdisciplinary collection of historical and comparative articles on civil society and the social capital debate.
Edwards, Bob, Michael W. Foley, Mario Diani (eds)

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20th Century U.S. History / Jewish Studies / Civil Rights

Black Power, Jewish Politics

How American Jews leveraged the Black Power movement to strengthen American Jewish religious, ethnic, and cultural life

Dollinger, Marc

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Human Rights / Chinese History / Politics - Asia

Blessings from Beijing

After sixty years in exile, can the Tibetan diaspora survive the onslaught of a newly assertive China?
Bruno, Greg C.

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Political Science & Government / Ecology & Environmental Studies / History / Pittsburgh

Citizen Environmentalists

A telling look at the lives and strategies of women environmental activists in the long 1960s, solidly grounded in a national context
Longhurst, James

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Women's Studies / Religion / Politics

Citizenship, Faith, and Feminism

The first book to examine religious feminist activists in Israel, the U.S., and Kuwait
Feldman, Jan

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Political Science & Government

Civil Society

A guide for what citizen leaders and teachers must do to ensure that our democracy will last another century.
O’Connell, Brian. John W. Gardner, fwd.

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Political Science & Government / History / Economics & Business / International Studies

The Civil Society Reader

A “civil society” anthology for experts and students alike.
Hodgkinson, Virginia and Michael W. Foley, eds.

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Political Science & Government / Philanthropy & Charity

Civil Society, Philanthropy, and the Fate of the Commons

Traces the historical development of civil society and philanthropy in the West and analyzes their role in solving the problems faced by modern liberal democracy
Sievers, Bruce R.

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Colonial History / History - 18th Century / Political Science - History & Theory

Community without Consent

An important reconsideration of the Stamp Act as prelude to the American Revolution
Hutchins, Zachary McLeod, ed.

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American History - 19th Century / Biography - Political / Political Science & Government

Daniel Webster, “The Completest Man”

Shewmaker, Kenneth E., ed. Charles M. Wiltse, Editor-in-Chief. William H. Rehnquist, fwd.; Irving H. Bartlett, Maurice G. Baxter, Richard N. Current, and Howard Jones, essays

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20th Century U.S. History / American Government / Popular Culture

Dinner in Camelot

“I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”—President John F. Kennedy, April 29, 1962
Esposito, Joseph A.

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Political Science & Government / International Relations / Communism & Socialism / Cold War Studies

A Documentary History of Communism and the World
3rd ed. rev.

The final edition of a valuable reference work documenting the story of Communism from its beginnings to its amazing collapse.
Daniels, Robert V., ed., introd., notes, and original trans.

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Political Science & Government / Eastern Europe History / Communism & Socialism / Cold War Studies

A Documentary History of Communism in Russia
3rd rev. ed.

An extensive revision of the valued but unobtainable 1960 edition. Nearly 300 key documents are now readily available in translation.
Daniels, Robert V. ed. introd. notes, and original trans.

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American Government / Linguistics / Reference & Bibliography

Dog Whistles, Walk-Backs, and Washington Handshakes

An election-year guide to understanding the language of the electeds, spin-meisters, and flacks of American politics
McCutcheon, Chuck and Mark, David
with a Foreword by Jeff Greenfield

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Political Process - Elections / American Government


With 100 key phrases, this is your up-to-the-minute ebook guide to the presidential election follies
McCutcheon, Chuck and Mark, David

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Literary Criticism - Politics / Globalization / Literary Criticism - American / Criticism

Dwelling in American

An original critique of the idea of American empire in the twenty-first century
Muthyala, John

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Political Science & Government / Ecology & Environmental Studies

Eagle Over the Ice

An examination of international governance of the Antarctic continent -- one of the few success stories of international cooperation -- as viewed through the lens of US politics.
Joyner, Christopher C., and Ethel R. Theis

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Environmental Law / International Law / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism

Elephant Treaties

Shows how the colonial origins of biodiversity conventions and conservation organizations impact their efficacy in modern times
Adam, Rachelle

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American History / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism

Empire of Liberty

An original and stimulating critique of American empire
Bogues, Anthony

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Political Science & Government / Civics

The Future of Democracy

A nonpartisan clarion call for civic renewal to restore American democracy
Levine, Peter

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Biography - Philosophers / German History / Nationalism

Germany’s Prophet

A provocative and disquieting portrait of Bible scholar and founder of modern German antisemitism Paul de Lagarde
Sieg, Ulrich

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History of Israel & Palestine / Women in Politics / Women's History

Girls of Liberty

The story of Zionist women’s struggle for suffrage within the complex political and religious context of the Yishuv
Shilo, Margalit

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Cultural Studies / Popular Culture / Globalization

“Here, There and Everywhere”

Essays analyzing the stunning global success of American popular culture from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Shows to the Internet as the new American frontier.
Wagnleitner, Reinhold & May, Elaine Tyler, eds.

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History of Israel & Palestine / Jewish History / Civics

A Home for All Jews

Sheds new light on the inner workings of the early Israeli state and the sensibilities of its population
Rozin, Orit

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African-American Studies / Discrimination & Race / Political Commentary

I Heart Obama

A personal and cultural exploration of Barack Obama as black president, black icon, and black folk hero
Kaplan, Erin Aubry

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Military History / Political Science & Government

In Words and Deeds

The first-ever survey of inspirational battle speeches from Greco-Roman times to the present
Miller, Richard F.

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Russian & Soviet History / Terrorism / Military History

Inferno in Chechnya

The history of the Chechen wars and the origins of terrorism in Russia and beyond
Williams, Brian Glyn

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Political Science & Government

The Internet Generation

An investigation of political disengagement among young people in North America and Europe
Milner, Henry

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Middle East Studies / Politics

Israel, Jordan, and Palestine

An astute assessment of the relationship between Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians, with scenarios for the future of Palestinian statehood
Susser, Asher

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Jewish Studies / Nationalism / Jewish History / Intellectual History

Jews and Diaspora Nationalism

An anthology of Jewish diaspora nationalist thought across the ideological spectrum
Rabinovitch, Simon

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Memoir / Politics

Journeys to War and Peace

A fascinating memoir by a key player in international affairs during the Carter, Reagan, and G. H. W. Bush administrations
Solarz, Stephen J., and Norman Ornstein, fwd.

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Literary Criticism / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism / African-American Studies

Mariners, Renegades and Castaways

Available in its complete form for the first time since its original publication.
James, C. L. R. Donald E. Pease, Introd.

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True Crime - Murder

Maximum Harm

The chaos, complicity, and deadly consequences of the Boston Marathon bombing
McPhee, Michele R.

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Agriculture & Food Production / Agribusiness / Agriculture & Food Policy

Milk Money

The failing economics of the traditional small dairy farm, the rise of the factory mega-farm with its resultant pollution and disease, and the uncertain future of milk
Kardashian, Kirk

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American History / Political Science & Government / Biography / Law & Policy Studies

The Mind of the Founder

An authentic and responsible selection of Madison’s writings.
Madison, James. Marvin Meyers, ed.

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Literary Criticism - American / American Government / Political Philosophy

A More Conservative Place

An intervention toward understanding the recent dark political and intellectual days
Bové, Paul A.

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Political Science & Government / History

The Nation in History

An expert analyzes the major debates between historians and social scientists on the nature and development of ethnic communities, nations, and nationalism.
Smith, Anthony D.

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International Relations / Cultural Studies

National Symbols, Fractured Identities

A fascinating look at national symbols worldwide and the important role they play in creating and maintaining individual and collective identity.
Geisler, Michael, E., ed.

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Literary Criticism - American / Native American Studies / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism

Native Land Talk

How Native Americans and African Americans redefined nativity and shaped eighteenth- and nineteenth-century perceptions of rights, freedom, and belonging
Ben-zvi, Yael

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Jewish Studies / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism

Orientalism and the Jews

A fascinating analysis of how Jews fit into scholarly debates about Orientalism.
Kalmar, Ivan Davidson, and Penslar, Derek, eds.

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Economics & Business / Politics / Sustainable Development

The Other Road to Serfdom and the Path to Sustainable Democracy

Eric Zencey’s frontal assault on the “infinite planet” foundations of neoconservative political thought
Zencey, Eric

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Philosophy / Political Science & Government

The Plan for Perpetual Peace, On the Government of Poland, and Other Writings on History and Politics
Trans. from the French

The Collected Writings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Volume 11.
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques

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Ancient History / Political Science & Government

The Roman Republic in Political Thought

An experienced scholar explains why the legendary early Republic, rather than the historical Republic of Cicero, has most influenced later political thought.
Millar, Fergus

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Philosophy / Political Science & Government / Women's Studies

Rousseau on Women, Love, and Family
Trans. from the French

An exceptional anthology designed for courses on Rousseau, the history of philosophy, and women’s studies
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, Kelly, Christopher and Eve Grace, eds.

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Political Philosophy / Political Science & Government / Literary Criticism - French

Social Contract, Discourse on the Virtue Most Necessary for a Hero, Political Fragments, and Geneva Manuscript
Trans. from the French

One of the most important and influential works in Western political thought
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, Judith R. Bush, Roger D. Masters, and Christopher Kelly, trans.

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Political Science & Government / Philanthropy & Charity / Sociology

Social Enterprise

The first comparative look at how social enterprise is shaped by local conditions worldwide
Kerlin, Janelle A., ed.

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Civil Rights / LGBT Biography


The true story of the woman who ended the ban on gays in the military
Witt, Major Margaret with Tim Connor

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Colonialism & Post-Colonialism


A new conceptual lexicon challenges the colonizing discourses that traditionally represent Latinas/os.
Aparicio, Frances R., and Susana Chávez-Silverman, eds.

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Politics / Economics & Business / Philanthropy & Charity


A courageous call to free charity from its ideological and economic constraints
Pallotta, Dan

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Biography / Politics

An Uncommon Man

The only biography of Claiborne Pell, the six-term senator from Rhode Island best known as the sponsor of the educational Pell Grants
Miller, G. Wayne

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Union Jack

The fascinating story of John F. Kennedy’s lifelong love affair with England—and how it shaped him
Sandford, Christopher

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20th Century U.S. History / Biography - Political / Political Process - Elections

Whistle Stop

How Harry S. Truman overcame the doubters, the haters, and the do-nothing congress to recapture the presidency and save America
White, Philip

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Civil Rights / Gay Studies / Lesbian Studies

Winning Marriage

A no-holds-barred, from-the-trenches account of the campaign to win and protect the freedom to marry in America
Solomon, Marc

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Civil Rights / Gay Studies / Lesbian Studies

Winning Marriage
Revised ed.

The definitive account of how the freedom to marry was won nationwide with a new, final chapter on the historic US Supreme Court ruling
Solomon, Marc

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New England History / Social History / Labor Studies

You Had a Job for Life

The life and death of a mill town
Sayen, Jamie

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