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Poetry Anthologies

Orpheus and Company

Today's poets provide a new spin on Greek myths.
DeNicola, Deborah, ed.

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Poetry / Religion

The Song of Songs
Bilingual Hebrew-English ed.

An acclaimed translation of the Bible’s celebrated collection of love poetry.
Falk, Marcia

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Fire Muse

Poems of place and time
Huntington, Cynthia

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Poetry Anthologies / Poetry - American

The Citizen Poets of Boston

Uncovers the vibrant, lost world of Boston's post-revolutionary poetry
Lewis, Paul, editor

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Photography / Poetry

Robert Frost’s New England

Inspired by the writings of Robert Frost, professional photographers Betsy and Tom Melvin present beautiful, and sometimes poignant, scenes of the New England landscape
Melvin, Betsy and Tom. Jay Parini, fwd.

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Poetry Criticism

Belief and Uncertainty in the Poetry of Robert Frost

A leading Frost critic guides the reader through some of the poet’s most challenging verse.
Pack, Robert

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Poetry - European / Literary Criticism - German

The Best of Rilke
Bilingual German-English ed.

A distinguished poet-translator presents faithful verse translations of 72 poems in a bilingual edition with commentary and biographical material.
Rilke, Rainer Maria. Walter Arndt, trans.; Cyrus Hamlin, fwd.

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Jewish Literary Criticism / Poetry Criticism / History of Israel & Palestine

A Poetics of Trauma

Astute analysis of the work of a great Israeli poet through the lens of psychoanalysis, gender, nationalism, and trauma theory
Szobel, Ilana

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Reference & Bibliography / Poetry

The Book of Forms
Revised & expanded ed.

The well-known companion to The Book of Literary Terms and The Book of Dialogue, this indispensable bible of poetics now includes a wealth of “odd and invented” verse forms
Turco, Lewis Putnam

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Poetry / Literary Criticism - French

The Poems of François Villon
New bilingual French-English ed.

This bilingual edition of the 15th-century poet’s work incorporates recent scholarship.
Villon, François. Galway Kinnell, trans., introd., and notes

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Poetry / Asian Studies

Laughing Lost in the Mountains
Trans. from the Chinese

Fine contemporary translations of one of the great poets of the T'ang dynasty.
Wang Wei. Tony Barnstone, Willis Barnstone, and Xu Haixin, trans.; Willis Barnstone and Tony Barnstone, critical introd.

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Poetry / Poetry Anthologies / Literary Collections


The authoritative anthology of the unusual and challenging verse form, the sestina
Whitlow, Carolyn Beard and Marilyn Krysl, editors

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Poetry - American

The Sea Is a Continual Miracle

The greatest sea poems and prose of Walt Whitman
Whitman, Walt; Yang, Jeffrey ed.

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