Law & Criminology
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Rock Music / Entertainment Law / Popular Culture

Baby You're a Rich Man

How Allen Klein, Morris Levy, and Nixon’s Justice Department battled to bring down the world’s greatest band
Soocher, Stan

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Environmental Law / International Law / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism

Elephant Treaties

Shows how the colonial origins of biodiversity conventions and conservation organizations impact their efficacy in modern times
Adam, Rachelle

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Marriage & Family Law / Gender & the Law

Gender and Justice in Family Law Disputes

How mediation and religious dispute-resolution mechanisms operate within diverse communities
Bano, Samia, editor

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Family Law / Women's Studies / Sociology of Religion

Gender, Religion, and Family Law

Groundbreaking theoretical and legal approaches to resolving conflicts between gender equality and cultural practices
Joffe, Lisa Fishbayn, and Sylvia Neil, editors

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Prostitution & Sex Trade / Women's Studies / Gender & the Law

Getting Screwed

Vivid narrative-driven account of how current U.S. laws against prostitution harm sex workers, clients, and society
Bass, Alison

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The International Judge

An interdisciplinary introduction to international judges and their work
Terris, Daniel, Cesare P. R. Romano, and Leigh Swigart, foreword by Sonia Sotomayor

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Law / Religion & Politics

Jewish Legal Theories

Anthology of writings about Jewish law in the modern world
Batnitzky, Leora, and Yonatan Brafman, editors

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Marriage & Family Law / Marriage & Family / Women's Studies

Legalizing Plural Marriage

Offers a legal and historical context for reforming family law and legalizing plural marriage
Goldfeder, Mark

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Marriage & Family Law / Women's Studies / Religion & Politics

Marriage and Divorce in the Jewish State

A comprehensive look at how rabbinical courts control Israeli marriage and divorce
Weiss, Susan M. and Netty C. Gross-Horowitz

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Colonial History / Legal History / Maritime Law

The Politics of Piracy

The untold story of how colonial pirates transformed America and brought it to the brink of rebellion
Burgess, Douglas R., Jr.

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Women's Studies / Marriage & Family Law / Mormans

Polygamy in Primetime

A provocative look at the costs and benefits of polygamy among western fundamentalist Mormon women
Bennion, Janet

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New England History / Land Use Law / Native American Studies


An exploration of the various systems of land control and the evolution of private property
Mitchell, John Hanson

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