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Cultural Studies / History

Acts of Memory

A theoretically grounded interdisciplinary study of “cultural memory” in sites ranging from Chile, Bolivia, and South Africa to Germany and the US.
Bal, Mieke, Jonathan Crewe, and Leo Spitzer, eds.

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Native American Studies

After King Philip’s War

New perspectives on three centuries of Indian presence in New England
Calloway, Colin G., ed. and introd.

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Sociology / Religion

After the Fire

A moving first-person account of the struggle between the Old Order Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding society that threatens to drive them out on the ever of their religion’s 300th anniversary.
Testa, Randy-Michael. John A. Hostetler, fwd.; Robert Coles, afterword.; Susie Riehl, illus.

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Native American Studies / Native American History / Literary Collections - Native American

Afterlives of Indigenous Archives

The assets and challenges of Indigenous archives today

Henry, Gordon and Ivy Schweitzer, eds.

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Film & Video / Contemporary Art / Media Studies

Against Immediacy

The participatory vision of early video art
Kaizen, William

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Cultural Studies / World War II / Advertising

All-Out for Victory!

A lively look at magazine ads during World War II and their roles in sustaining morale and promoting home-front support of the war, with lots of illustrations
Jones, John Bush

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American History / Cultural Studies / Literary Criticism

An American Body | Politic

A reflection on the metaphor of the body politic throughout American history
Herzogenrath, Bernd

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Jewish Studies / Cultural Studies

The American Synagogue

Leading historians of modern Jewry offer the first comprehensive account of American synagogue history.
Wertheimer, Jack, ed.

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Sociology / Religion / Ethnic Studies

The Amish Struggle with Modernity

A distinctive American subculture responds to the forces of social change
Kraybill, Donald B., and Marc A. Olshan, eds.

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Archaeology / Mid-Atlantic History

Archeology in the Adirondacks

Illuminates and celebrates the diverse archeology of the Adirondack Park
Starbuck, David R.

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Arctic Studies / Anthropology

Arctic Adaptations
Expanded English ed.

The evolving culture of indigenous communities in Siberia
Krupnik, Igor., Marcia Levenson, trans. and ed.

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Arctic Studies / Anthropology

Arctic Wars, Animal Rights, Endangered Peoples

Lynge, Finn., Marianne Stenbaek, trans.

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Rock Music / Entertainment Law / Popular Culture

Baby You're a Rich Man

How Allen Klein, Morris Levy, and Nixon’s Justice Department battled to bring down the world’s greatest band
Soocher, Stan

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Political Science & Government / Sociology / International Relations

Beyond Tocqueville

An interdisciplinary collection of historical and comparative articles on civil society and the social capital debate.
Edwards, Bob, Michael W. Foley, Mario Diani (eds)

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African-American Studies / Literary Criticism - African American / Discrimination & Race

The Black Pacific Narrative

A literary and cultural geography of the black Pacific
Taketani, Etsuko

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Medicine & Public Health / Sociology of Disease & Health Issues

Building Partnerships in the Americas

A historical, cultural, and medical guide for those planning to do health-related work in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean
Krasnoff, Margo J. MD, editor

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Literary Criticism - American / Literary Criticism / Native American Studies / Native American Studies

Captivity and Sentiment

Examines how traditional dichotomies give way to emergent cultural forms in the literature of captivity.
Burnham, Michelle

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Political Science & Government / Philanthropy & Charity

Civil Society, Philanthropy, and the Fate of the Commons

Traces the historical development of civil society and philanthropy in the West and analyzes their role in solving the problems faced by modern liberal democracy
Sievers, Bruce R.

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Jewish Studies / Cultural Studies

The Covenant of Circumcision

Scholars and rabbis examine the complicated history and contemporary challenges of the Jewish rite of circumcision.
Mark, Elizabeth Wyner, ed.

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Native American Studies / Archaeology

Dawnland Encounters

A true picture of relationships between the Indians of northern New England and the European settlers.
Calloway, Colin G., ed.

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Ethnic Studies / British & European History

Declining the Stereotype

A groundbreaking text on multicultural issues in contemporary France.
Rosello, Mireille

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20th Century U.S. History / American Government / Popular Culture

Dinner in Camelot

“I think this is the most extraordinary collection of talent, of human knowledge, that has ever been gathered together at the White House, with the possible exception of when Thomas Jefferson dined alone.”—President John F. Kennedy, April 29, 1962
Esposito, Joseph A.

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Film, TV, Visual Culture / Disability Studies

Disability and the Media

A journalist's passionate exposé of the media's portrayal of the disabled.
Riley, Charles A. II

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Film, TV, Visual Culture / Cultural Studies / Women's Studies

Double Takes

Viewing cross-cultural differences through the lens of cinema.
Durham, Carolyn A.

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Science - Study & Teaching / History of Science / Media Studies

The Educated Eye

A study of visual culture in the teaching of the life sciences
Anderson, Nancy and Michael R. Dietrich, eds.

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Alzheimer's & Dementia / Eldercare / Caregiving

The Emotional Journey of the Alzheimer's Family

An empathic and clear-eyed discussion of the emotional journey of family and friends who care for people with progressive forms of dementia
Santulli, Robert B. MD and Kesstan Blandin, PhD

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Archaeology / Military History

Excavating the Sutlers’ House

A presentation of new and classic artifacts from the remains of a sutlers’ house and other military sites along the Hudson River and Lake George, lavishly illustrated in full color
Starbuck, David R.

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Medical Education / Discrimination & Race / Higher Education

Faculty of Color in the Health Professions

Based on personal stories, a critical assessment of the multiple challenges that confront minority faculty members in the health professions
Hassouneh, Dena

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Media Studies / Digital Art / Technology - Social Aspects

Finding Augusta

Addresses the effect of mobile communications technologies on individuals’ habits and how they are regulated
Cooley, Heidi Rae

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Shakers / American History / Decorative Arts & Material Culture

From Shaker Lands and Shaker Hands

The definitive volume on Shaker commercial ephemera
Miller, M. Stephen

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Family Law / Women's Studies / Sociology of Religion

Gender, Religion, and Family Law

Groundbreaking theoretical and legal approaches to resolving conflicts between gender equality and cultural practices
Joffe, Lisa Fishbayn, and Sylvia Neil, editors

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Prostitution & Sex Trade / Women's Studies / Gender & the Law

Getting Screwed

Vivid narrative-driven account of how current U.S. laws against prostitution harm sex workers, clients, and society
Bass, Alison

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Literary Criticism / Cultural Studies

Ghostly Communion

A cross-cultural approach to spiritual currents in nineteenth-century American life, letters, and culture.
Kucich, John J.

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Art History / Digital Art / Media Studies

Girlhood and the Plastic Image

A study of the mutual plasticity of girls and digital images
Warren-Crow, Heather

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New England History / 20th Century U.S. History / Rural Studies

Going Up the Country

How the counterculture changed Vermont—and America

Daley, Yvonne

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Popular Culture

The Golden Age of Boston Television

A fascinating account of local television in Boston from the 1970s to the early 1990s, when it offered the best local programming in America
Knopf, Terry Ann

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Sociology / Arctic Studies / Anthropology

Greenlanders, Whales, and Whaling

Portrays the profound impact of world systems on contemporary Greenlandic life, especially whaling.
Caulfield, Richard A.

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Medical Ethics / Rural Studies

Handbook for Rural Health Care Ethics

A comprehensive guide to the unique nature of rural health care ethics
Nelson, William A., ed.

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Cultural Studies / Popular Culture / Globalization

“Here, There and Everywhere”

Essays analyzing the stunning global success of American popular culture from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Shows to the Internet as the new American frontier.
Wagnleitner, Reinhold & May, Elaine Tyler, eds.

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New England History / Archaeology

A History of Boston in 50 Artifacts

A unique introduction to the history of Boston through archaeological objects
Bagley, Joseph M.

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African-American Studies / Discrimination & Race / Political Commentary

I Heart Obama

A personal and cultural exploration of Barack Obama as black president, black icon, and black folk hero
Kaplan, Erin Aubry

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Sport Biography / Philanthropy & Charity / Nervous System Diseases

The Ice Bucket Challenge

The true story behind the Ice Bucket Challenge
Sherman, Casey and Dave Wedge

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Cultural Studies / American History

The Imperialist Imaginary

Tracing the construction of an American Pacific.
Eperjesi, John

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Jewish Studies / Cultural Studies / Music / Theater & Performing Arts

In Search of American Jewish Culture

A leading cultural historian explores the complex interactions of Jewish and American cultures.
Whitfield, Stephen J.

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Literary Criticism - African American / African-American Studies / Immigration

In the Name of the Mother

A bracingly original dialogue on modernity, class, and difference in the 20th century
Pardini, Samuele F. S.

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Native American Studies

The Indian History of an American Institution

A history of the complex relationship between a school and a people
Calloway, Colin G.

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Native American Studies / Archaeology

Indian New England Before the Mayflower

A definitive work written for general audiences which describes how New England Indians lived when European settlers first met them
Russell, Howard S.

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Colonial History / Discrimination & Race / Ethnic Studies

Inequality in Early America

An all-star roster of historians reassesses inequality in early America.
Pestana, Carla Gardina, and Sharon V. Salinger, eds.

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Shakers / Decorative Arts & Material Culture

Inspired Innovations

An exploration of the Shakers’ innovative spirit that informed their legendary craftsmanship and led to a broad array of creations
Miller, M. Stephen

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History of Israel & Palestine / Sociology of Religion / Demography

Israeli Society in the Twenty-First Century

A data-based analysis of social life and social problems in contemporary Israel that draws a vivid portrait of a dynamic and rapidly changing society
Goldscheider, Calvin

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Shakers / Biography - Religious

Issachar Bates

A biography of a key western Shaker in early America
Medlicott, Carol

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Popular Culture / Jewish Studies / 20th Century U.S. History

Jewhooing the Sixties

A lively look at four major Jewish celebrities of early 1960s America, who together made their mark on both American culture and Jewish identity
Kaufman, David E.

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Art History / Cultural Studies

Jewish Dimensions in Modern Visual Culture

A fascinating look at key aspects of visual culture in modern Jewish history
Long, Rose-Carol Washton, Matthew Baigell, and Milly Heyd, eds.

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Jewish Studies / Cultural Studies

Jewish Roots in Southern Soil

A lively look at southern Jewish history and culture.
Ferris, Marcie Cohen and Greenberg, Mark I., eds. Eli N. Evans, fwd.

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Economics & Business - Regional / New England History / Regional Studies

Landscape of Industry

An illustrated history of the cradle of American industrialization
Worcester Historical Museum; Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, fwd.

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Archaeology / Colonial History / Mid-Atlantic History

The Legacy of Fort William Henry

A new set of stories about the fabled Fort William Henry, based on forensics and archeological finds
Starbuck, David R.

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Marriage & Family Law / Marriage & Family / Women's Studies

Legalizing Plural Marriage

Offers a legal and historical context for reforming family law and legalizing plural marriage
Goldfeder, Mark

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Biography / Education History / Disability Studies

The Life and Times of T. H. Gallaudet

A look into the complex life of an icon of deaf education
Sayers, Edna Edith

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Regional Studies / Sociology

The Lobster Gangs of Maine

An anthropologist describes the working world of Maine lobstermen, focusing on the intricate personal network that sustains them.
Acheson, James M.

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20th Century U.S. History / Media Studies / Film & Video History & Criticism

Lookout America!

The history of the Cold War film studio Lookout Mountain Laboratory
Hamilton, Kevin and Ned O'Gorman

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Jewish Studies / Marriage & Family / Sociology of Religion

Love, Marriage, and Jewish Families

Illustrates the complex and diverse ways that Jews in the United States and Israel are reshaping dating, marriage, and family life—with some surprising consequences
Fishman, Sylvia Barack, editor

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Colonial History / Archaeology / Military History

Massacre at Fort William Henry

An archeologist’s lively illustrated portrayal of 18th-century America’s most infamous siege and massacre.
Starbuck, David R.

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Self-Help - Aging / Retirement Planning / Family - Later Years

Maturing with Moxie

A guide to help women as they grow older negotiate the transition with confidence

Cannon, Jan

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Jewish Studies / Sociology

The Men’s Section

A provocative look at the inner world of Orthodox Jewish men who attend partnership synagogues
Sztokman, Elana Maryles

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Literary Criticism / Cultural Studies / Immigration

Migrant Sites

A unique comparative study of immigrant and diaspora literatures in America
Kandiyoti, Dalia

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Shakers / Biography / Women's Studies

Mother Ann Lee

Originally published in 1976 as Anne the Word, this is a popular biography of colorful and controversial Shaker founder Ann Lee
Campion, Nardi Reeder and June Sprigg, fwd.

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International Relations / Cultural Studies

National Symbols, Fractured Identities

A fascinating look at national symbols worldwide and the important role they play in creating and maintaining individual and collective identity.
Geisler, Michael, E., ed.

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Literary Criticism - American / Literary Criticism / Native American Studies

The National Uncanny

A unique look at Native American ghosts and US literature.
Bergland, Renée L.

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Literary Criticism - American / Native American Studies / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism

Native Land Talk

How Native Americans and African Americans redefined nativity and shaped eighteenth- and nineteenth-century perceptions of rights, freedom, and belonging
Ben-zvi, Yael

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LGBT Studies / Education History / Education - Policy & Reform

No Sanctuary

The struggle to protect LGBTQ youth in school

Lane, Stephen

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Native American Studies / Vermont

North Country Captives

Eight narratives challenge old stereotypes and provide a clearer understanding of the nature of captive taking. These stories portray captors as individuals with a unique culture, offering glimpses of daily life in frontier communities.
Calloway, Colin G., ed.

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Jewish Studies / Cultural Studies / Sociology

Observing America’s Jews

Collected essays by a preeminent authority on American Jewish history.
Sklare, Marshall. Jonathan D. Sarna, ed. and fwd.; Charles S. Liebman, afterword.

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Fiction & Literature / Native American Studies

The Old American

A long-awaited new novel set in the period of the French and Indian Wars brings a new dimension to the region’s history
Hebert, Ernest

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Film, TV, Visual Culture / African-American Studies / Media Studies

On the Sleeve of the Visual

An investigation of race and the ontology of the visual
Raengo, Alessandra

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Native American Studies / Archaeology

The Original Vermonters
Revised ed.

“In a thoroughly enjoyable and readable book Haviland and Power effectively shatter the myth that Indians never lived in Vermont.”—Library Journal
Haviland, William A., and Marjory W. Power

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Theater & Performing Arts / Popular Culture / Musicals

Our Musicals, Ourselves

The first comprehensive social history of the American musical theater
Jones, John Bush

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Jewish History / Jewish Studies / Sociology of Religion

Pennies for Heaven

The first book-length treatment of how synagogues are financed in the United States
Judson, Daniel

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Film, TV, Visual Culture / Cultural Studies / Visual Culture

Photographic Memories

The role of photographs in the formation of public memories.
Kroes, Rob; Donald E. Pease, fwd.

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Anthropology / Photography / Jewish Studies

Photographing the Jewish Nation

Over 170 amazing photographs of Jewish life in the Pale of Settlement, from S. An-sky’s ethnographic expeditions
Avrutin, Eugene M., Valerii Dymshits, Alexander Ivanov, Alexander Lvov, Harriet Murav, and Alla Sokolova, editors

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Art Criticism & Theory / Photography - Criticism / Media Studies

Photography, History, Difference

Thinking differently about photography and its histories
Sheehan, Tanya (ed.)

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Popular Culture / Social Science Essays / History - 21st Century U.S.

Prison Area, Independence Valley

A major voice in transnational American studies addresses politics and culture in post-9/11 America
Kroes, Rob

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Archaeology / American History

Rangers and Redcoats on the Hudson

A lively account of an archeological investigation at a major French and Indian War military encampment.
Starbuck, David R.

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Native American Studies / Ethnic Studies

Reclaiming the Ancestors

Combining personal history and scientific training with archaeological and paleoecological data, Wiseman provides a new perspective on the 11,000-year history of the Wabanaki of the East Coast.
Wiseman, Frederick Matthew

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Sociology / Arctic Studies / Canadian Studies

Relocating Eden

Addresses lingering questions about government resettlement of Native Canadians and its impact on their lives.
Marcus, Alan Rudolph.

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Media Studies / Business - Media & Communications / Journalism

The Return of the Moguls

Will the return of old-style individual ownership spark a renaissance in the newspaper business?
Kennedy, Dan

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Popular Culture / Social History / 20th Century U.S. History

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

The amazing story behind the classic Christmas character
Lankford, Ronald D., Jr.

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American Revolutionary War / U.S. Military History / Archaeology

The Saratoga Campaign

New discoveries enrich our understanding of a legendary campaign
Griswold, William A. & Donald W. Linebaugh, editors

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Media Studies / African-American Studies / Photography

The Self in Black and White

A study of race and authenticity in the photography of the civil rights era and beyond
Duganne, Erina

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Shakers / Cultural Studies


An engaging social history and introduction to the Shakers as both individuals and members of a movement.
Brewer, Priscilla J.

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Music / Shakers

A Shaker Musical Legacy

A unique collection of Shaker songs and dances that keeps alive this important musical heritage
Opdahl, Robert; Opdahl, Viola

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Shakers / Decorative Arts & Material Culture / Antiques & Collectibles

Published with the cooperation of the Merrimack Valley Textile Museum and Shaker Community, Inc.

A comprehensive book on the kinds of textiles the Shakers used, how they were produced, and their cultural and economic importance to the communities.
Gordon, Beverly

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Shakers / Cultural Studies

The Shakers and the World’s People

A comprehensive illustrated anthology of material about and by the American Shakers.
Morse, Flo

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Sociology / Discrimination & Race


Provokes a public debate about heightism, its detrimental effects, and how to reshape society’s view and treatment of short people
Osensky, Tanya S

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Political Science & Government / Philanthropy & Charity / Sociology

Social Enterprise

The first comparative look at how social enterprise is shaped by local conditions worldwide
Kerlin, Janelle A., ed.

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Immigration / Asian-American Studies

Southeast Asian Refugees and Immigrants in the Mill City

Original, interdisciplinary essays highlight the pain, struggles, and victories of Southeast Asian refugees and immigrants in a mid-sized New England city
Pho, Tuyet-Lan, Jeffrey N. Gerson, and Sylvia Cowan, eds.

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Native American Studies / Anthropology

Spirit of the New England Tribes

Legends, folktales, and traditions of New England Indians reflect historical events and a changing Indian identity over a 365-year period
Simmons, William S.

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Film & Video History & Criticism / Popular Culture / Media Studies

Stardust Monuments

Hollywood is placeless, timeless, and iconic, a key fabricator and forger of American cultural myths and stories. How, then, will the history of Hollywood be written?
Trope, Alison

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Memoir / Immigration / Jewish History

The Strangers We Became

A smart, funny, and lyrical memoir of an Iraqi Jewish girl’s experiences in five countries before settling in the United States
Shamash, Cynthia Kaplan

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Jewish Studies / Biography / Ethnic Studies

Suddenly Jewish

Dramatic personal stories of the unexpected discovery of a Jewish heritage.
Kessel, Barbara

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American History - 19th Century / Maritime History & Piracy / Disasters & Disaster Relief

Surviving the Essex

Do cannibals get second acts?
Dowling, David O.

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Gender Studies / Sociology

Transgender Voices

A revealing look at the lives and perspectives of transgender and gender variant people, based on 150 personal interviews
Girshick, Lori B., Green, Jamison fwd.

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Mental Health / Public Health / Sociology of Disease & Health Issues

Trauma and Recovery on War's Border

A guide for mental health workers in regions traumatized by war, human rights violations, and poverty across the globe
Allden, Kathleen, MD, and Nancy Murakami, LCSW, editors

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Media Studies / Film & Video History & Criticism / Art Criticism & Theory / Criticism

Travels in Intermediality

The cooperation and collaboration between media, art forms, and cultural studies
Herzogenrath, Bernd, ed.

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New England History / Land Use Law / Native American Studies


An exploration of the various systems of land control and the evolution of private property
Mitchell, John Hanson

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Politics / Economics & Business / Philanthropy & Charity


A courageous call to free charity from its ideological and economic constraints
Pallotta, Dan

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Media Studies / Social Science

The Urban Spectator

How conceptions of the American city changed in response to new media technologies
Gordon, Eric

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Native American Studies / Archaeology / Anthropology

The Voice of the Dawn

An experienced Native voice tells the story of Abenaki culture and history.
Wiseman, Frederick Matthew

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Civil Rights / Gay Studies / Lesbian Studies

Winning Marriage

A no-holds-barred, from-the-trenches account of the campaign to win and protect the freedom to marry in America
Solomon, Marc

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Civil Rights / Gay Studies / Lesbian Studies

Winning Marriage
Revised ed.

The definitive account of how the freedom to marry was won nationwide with a new, final chapter on the historic US Supreme Court ruling
Solomon, Marc

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Media Studies / Film, TV, Visual Culture

Writing National Cinema

A study of Peruvian Cinema and the role of criticism in forming a national cinematic vision
Middents, Jeffrey

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