Biography & Memoir
(by title)
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Military Biography / Military Aviation History / World War II

Air Officer Commanding

A new biography of the architect of RAF Fighter Command in the centennial year of the Royal Air Force
LaSaine, John T., Jr.

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Biography - Musicians & Composers / String Instruments / Women's Biography

American Luthier

The female pioneer who revolutionized violin acoustics and built the first violin octet
Whitney, Quincy

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Opera / Biography - Entertainment & Performing Arts

Angela Gheorghiu

The biography of the great soprano, in her own words
Gheorghiu, Angela w/ Jon Tolansky

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Jewish Studies / Biography / Holocaust Studies

The Architect of Genocide

How Heinrich Himmler turned Hitler’s Nazi policy toward the Jews into horrific reality.
Breitman, Richard

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Economics & Business / Memoir

The Art of the Turnaround

Practical advice (supported by extensive case studies) for fixing troubled arts organizations
Kaiser, Michael M.

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History - 18th Century / Biography - Adventurers & Explorers / Caribbean & West Indies History / Maritime

At the Point of a Cutlass

The astonishing true story of a young sailor’s ordeal during the golden age of piracy
Flemming, Gregory N.

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Memoir / Women's Studies / Humor

Babes in Boyland

A humorous and provocative account of being a female undergraduate at Dartmouth College in its turbulent first years of co-education
Barreca, Gina

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Canoeing / Canadian History / Biography - Adventurers & Explorers

Barren Grounds

A journey to the Barren Lands of Arctic Canada becomes a race against time
Pessl, Skip

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Jewish Studies / Biography / Jewish History

The Besht

Now available in English, a provocative new biography of the founder of Hasidism
Etkes, Immanuel

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Biography / Political Science & Government

Best of Times, Worst of Times

A memoir by a prominent and highly respected historian and political commentator
Laqueur, Walter

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Biography / Women's Studies / New England History / Portsmouth New Hampshire

Beyond the Garden Gate

The first new biography in twenty years of a beloved New England writer.
Mandel, Norma H.

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Ballet / Biography - Entertainment & Performing Arts

Boston Ballerina

A candid and thoughtful consideration of a life in dance
Young, Laura with Janine Parker

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Jewish Studies / Biography / Holocaust Studies

Breaking the Silence

A remarkable story of the German industrialist who first warned the West of Nazi plans for the mass murder of Jews
Laqueur, Walter and Breitman, Richard.

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Jewish Studies / Biography / History of Israel & Palestine

Chaim Weizmann

Reinharz, Jehuda

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Jewish Studies / Biography / History of Israel & Palestine

Chaim Weizmann

Reinharz, Jehuda

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Biography - Writers / Civil War / American History - 19th Century

Confederate Bushwhacker

Mark Twain in the watershed year of 1885
Loving, Jerome

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Philosophy / Biography / Memoir / French Literature & Language

The Confessions and Correspondence, Including the Letters to Malesherbes
Trans. from the French

A new English translation, the first to be based on the definitive French Pléiade edition.
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. Christopher Kelly, trans.; Christopher Kelly, Roger D. Masters, and Peter G. Stillman, eds.

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American History - 19th Century / Biography - Political / Political Science & Government

Daniel Webster, “The Completest Man”

Shewmaker, Kenneth E., ed. Charles M. Wiltse, Editor-in-Chief. William H. Rehnquist, fwd.; Irving H. Bartlett, Maurice G. Baxter, Richard N. Current, and Howard Jones, essays

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Jewish Studies / Biography

The Darker Side of Genius

Richard Wagner’s anti-Semitism considered in the context of his time, place, and aspirations rather than in relation to his later appropriation by the Nazis.
Katz, Jacob.

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Vietnam War / Military Veterans / Military Biography

Dartmouth Veterans

A collection of essays by Dartmouth alumni recalling their Vietnam War–era experiences
Schaefer, Phillip C., Editor

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Aviation Transportation History / History - 20th Century / Military History

Dirigible Dreams

The rise and fall of the adventurous dirigible age
Hiam, C. Michael

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Biography - Entertainment & Performing Arts / Jewish Studies

The Eddie Cantor Story

A lively biography of the popular showman Eddie Cantor, with a focus on his involvement in Jewish culture and politics
Weinstein, David

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Civil War / Historical Biography

Fanny & Joshua

The intimate history of Civil War hero Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain and his wife, Frances Caroline Adams
Smith, Diane Monroe

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Art / Biography

Georgia O’Keeffe

A highly acclaimed biography of Georgia O'Keeffe that emphasizes her ongoing struggle for autonomy.
Robinson, Roxana

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Biography - Philosophers / German History / Nationalism

Germany’s Prophet

A provocative and disquieting portrait of Bible scholar and founder of modern German antisemitism Paul de Lagarde
Sieg, Ulrich

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Biography - Religious / Biography - Philosophers / Philosophers

Gershom Scholem

A new intellectual portrait of a prominent twentieth-century philosopher
Zadoff, Noam

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Iraq War (2003-2011) / Iraq History / Military Biography

Ghost Riders of Baghdad

An American officer confronts the realities of war and politics during a year with the 61st Cavalry in Iraq
Sjursen, Daniel A.

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Women's Biography

Going to Boston

One nineteenth-century woman’s journey in a changing Boston
Bushman, Claudia

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Biography / Biography / History / Women's Studies

“A Good Poor Man’s Wife”

The dramatic saga of a remarkable woman who was deeply involved in the political culture of her time.
Bushman, Claudia L.

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Biography - Writers / History of Israel & Palestine / Jewish Studies


A rich look, from a native daughter, at the evolving relations of people, architecture, and landscape in Haifa over several decades
Gold, Nili Scharf

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Sport Biography / Philanthropy & Charity / Nervous System Diseases

The Ice Bucket Challenge

The true story behind the Ice Bucket Challenge
Sherman, Casey and Dave Wedge

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Arctic Studies / Ships & Shipbuilding History / Biography - Adventurers & Explorers

Ice Ship

The thrilling journeys of the Fram through the ice and to the poles
Johnson, Charles W.

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Jewish Studies / Jewish History / Historical Biography

The Individual in History

Essays in honor of the scholarly work and institutional leadership of Jehuda Reinharz, focusing on the role of the individual in history
Freeze, ChaeRan Y., Sylvia Fuks Fried, and Eugene R. Sheppard, editors

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New England History / American Revolutionary War / Historical Biography

Inventing Ethan Allen

A fascinating look at the genesis, longevity, and meaning of the story of Ethan Allen in the context of Vermont history and memory
Duffy, John J. and H. Nicholas Muller III

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Shakers / Biography - Religious

Issachar Bates

A biography of a key western Shaker in early America
Medlicott, Carol

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Ice Hockey / Sports History / Sport Biography

Jack Parker's Wiseguys

The story of one of the most outrageous national championship teams of the swashbuckling ’70s
Rappleye, Tim

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Memoir / Politics

Journeys to War and Peace

A fascinating memoir by a key player in international affairs during the Carter, Reagan, and G. H. W. Bush administrations
Solarz, Stephen J., and Norman Ornstein, fwd.

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Biography / Education History / Disability Studies

The Life and Times of T. H. Gallaudet

A look into the complex life of an icon of deaf education
Sayers, Edna Edith

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Biography - Cultural Heritage

The Lives of Dillon Ripley

The true story of the last Renaissance man
Stone, Roger D.

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Business Biography / Jewish Studies / 20th Century U.S. History

Louis Bamberger

The only biography of Louis Bamberger—department store magnate, merchandising genius, enlightened philanthropist, and Newark’s leading citizen
Forgosh, Linda B.

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Biography - Writers / Essays / Humor

Make Mine a Double

Bottoms up! This landmark celebration of women and drink chips away at traditional images of gender, one ice-cube at a time.
Barreca, Gina, ed.

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Football / Sport Biography / Memoir

Meeting Tom Brady

An everyman’s tale of longing for greatness and love of the game
King, Richard J.

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Memoir / Philosophy

Trans. from the German

A fascinating memoir by a major philosopher of the 20th century
Jonas, Hans, Wiese, Christian, ed. & annot.; Winston, Krishna, trans.

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American History / Political Science & Government / Biography / Law & Policy Studies

The Mind of the Founder

An authentic and responsible selection of Madison’s writings.
Madison, James. Marvin Meyers, ed.

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Shakers / Biography / Women's Studies

Mother Ann Lee

Originally published in 1976 as Anne the Word, this is a popular biography of colorful and controversial Shaker founder Ann Lee
Campion, Nardi Reeder and June Sprigg, fwd.

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Historical Biography / American Revolutionary War / New England History

Nathan Hale

Now in paperback, the New York Times best-selling biography—the first in nearly a century—of the legendary Revolutionary War patriot and our country’s first spy
Phelps, M. William

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Books & Reading / Essays / Memoir

The Nearest Thing to Life

On the meaning of fiction
Wood, James

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Education / Memoir

No Place But Here

A Christopher Award-winning story of Keizer's experiences teaching in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom.
Keizer, Garret

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African American History / Biography - Religious

A Noble and Independent Course

Discovering the world of a remarkable historical figure
Lee, Forrester A. and James S. Pringle

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Biography - Entertainment & Performing Arts / Jewish Studies

Not Bad for Delancey Street

The first comprehensive biography of America’s great mid-century impresario
Cohen, Mark

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Biography - Entertainment & Performing Arts / Comedy

Overweight Sensation

A groundbreaking biography of the song parodist and Jewish humorist
Cohen, Mark

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AIDS & HIV / Biography - Medical / History of Medicine

A Plague on All Our Houses

The medical detective story of Dr. Michael Gottlieb’s discovery of AIDS, his struggle with the medical establishment, and the temptations of Hollywood
Hillman, Bruce J. MD

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Jewish History / Biography - Religious / Jewish Religious History

Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liady

The only biography in English of the founder of the Chabad movement in Hasidism
Etkes, Immanuel

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Biography / American History / Women's Studies

The Remarkable Mrs. Ripley

A biography as distinctive as the celebrated woman scholar it depicts
Goodwin, Joan W.

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Philosophy / Memoir / French Literature & Language

The Reveries of the Solitary Walker, Botanical Writings, and Letter to Franquières
Trans. from the French

Rousseau’s major works, available for the first time in a uniform English edition, continue with translations of three works from his final decade
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, Christopher Kelly, ed. Charles E. Butterworth, Alexandra Cook, and Terence E. Marshall, trans.

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Memoir / Nature

The Road Washes Out in Spring

A beautifully written memoir of nature, community, and poetry
Wormser, Baron

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Philosophy / Biography / Literary Criticism - French

Rousseau, Judge of Jean-Jacques: Dialogues
Trans. from the French

Rousseau’s complete work, unified in English for the first time, premiers with an original translation of his Dialogues
Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, Judith R. Bush, Christopher Kelly, and Roger D. Masters, trans.

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Memoir / Iraq War (2003-2011)

Saber’s Edge

A combat medic reconciles his roles as a soldier, healer, and man of faith in a time of war
Middleton, Thomas A.

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Nature / Memoir / New England

The Salt House

A woman writer's lyrical memoir of a summer with her artist husband in a remote Cape Cod dune shack
Huntington, Cynthia

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Economics & Business / Biography / Jewish Studies / Business History

Samuel Bronfman

The irascible son of a Jewish pioneer from Czarist Russia whose business acumen built an international company renowned for the quality of its products.
Marrus, Michael R.

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Colonial History / New England History / Biography - Adventurers & Explorers

The Sea Mark

The first complete narrative history of Captain John Smith’s exploration of the New England coast
Lawson, Russell M.

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Biography - Political

Senator Leahy

The blockbuster life of America’s most senior senator
Baruth, Philip

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Nature / Memoir

Sick of Nature

Essays that trace the making of a reluctant nature writer.
Gessner, David

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Women's Studies

Sisters of Fortune

Uses more than 350 letters to reconstruct the lives of a trio of sister whose father, a U.S. Congressman from New Hampshire, left them in 1850 for the Gold Rush.
Heffernan, Nancy Coffey, and Ann Page Stecker

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Biography - Medical / Pregnancy & Childbirth / Physician - Patient Relationship


Literate, moving, and illuminating, Small is an unforgettable look inside the world of a pediatric surgeon
Musemeche, Catherine, MD

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Memoir / Immigration / Jewish History

The Strangers We Became

A smart, funny, and lyrical memoir of an Iraqi Jewish girl’s experiences in five countries before settling in the United States
Shamash, Cynthia Kaplan

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Jewish Studies / Biography / Ethnic Studies

Suddenly Jewish

Dramatic personal stories of the unexpected discovery of a Jewish heritage.
Kessel, Barbara

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Civil Rights / LGBT Biography


The true story of the woman who ended the ban on gays in the military
Witt, Major Margaret with Tim Connor

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Biography - Political / American History / Literary Criticism - American

Theodore Roosevelt

Understanding Theodore Roosevelt through his writings
Bailey, Thomas and Katherine Joslin

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Comparative Linguistics / Memoir

To the Life of the Silver Harbor

The Cape as evoked and experienced by a legendary literary couple
Wilson, Reuel K.

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Historical Biography

Toward Nationalism's End

Analyzes the intellectual evolution of Hans Kohn, pioneer of nationalism studies, revealing the centrality of the idea of the nation to the ideological struggles of the twentieth century
Gordon, Adi

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Gender Studies / LGBT Biography / Human Sexuality


A fascinating collective memoir of the lives and experiences of transgender people, in their own voices
Shultz, Jackson Wright

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Biography / Politics

An Uncommon Man

The only biography of Claiborne Pell, the six-term senator from Rhode Island best known as the sponsor of the educational Pell Grants
Miller, G. Wayne

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Biography - Political / 20th Century U.S. History / Biography - Rich & Famous


How one small sailboat taught the Kennedys about life, family, leadership, and winning
Graham, James W.

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Biography - Writers

We Were an Island

A couple set out on a bold and vigorous quest for independence and a more essential way of life on a Maine island
Blanchard, Peter P. III with David Graham

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Memoir / Jewish Studies

Wedding Song

An unflinching personal story of family, religion, and community that shows the horror of growing up in the shadow of religious fundamentalism.
Goldin, Farideh

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20th Century U.S. History / Biography - Political / Political Process - Elections

Whistle Stop

How Harry S. Truman overcame the doubters, the haters, and the do-nothing congress to recapture the presidency and save America
White, Philip

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Rock Music / Music History & Criticism / Biography - Entertainment & Performing Arts

Why the Grateful Dead Matter

What a long, strange trip it’s been
Benson, Michael

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Ballet / Biography - Entertainment & Performing Arts / 20th Century U.S. History

Wilde Times

The authorized biography of one of the greatest dancers from the golden age of New York City Ballet
Lobenthal, Joel

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American History / Biography / Memoir / Political Science & Government

Witness to the Young Republic

One of the great diaries by a Washington insider personally acquainted with 12 presidents brings to life four tumultuous decades in the nation’s capital.
French, Benjamin Brown. Donald B. Cole and John J. McDonough, eds.

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Literary Criticism - Historical Events / Literary Criticism - African American / Biography - Writers

Writing for Justice

Transnational battles for freedom and a personal work of remembrance
Mortara, Elèna

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Jewish Studies / Biography / Literary Criticism

Yehuda Amichai

An astonishing revision of the prevailing critical analysis of the poetry of Yehuda Amichai, based on newly discovered materials
Gold, Nili Scharf

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