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Decorative Arts & Material Culture / American History

American Wall Stenciling, 1790–1840

A generously illustrated survey of an important post-revolutionary American decorative art form.
Brown, Ann Eckert

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Decorative Arts & Material Culture / Ceramics

The Art of Worcester Porcelain, 1751–1788

An enlightening introduction to the subject for the non-specialist, and an essential reference for the collector
Dawson, Aileen

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Decorative Arts & Material Culture / Ancient History

The Book of Looms

A heavily illustrated classic on the evolution of the handloom is now reissued in a handy paper edition.
Broudy, Eric

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Ceramics / Social History / Natural History


How a humble substance helped create a modern world
Staubach, Suzanne

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Shakers / American History / Decorative Arts & Material Culture

From Shaker Lands and Shaker Hands

The definitive volume on Shaker commercial ephemera
Miller, M. Stephen

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Decorative Arts & Material Culture

Gilded Lions and Jeweled Horses

A richly illustrated volume celebrating Jewish carving traditions from the Old World to the New
Zimiles, Murray

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Ceramics / Biography - Artists / Garden Furnishings

Guy Wolff

An intimate journey into Wolff’s world of craftsmanship and the joy of creating and using finely made objects
Staubach, Suzanne

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Antiques & Collectibles / Furniture

Harbor & Home

Presented for the first time, the richly illustrated findings of the Southeastern Massachusetts Furniture project at Winterthur Museum
Jobe, Brock. Gary R. Sullivan, Jack O’Brien

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Shakers / Decorative Arts & Material Culture

Inspired Innovations

An exploration of the Shakers’ innovative spirit that informed their legendary craftsmanship and led to a broad array of creations
Miller, M. Stephen

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Decorative Arts & Material Culture / Textiles

Massachusetts Quilts

The definitive treasury of Massachusetts’s historic quilts, and a tribute to the creative spirit of their makers
Bassett, Lynne Zacek, ed.

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Historical Photography / Americana / 20th Century U.S. History

Once Upon a Playground

A nostalgic look at a world of play almost forgotten
Biondo, Brenda

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Modern Art / Collectable Posters / Graphic Arts & Advertising

The Poster

A landmark study of posters as art, design, and advertising in the nineteenth century
Iskin, Ruth E.

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Shakers / Decorative Arts & Material Culture / Antiques & Collectibles

Published with the cooperation of the Merrimack Valley Textile Museum and Shaker Community, Inc.

A comprehensive book on the kinds of textiles the Shakers used, how they were produced, and their cultural and economic importance to the communities.
Gordon, Beverly

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Decorative Arts & Material Culture / Folk Art

Women’s Painted Furniture, 1790–1830

Beautifully illustrated, comprehensive study of women’s painted furniture, a long-lost art that sheds light on women’s lives in the early republic
Salm, Betsy Krieg

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