Agriculture & Food
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Agriculture & Food Production / Social History / Ecology & Environmental Studies

America's Founding Fruit

Investigates the history and ecology of the cranberry to assess the effects of climate change on this and other cultivated fruits
Playfair, Susan

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Resource Management / Agriculture & Food Production / Economics & Business

Civic Agriculture

A engaging analysis of food production in the United States emphasizing that sustainable agricultural development is important to community health.
Lyson, Thomas A.

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Agriculture & Food Production / American History

The Fate of Family Farming

A penetrating look at the condition of family farming—yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
Jager, Ronald

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Jewish Studies / Jewish History / Agriculture & Food Production

Jews Welcome Coffee

A lively look at how coffee affected Jewish life in early modern Germany
Liberles, Robert

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Nature / Resource Management / Forestry

Landowner’s Guide to Wildlife Habitat

An easy-to-use guide for enhancing wildlife habitat quality, timber values, and the appearance of forest lands.
DeGraaf, Richard M., et al

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New England History / Economics & Business / Agriculture & Food Production

A Long, Deep Furrow

A highly readable history and almost encyclopedic reference work, with information on every pertinent aspect of farming and country life.
Russell, Howard S. and Mark Lapping, fwd.

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Agriculture & Food Production / Agribusiness / Agriculture & Food Policy

Milk Money

The failing economics of the traditional small dairy farm, the rise of the factory mega-farm with its resultant pollution and disease, and the uncertain future of milk
Kardashian, Kirk

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Agriculture & Food Production / New England Gardening / Regional Photography

New Hampshire Women Farmers

Beautifully illustrated book showcasing the efforts of New Hampshire’s farm women to revitalize farming in the twenty-first century
Brody, Helen and Leslie Tuttle, Photographer

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