African American Studies
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African-American Studies / Literary Criticism - African American / Discrimination & Race

The Black Pacific Narrative

A literary and cultural geography of the black Pacific
Taketani, Etsuko

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African-American Studies / Women's Studies / Intellectual History

Black Women’s Intellectual Traditions

Provocative revelations about the flourishing black women’s intellectual traditions in nineteenth-century America
Waters, Kristin, and Carol B. Conaway, eds.

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African-American Studies / Diaspora Studies

Blacks on the Border

A study of the emergence of community among African Americans in Nova Scotia.
Whitfield, Harvey Amani

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African-American Studies / Discrimination & Race / Political Commentary

I Heart Obama

A personal and cultural exploration of Barack Obama as black president, black icon, and black folk hero
Kaplan, Erin Aubry

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Literary Criticism - African American / African-American Studies / Immigration

In the Name of the Mother

A bracingly original dialogue on modernity, class, and difference in the 20th century
Pardini, Samuele F. S.

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Literary Criticism / Colonialism & Post-Colonialism / African-American Studies

Mariners, Renegades and Castaways

Available in its complete form for the first time since its original publication.
James, C. L. R. Donald E. Pease, Introd.

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African American History / Biography - Religious

A Noble and Independent Course

Discovering the world of a remarkable historical figure
Lee, Forrester A. and James S. Pringle

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Film, TV, Visual Culture / African-American Studies / Media Studies

On the Sleeve of the Visual

An investigation of race and the ontology of the visual
Raengo, Alessandra

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Media Studies / African-American Studies / Photography

The Self in Black and White

A study of race and authenticity in the photography of the civil rights era and beyond
Duganne, Erina

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