Revisiting New England
The New Regionalism

Series Editors:
Siobhan Senier, Darren Ranco, Adam Sweeting, David H. Watters

EVISITING NEW ENGLAND presents fresh discussions of the distinctiveness of NewEngland culture, examining the history of New England regionalism; the way its culture came to represent American national culture; the interaction between that "official" New England culture and the people who lived in the region; the local subregional, or even biographical subjects as microcosms that explicitly open up and consider larger issues.

AUTHORS, PLEASE NOTE: We are no longer accepting submissions for the
Revisiting New England series.

Please read about our new related series: New England in the World

(by title)
Abandoned New England Landscape in the Works of Homer, Frost, Hopper, Wyeth, and Bishop Paton, Priscilla
Asian Americans in New England Culture and Community Chiu, Monica, ed.
Black Bangor African Americans in a Maine Community, 1880-1950 Elgersman Lee, Maureen
Black Portsmouth Three Centuries of African-American Heritage Sammons, Mark J.; Cunningham, Valerie
Breeding Better Vermonters The Eugenics Project in the Green Mountain State Gallagher, Nancy L.
A Century in Captivity The Life and Trials of Prince Mortimer, a Connecticut Slave Caron, Denis R.
Creating Portland History and Place in Northern New England Conforti, Joseph, ed.
Dirty Whites and Dark Secrets Sex and Race in Peyton Place Hirsh-Dickinson, Sally
Evangelicals at a Crossroads Revivalism and Social Reform in Boston, 1860–1910 Hartley, Benjamin L.
Fissures in the Rock New England in the Seventeenth Century Archer, Richard
Harriet Wilson’s New England Race, Writing, and Region Boggis, JerriAnne, Eve Allegra Raimon, and Barbara A. White, eds.
Irish Titan, Irish Toilers Joseph Banigan and Nineteenth-Century New England Labor Molloy, Scott
Maid as Muse How Servants Changed Emily Dickinson’s Life and Language Murray, Aífe
Marsden Hartley Race, Region, and Nation Cassidy, Donna M.
Poland Spring A Tale of the Gilded Age, 1860-1900 Richards, David L.
Reflections in Bullough’s Pond Economy and Ecosystem in New England Muir, Diana
A Shaker Musical Legacy Opdahl, Robert; Opdahl, Viola
Sightseeking Clues to the Landscape History of New England Lenney, Christopher J.
Thanksgiving The Biography of an American Holiday Baker, James W. and Peter J. Gomes, fwd.
This Grand and Magnificent Place The Wilderness Heritage of the White Mountains Johnson, Christopher
“The Troubled Roar of the Waters” Vermont in Flood and Recovery, 1927-1931 Clifford, Deborah Pickman and Nicholas R. Clifford
Two Vermonts Geography and Identity, 1865-1910 Searls, Paul M.
Voices without Votes Women and Politics in Antebellum New England Zboray, Ronald J. and Mary Saracino Zboray

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