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Advisory Board

Derrick Cartwright  San Diego Museum of Art
Mary Desjardins  Dartmouth College
Richard Dyer  University of Warwick
Ursula Anna Frohne  University of Cologne
Nicholas Mirzoeff  New York University

his book series develops and promotes the study of visual culture from a variety of critical and methodological perspectives. The impetus for the series derives from the increasing importance of visual signs in everyday life, and from the rapid expansion of what are termed “new media.” The broad cultural and social dynamics attendant to these developments present new challenges and opportunities across and within the academic disciplines. These have resulted in a transdisciplinary fascination with all things visual, from “high” to “low,” and from esoteric to popular. This series of books brings together approaches to visual culture—broadly conceived—that assess these dynamics critically and that break new ground in understanding their effects and implications.

The series fosters historicized critical studies that foreground contemporary visual-critical methods. These include—but are not limited to—studies of the new media of electronic and digital imagery (including film, video and digital imaging of all kinds) that are transforming our modes of communication and expression. We especially encourage studies that deploy inter-disciplinary methods and approaches, especially since digital culture and the new media themselves regularly exhibit a disregard for precedents in format and representational boundaries. We therefore also encourage an attention to what are termed inter-medial studies—examinations of relations between and across specific media—which afford analyses of visual culture in relation to written, aural, oral representation, etc.

The editors encourage fresh approaches toward a great expanse of visual culture topics, especially those traditionally associated with Art History and Film & Television Studies. The series foregrounds the study of both past and present visual cultures, in recognition that our new media environment provides a series of novel critical lenses by which to re-understand the history of media and visual cultures. In addition, we encourage topics addressing non-western and post-colonial cultures in their relationship to issues of visuality. In general, the contributions to the series are distinctive in sharing a defining interest in the complex interpretative interfaces emerging in relation to visual media within contemporary electronic culture.

For more information, or to submit manuscripts for consideration, contact the editors at Dartmouth College, or:

Richard Pult
University Press of New England
One Court Street, Suite 250
Lebanon, NH 03766

(by title)

The Art of Evolution Darwin, Darwinisms, and Visual Culture Larson, Barbara, Fae Brauer, eds.

The Brillo Box Archive Aesthetics, Design, and Art Golec, Michael J.

The Cinematic Mode of Production Attention Economy and the Society of the Spectacle Beller, Jonathan

The Educated Eye Visual Culture and Pedagogy in the Life Sciences Anderson, Nancy and Michael R. Dietrich, eds.

Figuring It Out Science, Gender, and Visual Culture Shteir, Ann B. and Bernard Lightman, editors

Finding Augusta Habits of Mobility and Governance in the Digital Era Cooley, Heidi Rae

Framed Spaces Photography and Memory in Contemporary Installation Art McTighe, Monica E.

Girlhood and the Plastic Image Warren-Crow, Heather

The Living Line Modern Art and the Economy of Energy Veder, Robin

The Maltese Touch of Evil Film Noir and Potential Criticism Clute, Shannon Scott and Richard L. Edwards

Materializing New Media Embodiment in Information Aesthetics Munster, Anna

No Innocent Bystanders Performance Art and Audience Ward, Frazer

No Laughing Matter Visual Humor in Ideas of Race, Nationality, and Ethnicity Rosenthal, Angela, with David Bindman and Adrian W. B. Randolph

On the Sleeve of the Visual Race as Face Value Raengo, Alessandra

Photographic Memories Private Pictures, Public Images, and American History Kroes, Rob; Donald E. Pease, fwd.

Photography, History, Difference Sheehan, Tanya (ed.)

Please Touch Dada and Surrealist Objects after the Readymade Mileaf, Janine

The Poster Art, Advertising, Design, and Collecting, 1860s–1900s Iskin, Ruth E.

Postmodern Advertising in Japan Seduction, Visual Culture, and the Tokyo Art Directors Club Bartal, Ory

The Self in Black and White Race and Subjectivity in Postwar American Photography Duganne, Erina

Shock and the Senseless in Dada and Fluxus Brill, Dorothée

Stardust Monuments The Saving and Selling of Hollywood Trope, Alison

Technologies of History Visual Media and the Eccentricity of the Past Anderson, Steve F.

Time and the Digital Connecting Technology, Aesthetics, and a Process Philosophy of Time Barker, Timothy Scott

Trauma and Visuality in Modernity Saltzman, Lisa and Eric Rosenberg, editors

Travels in Intermediality ReBlurring the Boundaries Herzogenrath, Bernd, ed.

The Urban Spectator American Concept-Cities from Kodak to Google Gordon, Eric

A Violent Embrace Art and Aesthetics after Representation hoogland, renée c.

Visual Cultures of Science Rethinking Representational Practices in Knowledge Building and Science Communication Pauwels, Luc, editor

Writing National Cinema Film Journals and Film Culture in Peru Middents, Jeffrey

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