agus Press is the publishing arm of the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Portuguese Studies and Culture, a multidisciplinary international studies and outreach unit dedicated to the study of the language, literatures and cultures of the Portuguese-speaking world. Recognized as a leader in bringing Portuguese literature, history, and culture to an English-speaking audience, Tagus Press's groundbreaking translations and journals address both Portuguese life abroad and in the United States.

Adamastor Series

Chaos and Splendor & Other Essays
Lourenço, Eduardo and Carlos Veloso, ed.

The Correspondence of Fradique Mendes
A Novel
Eça de Queirós, José Maria de

Exemplary Tales
Andresen, Sophia de Mello Breyner

Maiden and Modest
A Renaissance Pastoral Romance
Ribeiro, Bernardim, Gregory Rabassa, trns. and Earl E. Fitz, pref.

Producing Presences
Branching out from Gumbrecht’s Work
Rocha, João Cezar de Castro,Victor K. Mendes, Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht

The Relic
A Novel
Eça de Queirós, José Maria De

Saint Christopher
A Novella
Eça de Queirós, José Maria de

The Sermon of Saint Anthony to the Fish and Other Texts
Vieira, António, Gregory Rabassa, trans., Vincent Barleeta, intr., and Anna M. Klobucka, notes.

Sonnets and Other Poems
de Camões, Luís, and Richard Zenith, trans.

The Traveling Eye
Retrospection, Vision, and Prophecy in the Portuguese Renaissance
Gil, Fernando, Helder Macedo, and Luís de Sousa Rebelo

Portuguese in the Americas Series

Almost Gone
Sousa, Brian

Another City upon a Hill
A New England Memoir
Conforti, Joseph A.

Azorean Identity in Brazil and the United States
Arguments about History, Culture, and Transnational Connections
Leal, João, and Wendy Graca, trans.

Community, Culture and The Makings of Identity
Portuguese-Americans along the Eastern Seaboard
Holton, Kimberly DaCosta and Andrea Klimt, eds.

Da Gama, Cary Grant, and the Election of 1934
Felix, Charles Reis and George Monteiro, prf.

Distant Music
Two Novels: The Gunnysack Castle and The Death of Mae Ramos
Silva, Julian

Happy People in Tears
A Novel
Melo, João de

The Holyoke
Gaspar, Frank X.

Home Is an Island
A Novel
Lewis, Alfred, and Devin Nunes, fwd.

In Pursuit of Their Dreams
A History of Azorean Immigration to the United States
Williams, Jerry R.

Land of Milk and Money
A Novel
Barcellos, Anthony

Land, As Far As the Eye Can See
Portuguese in the Old West
Warrin, Donald and Geoffrey L. Gomes

The Marriage of the Portuguese
Expanded Edition
Pereira, Sam, and Frank X. Gaspar, fwd.

Move Over, Scopes
and Other Writings
Silva, Julian

Sixty Acres and a Barn
A Novel
Lewis, Alfred, Frank F. Sousa, ed. and Donald Warrin, preface

So Ends This Day
The Portuguese in American Whaling, 1765–1927
Warrin, Donald

Through a Portagee Gate
Felix, Charles Reis

A New England Boyhood
Felix, Charles Reis

Portuguese Language Textbook Series

Um Passo Mais no Português Moderno
Gramática Avançada, Leituras, Composição e Conversação
Fagundes, Francisco Cota

Portuguese Literary & Cultural Studies

Brazil 2001
A Revisionary History of Brazilian Literature and Culture
Rocha, João Cezar de Castro, ed.

Cape Verde
Language, Literature, and Music
Leite, Ana Mafalda, ed.

Economies of Relation
Money and Personalism in the Lusophone World
Sansi-Roca, Roger

Fernando Pessoa as English Reader and Writer
Ferrari, Patricio, and Jerónimo Pizarro, editors

Fronteiras / Borders
Sousa, Frank F., Victor K. Mendes, Paulo de Medeiros, and José N. Ornelas, eds.

Garrett’s Travels Revisited
Mendes, Victor K., and Valéria M. Souza, eds.

Literary Histories in Portuguese
Castro Rocha, João Cezar de, editor

Lusofonia and Its Futures
Castro Rocha, João Cezar de, Editor

On Saramago
Klobucka, Anna M., ed.

The Other Nineteenth Century
Bishop-Sanchez, Kathryn, ed.

Parts of Asia
Bastos, Cristiana, ed.

Post-Imperial Camões
Figueiredo, João Ricardo, ed.

Reevaluating Mozambique
Rothwell, Phillip, ed.

Remembering Angola
Rothwell, Phillip, ed.

The South Atlantic, Past and Present
Alencastro, Luiz Felipe de, ed.

Vitorino Nemésio and the Azores
Fagundes, Francisco Cota, ed.

Classic Histories from the Portuguese-Speaking World in Translation