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About Love
Montague, John
About the Theater
Kauffmann, Stanley and Gordon Rogoff, intro.
An Anthology—The First Four Decades (1959–1993)
Cookson, William ed. and introd. Grey Gowrie, fwd.
Ajanta’s Ledge
Feinstein, Sascha
Albums of a Life
A Memoir
Kauffmann, Stanley
Algebra of Night
New & Selected Poems, 1948–1998
Barnstone, Willis
Alternatives to History
Ladin, Jay
The Always Present Present
Weiss, Theodore and Renée Weiss
Harris, Duriel E.
Amorous Shepherd
Micheaux, Dante
...and the Sea
Buckley, Christopher
Any Day Now
Der-Hovanessian, Diana
Peck, John
Back, Rachel Tzvia
Bad Machine
Szirtes, George
The Bag of Broken Glass
Sugarman, Yerra
Be Seated, Thou
Poems 1989-1998
Abse, Dannie
Beast in the Apartment
Barnstone, Tony
Between Here and Monkey Mountain
McClung, Laren
Between Soul and Stone
Berdeshevsky, Margo
Between Two Stones
Weitz, Joshua
Wells, James Bradley
Birds and Bison
Malroux, Claire
Black Milk
Dent, Tory
The Black Sea
Papadopoulos, Stephanos
The Blind Man and the Beauty and Other Stories
Loria, Arturo
Bliss Crisis
Gibbs, Jules
Bone-Songs and Sanctuaries
New and Selected Poems
Jennings, Michael
A Book for Daniel Stern
Moss, Stanley and Pam Diamond, eds.
The Book of Anna
Ladin, J.
The Book of Disquietude by Bernardo Soares, assistant bookkeeper in the City of Lisbon
Pessoa, Fernando. Richard Zenith, trans. and introd.
The Burning Glass
Der-Hovanessian, Diana
But a Passage in Wilderness
Berdeshevsky, Margo
Café de l’Aube à Paris / Dawn Café in Paris
Barnstone, Willis
Calendar Year
Agoos, Julie
Cape Discovery
The Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center Anthology
Gammon, Catherine, and Bruce Smith, eds.
A Celebration for Stanley Kunitz On His Eightieth Birthday
Kunitz, Stanley
The Center for Cold Weather
Mathis, Cleopatra
The Circle Dancers
Der-Hovanessian, Diana
Cities of Mathematics and Desire
Johnson, Judith
A Poem
Kaufman, Shirley
A Clearance
Wilson, Fiona
A Cloud Inhaled Me
Collected Poems
Silk, Dennis
Clouded Sky
Radnoti, Miklos
Collected Poems, 1935-1992
Prince, F. T.
Collected Prose
Celan, Paul. trans. from the German by Rosmarie Waldrop
Coming to Life
Ladin, Joy
A Company of Ghosts
Middleton, Christopher
The Compromises Will Be Different
Rehder, Robert
Conversations with Critics
Tredell, Nicolas
Conversations with Sheryl Sutton
The Novel of a Dialogue
Pilinszky, János. Peter Jay and Eva Major, trans.
The Courage of the Rainbow
Selected Poems
Volková, Bronislava, trans. Willis Barnstone, et al., trans.
Dancing at the Monastery
Der-Hovanessian, Diana
Dean Cuisine
or The Liberated Man’s Guide to Fine Cooking
Greenberg, Jack and James Vorenberg
Dear God, Dear Dr. Heartbreak
Barnstone, Aliki
The Definition of Joy
Ladin, Joy
Dialogue with the Archipelago
Gardinier, Suzanne
Swimming with the Immortals
Lieberman, Laurence
Dolores is Blue / Dolorez is Blues
Pinson, Hermine
The Early Books of Yehuda Amichai
Amichai, Yehuda
Echo System
Agoos, Julie
The Elegy on Hats
Berg, Stephen
Embodiment, and other poems
Gregor, Arthur
The English Channel
a play about Shakespeare
Brustein, Robert
Etruscan Things
Lesser, Rika and Richard Howard
Every Room We Ever Slept In
Shinder, Jason
Evidence of Things Seen
Wollman, Richard
Fathomsuns and Benighted
Celan, Paul. Ian Fairley, trans. and intr.
Fields Across Which No Birds Fly
Snodgrass, Ann
58 Poems
Berg, Stephen
Five A.M. in Beijing
Poems of China
Barnstone, Willis
The Flaw
Ignatow, Yaedi
Flogging the Czar
Winner, Robert
Flowers of Ice
Ziedonis, Imants. Barry Callaghan, trans.; John Montague, pref.
For That Day Only
Schulman, Grace
Forms of Gone
Sugarman, Yerra
Forms of Hope
Venclova, Tomas
Forty Days in the Calypso Saloon & Frescoes with Graffiti
Middleton, Christopher
Four Puppet Plays
Play without a Title, The Divan Poems and Other Poems, Prose Poems, and Dramatic Pieces
Lorca, Federico García. Edwin Honig, trans.
A Full Heart
Field, Edward
A Future More Vivid
Selected Poems
Rosenberg, Betsy
Ghosts, The Space of Joy, Song & Dance
Fuller, John
Goat Funeral
Bakken, Christopher
Goodbye Lyric
The Gigans & Lovely Gun
Kocher, Ruth Ellen
Great Tranquillity
Questions and Answers
Amichai, Yehuda. Glenda Abramson and Tudor Parfitt, trans.
The Grief Muscles
Courtney, Brandon
Grieving Shias
Hasan, Raza Ali
Mathis, Cleopatra
Berg, Stephen
The Hand Upon His Head
Gregor, Arthur
New & Selected Poems
Zisquit, Linda
Heart Work
Dolin, Sharon
Schulman, Grace
Berg, Stephen
He’s Far Too Much
A Play
Mohamed, Said Ahmed
History and Chronicle of the Songbook
Saba, Umberto. Stephen Sartarelli, trans. and notes
HIV, Mon Amour
Dent, Tory
New & Selected Poems
Fragos, Emily
Hôtel Dieu
Papadopoulos, Stephanos
House of Affection
Kwitny, Wendy Wood
The Ice Lizard
Poems, 1977–88
Johnson, Judith Emlyn
Ladin, Joy
In Secret
Versions of Yannis Ritsos
Ritsos, Yannis
In Solitary
Schwartz, Lynn Sharon
Interviews and Encounters
Cassian, Nina and Carmen Firan
Interviews and Encounters with Stanley Kunitz
Kunitz, Stanley. Stanley Moss, ed.
Intimate Chronicles
Middleton, Christopher
& Selected Poems 1986-2009
Gardinier, Suzanne
Jazz Talmud
Marmer, Jake
Just Look at the Dancers
Canticles, Fumes, Monostichs
Middleton, Christopher
Kabbalah and Consciousness and the Poetry of Allen Afterman
Afterman, Allen
The Keeper of Sheep (O Guardador de Rebanhos)
Pessoa, Fernando (Alberto Caeiro). Edwin Honig and Susan M. Brown, trans.
Enzensberger, Hans Magnus. Michael Hamburger and Hans Magnus Enzensberger, trans.
The Knot Garden
Funk, Allison
Labors Lost Left Unfinished
Pavlic, Ed
The Ladder
Bar-Yosef, Hamutal
New and Selected Poems
Weissbort, Daniel
Landlady and Tenant
Wolfert, Helen
The Landscape Is Behind the Door
Martory, Pierre. John Ashbery, tr
The Landscapist
Selected Poems
Martory, Pierre, Ashbery, John trans. & intro.
Last Day of the Year
Selected Poems
Krüger, Michael
Leaving the Door Open
Ignatow, David
Let the Words
Wallach, Yona; Linda Stern Zisquit, trans.; Aharon Shabtai, intro.
Lie Nearest Truth
Garritty, Sean
Life After Death
Rohrer, Jane
Lighter Than Air
Moral Poems
Enzensberger, Hans Magnus. Reinhold Grimm, trans.
The Lime Orchard Woman
Ríos, Alberto
The Literary Community
Selected Essays 1967-2007
Solotaroff, Ted, Banks, Russell, intro.
A Long-Gone Sun
A Poem
Malroux, Claire. Marilyn Hacker, trans.
Love & Selected Poems
Shabtai, Aharon. trans. from the Hebrew by Peter Cole.
The Missing
McNeil, Rangi
The Moonlit Upper Deckerina
Lazard, Naomi
Morning Prayer
Grubin, Eve
The Music We Dance To
Seiferle, Rebecca
Bloch, Benjamin
The Necessities of War
A Study of Thucydides’ Pessimism
Pouncey, Peter
New and Collected Poems
Schmidt, Michael
New and Selected Poems
From The Book of My Life
Field, Edward
Night Fugue
Sampson, Fiona
Night Train
Asher, Elise
Night, Morning
Bar-Yosef, Hamutal, Back, Rachel Tzvia
50 Poems
Hazo, Samuel
No Success Like Failure
The American Love of Self-Destruction, Self-Aggrandizement, and Breaking Even
Solotaroff, Ivan
Not To
Terranova, Elaine
The Notebooks of David Ignatow
Ignatow, David. Ralph J. Mills, Jr., ed. and introd.
The Nowhere Steps
Rudman, Mark
Of the Mortal Fire
Poems 1999–2002
Middleton, Christopher
Opening the Window
Cohen, Marc
Orchard Lamps
Drach, Ivan. Stanley Kunitz, ed. and introd.; Jacques Hnizdovsky, woodcuts; Daniel Halpern, et al., trs
Out Loud
Hyland, Peter B.
Ovid in Sicily
A New Verse Translation of Selections from the “Metamorphoses” of Ovid, with Foreword, Latin Facing Text, and 14 Color-plates from the “Ovidiane” Sequence of Paintings by Marialuisa de Romans
Mandelbaum, Allen
Paradise Found
An Interview
Manea, Norman
The Past Keeps Changing
Bloch, Chana
Paul Celan, Nelly Sachs
Celan, Paul, and Nelly Sachs. John Felstiner, intr.; Christopher Clark, trans.; Barbara Wiedemann, ed.
Pebble & I
Fuller, John
Piero della Francesca
Longhi, Roberto. David Tabbat, trans.; Keith Christiansen, introd.
The Pleasures of Influence
Tributes to Stanley Kunitz, 2001–2015
Moss, Stanley
Pocket Gospel
Sutton, Pamela
Ruddick, Bruce
Poems and Translations of Hi-Lö
Peck, John
Poems from the Greek Anthology
Slavitt, David R., trans.
The Poems of B. R. Whiting
Whiting, B. R.
Poems of Jerusalem and Love Poems
Amichai, Yehuda
Poems of Possibilities
Crowell, Joan
Prowling Sequiturs
Rosen, Aaron
Rosen, Aaron
A Quarter Turn
Nystrom, Debra
Questions of Love
New and Selected Poems
Lesser, Rika
The Quilt & Other Stories
Chughtai, Ismat. Anita Desai, pref.; Tahira Naqvi and Syeda S. Hameed, trans.
Sexton, Elaine
Reluctant Mirrors
New and Selected Poems
Rosen, Aaron
Lieberman, Michael
Reply from Wilderness Island
Balakian, Peter
The Requited Distance
Griffiths, Rachel Eliza
The Resurrection of the Body
Schmidt, Michael
Rimbaud Versions and Inventions
still unilluminated I...
Berg, Stephen
The Ripped-Out Seam
Seiferle, Rebecca
The River Serpent, and other poems
Gregor, Arthur
Rock and Dew
Selected Poems
Firan, Carmen
Romanian Poems by Paul Celan and Essays
Celan, Paul
Sad Jazz
Barnstone, Tony
Yilmaz, Levent
Saul Bellow
Settling My Accounts Before I Go Away
Bellow, Saul
The Savantasse of Montparnasse
With ten drawings from “The Savantasse Scrolls” by Marialuisa de Romans
Mandelbaum, Allen
The Second Question
Der-Hovanessian, Diana
Secret Citizen
Gregor, Arthur
Selected Poems
Enzensberger, Hans Magnus. Hans Magnus Enzensberger, Michael Hamburger, Rita Dove, and Fred Viebahn, trans
Selected Poems
Cernuda, Luis. Reginald Gibbons, ed. and trans.
Selected Poems
Bandeira, Manuel; David Slavitt, trans.
Selected Poems
Der-Hovanessian, Diana
Selected Poems
Abse, Dannie
Selected Poems (1993–2005)
Dent, Tory
The Selected Poems of Jean Sénac
Sénac, Jean, and Katia Sainson, David Bergman, trans.
Sex Perhaps
Starbuck, Kathryn
Buckley, Christopher
Snow Part
Celan, Paul. Fairley, Ian, trans.
Some Things Words Can Do [Includes A History of Small Life on a Windy Planet, orig. pub. in 1993]
Collins, Martha
Song of the Broken String
After the /Xam Bushmen—Poems from a Lost Oral Tradition
Watson, Stephen
Selected Poems from the Canzoniere of Umberto Saba
Saba, Umberto. Stephen Sartarelli, trans. and introd.
Sorrows of the Warrior Class
Hasan, Raza Ali
Stars in My Eyes
Field, Edward
The Stories and Recollections of Umberto Saba
Saba, Umberto. Estelle Gilson, tr
New and Selected Poems
Baron, Mary
Strange Nursery
Schor, Esther
Summers of Vietnam and Other Poems
Kinzie, Mary
The Tales of Arturo Vivante
Vivante, Arturo. Mary Kinzie, selected and introd by.
Tankard Cat
Middleton, Christopher
Taps for Space
Rosen, Aaron
Ten Great Films
Kauffmann, Stanley
The Tenor on Horseback
Middleton, Christopher
That Other Side of Things
Gregor, Arthur
These are not Oranges, My Love
Mersal, Iman. Mattawa, Khaled, intro. & trans.
Third Day
New and Collected Poems
Gowrie, Grey
Three New Poets
Harwell, Sarah C., Farah Marklevits, and Courtney Queeney
Three Studies
Masolino and Masaccio, Caravaggio and His Forerunners, Carlo Braccesco
Longhi, Roberto
To Hold in My Hand
Selected Poems, 1955–1983
Morley, Hilda. Stanley Kunitz, introd
101 Ghazals
Gardinier, Suzanne
Toward Babel
Poems and A Memoir
Shmueli, Ilana, and Susan Gillespie, trs.
Rosen, Aaron
Ladin, Joy
The Traveling Queen
Collins, Michael
Amichai, Yehuda. trans. from the Hebrew by Ruth Nevo
A Tribute to Stanley Kunitz on His 96th Birthday
Moss, Stanley, ed.
Vallejo, César. Rebecca Seiferle, trans.; Stanley Moss, ed
The Unending Lightning
Selected Poems
Hernández, Miguel. trans. from the Spanish by Edwin Honig
Unknown Sky
Cohen, Marc
Unopened Letters
Zisquit, Linda
Venclova, Tomas
The Visionary Gleam
Texts & Transformations
Asher, Elise
The Voice of Robert Desnos
Selected Poems
Desnos, Robert; Kulik, William, trans.
Walks in Rome
Prince, F. T
What to Tip the Boatman?
Mathis, Cleopatra
Wheat Among Bones
Baron, Mary
Whispering to Fool the Wind
Ríos, Alberto
White Nights
Jenkins, Alan
Wild Domestic
Rosenfeld, Natania
Wild Light
Selected Poems
Wallach, Yona. Linda Zisquit, trans.
Wild With It
Barnstone, Aliki
Will the Morning Be Any Kinder Than the Night?
And Other Stories
Wexler, Irving
William the Wonder Kid
Plays, Puppet Plays and Theater Writings
Silk, Dennis
The Window
New and Selected Poems
Ravikovitch, Dahlia. Chana Bloch and Ariel Bloch, trans. and eds.; Robert Alter, fwd.
The Word Pavilion
New and Selected Poems
Middleton, Christopher
The Yellow Bird
Abse, Dannie
The Yüan Chen Variations
Prince, F. T.