A Several World
on National Book Award Longlist

A Several World by Brian Blanchfield has been named to the
2014 National Book Award Longlist for Poetry. See the full list here.

Congratulations to Brian!

Founded in 2003, Nightboat Books is a nonprofit publishing company dedicated to printing original books of poetry and prose, and bringing out-of-print treasures back to life.        

Absence Where As
Claude Cahun and the Unopened Book
This new book, from inter-genre, bilingual writer Nathanaël (Nathalie Stephens), investigates the relationship between image and language through a philosophical and poetic meditation on a self-portrait by Surrealist photographer and writer Claude Cahun.
Stephens, Nathalie (Nathanaël)

The All-Purpose Magical Tent

A masterful debut collection by poet Lytton Smith, winner of the Nightboat Poetry Prize.
Smith, Lytton, and Terrance Hayes, pref.

The Milkweeds
A dynamic new collection of essays on the precarious nature of translation and representation.

Ban en Banlieue

An evocative exploration of body and politics by one of our most exciting innovative writers
Kapil, Bhanu

The Book of Interfering Bodies

Ecstatic political poetry and prose engaging notions of bureaucracy by a translator of Chilean poetry
Borzutzky, Daniel

Century of Clouds

Boone, Bruce

Coming Events (Collected Writings)

A dynamic concatenation of lyric and philosophical thought rendered in poetry and prose
Gevirtz, Susan

Court of the Dragon

A new book of poetry exploring domesticity, desire, and dreaming by the Queens Poet Laureate
Javier, Paolo

The Devastation

An arresting lyric exploration of the performance of love in language
Buzzeo, Melissa


A haunting poetic account of the ravages of regimes on language and the body
Martin, Dawn Lundy and Fanny Howe, fwd.


A riveting new volume exploring the power and provocation of medieval English and the trope of the seafarer
Bergvall, Caroline


The 10th anniversary edition of this classic of Asian America and experimental poetry features a Preface by Juliana Spahr and an Afterword by Stephen Hong Sohn.
Kim, Myung Mi

eco language reader

In this riveting and timely collection of essays, interviews, and photographs, 17 contemporary innovative poets weigh in on pressing environmental concerns
Iijima, Brenda, ed.

An Ethic

A striking second collection by a poet of minimalist intimacy and
magnifying insights
Davis, Christina

A Fast Life
The Collected Poems of Tim Dlugos
The long-awaited, definitive collection of a major American poet
Dlugos, Tim, and David Trinidad, ed.

Fire Break

A brilliant new poetic sequence from a leading innovative American poet
Albon, George

A Phenomenology of Spirit
The final book from an internationally acclaimed poet and translator
Doris, Stacy

The Force of What’s Possible
Writers on Accessibility & the Avant-Garde
A dynamic collection of essays addressing the question of accessibility in experimental writing
Hoang, Lily

Found Poems

Porter, Bern

Ghost Fargo

Cisewski, Paula and Franz Wright

Glean, a reference to the gathering of grain after harvest, explores the appalling trust implicit in any act of faith that prayer may not elicit a response. Spare and evocative, the collection struggles with a language at odds with itself
Kryah, Joshua

hart island

A long poem about contemporary New York ponders self and society in poetry, politics, and the polis
Szymaszek, Stacy

In the Function of External Circumstances

Torres, Edwin

In the Mode of Disappearance
Jonathan Weinert s award-winning collection, In the Mode of Disappearance, transcends contemporary categories of traditional and experimental, existing in a mode in which the quality of thought itself is paramount.
Weinert, Jonathan

In the Murmurs of the Rotten Carcass Economy

This riveting new book of powerful poetry continues the author's investigation into the political and social violence of our times
Borzutzky, Daniel


In these haunting lyrics, Fisher weighs the proximity, physical no less than linguistic, of nurture and violence
Fisher, Jessica and Kimiko Hahn, preface

The Islands

In John Sakkis's new book, hip hop and biography, both real and imagined, saturate travel on the islands
Sakkis, John


A daring hybrid work that investigates the relationship between the individual and the institution
Magi, Jill

Land Sparing

Winner of the Nightboat Books Poetry Prize
Klein, Gabriella


Orlando White’s second book of poetry deals with the origins and power of the typographical sign
White, Orlando

Letters from a Seducer

The first English-language translation of the second volume in Hilda Hilst’s dynamic and unnerving erotic-pornographic trilogy
Hilst, Hilda

Life in a Box is a Pretty Life

A provocative new collection examining the power of language and race in contemporary culture by a leading American poet
Martin, Dawn Lundy

A Lily Lilies

Landscape and kinetic expression meet in this collection of poetry, dance choreography, and photographs
Foo, Josey and Leah Stein

The Lives of a Spirit/Glasstown
Where Something Got Broken
In this brilliant work that transcends genre—lyric essay, prose poem, philosophical fiction—Fanny Howe pursues her realization that keen metaphysical inquiry is radically essential to everyday life.
Howe, Fanny

lucky coat anywhere

The first collection of new poems by this brilliant, uncanny poet in ten years
Burkard, Michael

Mature Themes

The highly anticipated debut of a young New York poet and essayist
Durbin, Andrew

Mausoleum of Lovers
Journals 1976–1991
The long-awaited English-language translation of Hervé Guibert’s arresting journals
Guibert, Hervé

Meddle English
New and Selected Texts
Bergvall, Caroline

The Middle Notebookes

Nathanaël’s philosophical notebooks propose a poetics of intimate engagement with mortality

Monkeys, Minor Planet, Average Star

A playful, intoxicating debut by a young poet dedicated to expanding the boundaries of lyric poetry
Leavitt, Gracie

movable TYYPE

The first new collection by this innovative poet in seven years
Fraser, Kathleen

Music for Porn

A bracing lyrical exploration of the ethical limits of our militarized and eroticized landscape
Halpern, Rob

The Obituary

A haunting new novel from the author of My Paris
Scott, Gail

The Obscene Madame D

The English-language debut of one of Brazil’s leading writers of the twentieth century
Hilst, Hilda

Partially Kept

A meditation on language and loss–and the partial nature of both–from a leading contemporary poet
Ronk, Martha

Radical Love
Five Novels
Radical Love gathers five of Fanny Howe's novels: Nod, The Deep North, Famous Questions, Saving History, and Indivisible, previously out-of-print and hard to find classics whose characters wrestle with serious political and metaphysical questions against the backdrop of urban, suburban, and rural America.
Howe, Fanny


A fragmented notebook investigates mental illness and trauma in the South Asian diaspora
Kapil, Bhanu

Sea and Fog

Two striking lyric essays from master poet and philosopher Etel Adnan
Adnan, Etel

A Several World

The greatly anticipated second volume by an innovative and acclaimed talent
Blanchfield, Brian

Sisyphus, Outdone.
Theatres of the Catastrophal
A book-length essay examining disintegration from one of our leading innovative writers

The Sonnets
Translating and Rewriting Shakespeare
154 contemporary poets offer their own startling and imaginative versions of Shakespeare’s sonnets
Legault, Paul

The Sorrow And The Fast Of It

The Sorrow And The Fast Of It exists in a middle place: an overlay of indistinct geographies and trajectories. Strained between the bodies of Nathalie and Nathanael, between dissolution and abjection, between the borders that limit the body in its built environment--the city and its name(s), the countries, the border crossings--the narrative, splintered and fractured, dislocates its own compulsion.
Stephens, Nathalie (Nathanaël)

Swimming Home

A riveting new collection by New York poet and curator Vincent Katz
Katz, Vincent

This Constellation Is a Name
Collected Poems 1965–2010
A landmark volume gathering 45 years of work by one of our leading poets
Heller, Michael

The Collected Poems
Hickman, Leland; Motika, Stephen, ed.

To look at the sea is to become what one is
An Etel Adnan Reader (2 Vol. Set)
The first retrospective collection of 50 years of writing by our leading Arab-American innovative writer
Adnan, Etel

A Tonalist

Moriarty, Laura

Translating Translating Apollinaire
A Preliminary Report
A facsimile edition of bpNichol’s classic self-translation text and responses by 21st century poets

The Tribute Horse

Nightboat Poetry Prize Winning debut from Brandon Som
Som, Brandon

Troubling the Line
Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics
The first-ever collection of poetry by trans and genderqueer writers
Tolbert, TC and Tim Trace Peterson

The Truant Lover
Juliet Patterson's first collection of poems, The Truant Lover, selected by Jean Valentine, is a pastiche of American voices, a well of poems with passages that hint and nod at past poets while remaining wholly their own.
Patterson, Juliet

We Press Ourselves Plainly

Stephens, Nathalie

While You Were Approaching the Spectacle But Before You Were Transformed by It

A riveting second collection from a “poet already in his prime” (Boston Review)
Smith, Lytton

Who That Divines

A new collection of poetry from the important experimental writer of the "A Tonalist" lyric
Moriarty, Laura

Your Body Figured

In Your Body Figured, Douglas A. Martin presents the reader with three prose pieces, each focused on an artist: the painter Balthus, the poet Hart Crane, and finally the Irish painter Francis Bacon as seen through his relationship with model and muse, George Dyer
Martin, Douglas A.