ounded in 2003, Nightboat Books is a nonprofit publishing company dedicated to printing original books of poetry and prose, and bringing out-of-print treasures back to life.        

Absence Where As
Claude Cahun and the Unopened Book
Stephens, Nathalie (Nathanaël)
The All-Purpose Magical Tent
Smith, Lytton, and Terrance Hayes, pref.
Ban en Banlieue
Kapil, Bhanu
The Book of Interfering Bodies
Borzutzky, Daniel
Century of Clouds
Boone, Bruce
Coming Events (Collected Writings)
Gevirtz, Susan
The Devastation
Buzzeo, Melissa
Martin, Dawn Lundy and Fanny Howe, fwd.
Bergvall, Caroline
Kim, Myung Mi
eco language reader
Iijima, Brenda, ed.
Envelope of Night
Selected and Uncollected Poems, 1966-1990
Burkard, Michael
An Ethic
Davis, Christina
A Fast Life
The Collected Poems of Tim Dlugos
Dlugos, Tim, and David Trinidad, ed.
Fire Break
Albon, George
A Phenomenology of Spirit
Doris, Stacy
The Force of What’s Possible
Writers on Accessibility & the Avant-Garde
Hoang, Lily
Found Poems
Porter, Bern
Ghost Fargo
Cisewski, Paula and Franz Wright
Kryah, Joshua
In the Function of External Circumstances
Torres, Edwin
In the Mode of Disappearance
Weinert, Jonathan
Fisher, Jessica and Kimiko Hahn, preface
The Islands
Sakkis, John
Magi, Jill
Letters from a Seducer
Hilst, Hilda
Life in a Box is a Pretty Life
Martin, Dawn Lundy
A Lily Lilies
Foo, Josey and Leah Stein
The Lives of a Spirit/Glasstown
Where Something Got Broken
Howe, Fanny
lucky coat anywhere
Burkard, Michael
Mature Themes
Durbin, Andrew
Mausoleum of Lovers
Journals 1976–1991
Guibert, Hervé
Meddle English
New and Selected Texts
Bergvall, Caroline
Monkeys, Minor Planet, Average Star
Leavitt, Gracie
movable TYYPE
Fraser, Kathleen
Music for Porn
Halpern, Rob
The Obituary
Scott, Gail
The Obscene Madame D
Hilst, Hilda
Partially Kept
Ronk, Martha
Poetic Intention
Glissant, Édouard and Nathalie Stephens, trans.
Radical Love
Five Novels
Howe, Fanny
Kapil, Bhanu
Sea and Fog
Adnan, Etel
A Several World
Blanchfield, Brian
Sisyphus, Outdone.
Theatres of the Catastrophal
The Sonnets
Translating and Rewriting Shakespeare
Legault, Paul
The Sorrow And The Fast Of It
Stephens, Nathalie (Nathanaël)
This Constellation Is a Name
Collected Poems 1965–2010
Heller, Michael
The Collected Poems
Hickman, Leland; Motika, Stephen, ed.
To look at the sea is to become what one is
An Etel Adnan Reader (2 Vol. Set)
Adnan, Etel
A Tonalist
Moriarty, Laura
Translating Translating Apollinaire
A Preliminary Report
The Tribute Horse
Som, Brandon
Troubling the Line
Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics
Tolbert, TC and Tim Trace Peterson
The Truant Lover
Patterson, Juliet
We Press Ourselves Plainly
Stephens, Nathalie
While You Were Approaching the Spectacle But Before You Were Transformed by It
Smith, Lytton
Who That Divines
Moriarty, Laura
Your Body Figured
Martin, Douglas A.