The Diary of Johannes Hansen
Expedition to Eastern Greenland: 1884–1885
Hansen, Johannes
Eden of the North
Rink, Signe
Inuit Folk-Tales
Rasmussen, Knud, collector; Birgit Kleist Pederson and Jette Rygarrd, intro.
Journals in Greenland
Egede, Hans
Local Knowledge
Living Resources and Natural Assets in Greenland
Petersen, H. C.
The Meaning of Ice
People and Sea Ice in Three Arctic Communities
Gearheard, Shari Fox
The Moravian Beginnings of Canadian Inuit Literature
Wilhjelm, Henrik and Greg Colley, intr.
The Polar Eskimos
Holtved, Erik
Tales of Yukaghir
Lamut and Russianized Natives of Eastern Siberia
Bogaras, Waldemar; Lenore Grenoble, intro.
The Veins of the Heart to the Pinnacle of the Mind
Taqqat uummammut aqqutaannut takorluukkat apuuffiannut
Lynge, Aqqaluk
Vikings of To-day
or Life and Medical Work among the Fishermen of Labrador
Grenfell, Wilfred T.; Marianne Stenbaek, intro.