Against Consolation
Cording, Robert
Against Which
Gay, Ross
American Rhapsody
Stone, Carole
Apparition Hill
Ruefle, Mary
An Apron Full of Beans
Cornish, Sam
The Baby Book
Silbergleid, Robin
The Bar of the Flattened Heart
Keller, David
Chase, Karen
Body of Diminishing Motion
Poems and a Memoir
Sidney, Joan Seliger. Bruce R. Ransom, Intro. Robert Cording, Fwd.
The Breath of Parted Lips
Voices from The Robert Frost Place, Vol. I
Lea, Sydney, ed.; Hall, Donald , fwd. Contributors: Julie Agoos, Sharon Bryan, Robert Cording, Mark Cox, John Engels, Kathy Fagan, Christopher Gilbert, David Graham, Mark Halliday, Robert Hass, Denis Johnson, Cleopatra Mathis, William Matthews, Gary Miranda, Stanley Plumly, Katha Pollitt, Pattiann Rogers, Mary Ruefle, Mary Jo Salter, Sherod Santos, Jeffrey Skinner, Luci Tapahonso, Sue Ellen Thompson, Rosanna Warren
The Breath of Parted Lips
Voices from The Robert Frost Place, Vol. II
Lee, Sydney , Ed. Contributors: Marvin Bell, Hayden Carruth, Amy Clampitt, Stephan Dunn, Dana Gioia, Donald Hall, Galway Kinnel, Maxine Kumin, Thomas Lux, Paul Muldoon, Grace Paley, Molly Peacock, Charles Simic, Jean Valentine, Ellen Bryant Voight, Baron Wormser, and Lea himself.
Carolyn Kizer
Perspectives on Her Life & Work
Finch, Annie; Johanna Keller & Candace McClelland, Editors. Maxine Kumin, Introduction. Contributors: Hayden Carruth, Dominic Cheung, Lucille Clifton, Robert Creeley, Judith Johnson, Maxine Kumin, Carol Muske, Robert Phillips, Marie Ponsot, Henry Taylor.
Common Life
Cording, Robert
Confessions of Joan the Tall
Handler, Joan Cusack
Darkening the Grass
Miller, Michael
A Day This Lit
Levy, Howard
Haines, John
The Disheveled Bed
Brown, Andrea Carter. Nicholas Christopher, fwd.
Divina Is Divina
Wiler, Jack
door of thin skins
Dentz, Shira
Elegy for the Floater
Carson, Teresa, Lux, Thomas, fwd; Perry, Bruce, M.D., Ph.D., intro.
A Novel in Verse
Bernard, Pam
Fifty Histories
Matthews, Christopher
The Fork Without Hunger
Lamon, Laurie and Donald Hall, fwd.
Fun Being Me
Wiler, Jack
Handler, Joan Cusack
A Gradual Twilight
An Appreciation of John Haines
Rogers, Steven, Editor. Gioia, Dana, Introduction. Contributors: Rick Bass, Wendell Berry, Raymond Carver, Tess Gallagher, Donald Hall, Nancy Schoenberger, Marion K. Stocking, Henry Taylor, William Carlos Williams.
Mooney, Martin. Baron Wormser, Fwd.
How the Crimes Happened
Potter, Dawn
How They Fell
Boutelle, Annie
Legaspi, Joseph O., foreword by Philip Levine
Impenitent Notes
Wormser, Baron
An Imperfect Lover
Orsini, Georgianna. Robert Phillips, Fwd. Molly Peacock, Essay
Kazimierz Square
Chase, Karen
The Laundress Catches Her Breath
Corso, Paola
Letters from a Distant Shore
Fiala, Marie Lawson
Life with Sam
Hutner, Elizabeth Hall. Simeon Hutner, Photography. Rafael Campo, Fwd.
Little Boy Blue
A Memoir in Verse
Jacobik, Gray
Losing Season
Ridl, Jack
Love's Labors
Newsom, Brent
Misery Islands
O’Neil, January Gill
Doty, Catherine. Baron Wormser, Fwd.
Motherhood Exaggerated
Hannan, Judith, Alan M. Dershowitz, fwd. and Leonard Wexler, M.D., med. intr.
My Crooked House
Carson, Teresa
My Mother’s Funeral
Páramo, Adriana
My Painted Warriors
Penn, Peggy
Neighborhood Register
Jackson, Marcus
Night Sessions
Cho, David S.
The One Fifteen to Penn Station
Carey, Kevin
Only So Far
Cording, Robert
The Origins of Tragedy & Other Poems
Rosen, Kenneth
The Palace of Ashes
Fairchok, Sherry
Places I Was Dreaming
Graham, Loren
The Poetry Life
Ten Stories
Wormser, Baron
Primary Lessons
White, Sarah Bracey
Bruce, Eloise. Julie Agoos, Fwd.
The Red Canoe
Love in Its Making
Handler, Joan Cusack
Same Old Story
Potter, Dawn
The Second Night of the Spirit
Bherwani, Bhisham
The Silence of Men
Newman, Richard Jeffrey. Yusef Komunyakaa, fwd.
Silk Elegy
Gash, Sondra
The Singers I Prefer
Barter, Christian. Sydney Lea, Fwd.
Snakeskin Stilettos
Donaldson, Moyra. Medbh McGuckian, Fwd.
So Close
Penn, Peggy
Soft Box
Bland, Celia. Jane Cooper, Fwd.
Southern Comfort
Andrews, Nin
Spooky Action at a Distance
Levy, Howard
Surviving Has Made Me Crazy
Nepo, Mark and Frankel, Richard, medical foreword
Through a Gate of Trees
Jackson, Susan and Peacock, Molly
To The Marrow
Seder, Robert. Mark Nepo, Literary Fwd. Ken Offit, M.D., Chief Clinical Genetics Service, Sloan Kettering, Medical fwd.
O’Neil, January Gill
Unidentified Sighing Objects
Wormser, Baron
The Waiting Room Reader
Stories to Keep You Company
Handler, Joan Cusack, ed.
The Waiting Room Reader
Words to Keep You Company
Hadas, Rachel
Walking with Ruskin
Cording, Robert
We Aren’t Who We Are – And This World Isn’t Either
Korfhage, Christine, foreword by Liz Rosenberg
We Mad Climb Shaky Ladders
Wagner, Pamela Spiro
Where the Dead Are
Praisner, Wanda S.
Without Wings
Lamon, Laurie