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auhan Publishing focuses on New England regional books in the areas of history, art, nature studies, and poetry, as well as venturing into thoughtful books that explore sustainability of both the earth and the spirit.

The Bauhan Publishing team includes Sarah Bauhan (daughter of founder William Bauhan), Art Director Henry James and Editor Jane Eklund. For more information, visit www.bauhanpublishing.com.

An Accidental Manager
Tales from the Corporate Jungle
Humorous commentary on the worlds of advertising, marketing, and business travel.
Collis, Roger

The Adventures of M. James
A Sailor's Diary Aboard the USS Monterey, CVL-26
A rare and direct account of the Pacific War told through the eyes of a sensitive enlisted man-a pacifist
James, Michael

Another Language
Portraits of Assistance Dogs and Their People
A beautiful kaleidoscope of care, courage, and commitment
Braham, Jeanne

Available Light
Philip Booth and the Gift of Place
Braham, Jeanne

Blind Painting

Tamilio's poems systematically deconstruct the human condition of love and death, faith and despair, and transgression and redemption
Tamilio III, John

Claremont Boy
My New Hampshire Roots and the Gift of Memory
A memoir of a full life, told two or three pages at a time
Steinfield, Joseph D.

Come Down to Earth
Gentle combinations of prose and verse allow the sharp meditations of a speaker caught between the real and surreal in a changing world
Michals, Nils

Dwelling in Possibility
Searching for the Soul of Shelter
A search for the ordinary qualities that make some houses a home, and some public places welcoming.
Mansfield, Howard

The Education Of A Yankee

The re-issue with a new introduction of Jud Hale’s captivating and moving memoir of his larger-than-life American family
Hale, Judson D.

From Blue Ribbons to Code Blue
A girl’s courage, her mother’s love, a miracle recovery
Jennifer delivers her message of hope and determination for anyone who has lost strength and will, and reinforces those ideals for everyone.
Field, Jennifer Miller

Gustave Doré's London
A Study of the City in the Age of Confidence, 1848-1873
Gustave Dorês unforgettable images of Victorian London portray in stark contrast of the affluent world and the raw poverty of the slums
Coolidge, John

In the Wake of Home

Christian McEwen's first book of poetry
McEwen, Christian

Inside New England
The Editor-in-Chief of Yankee magazine reveals the New England known only to locals
Now updated and with a new introduction from the author, Jud Hale's 1982 classic, Inside New England, compiles a lifetime of observation, research and musings on all things New England.
Hale, Judson D.

It's Not About the Hike
Two Ordinary Women on an Extraordinary Journey
A meditative journey through life while ingesting the beauty of the mountains
Sporborg, Nancy

Life of the Garment
Winner of the 2014 May Sarton New Hampshire Prize for Poetry
Gorlin, Deborah

Like a Bird Flying Home
Poetry and Letters to His Daughter From New Hampshire
Keen observations on life and place from a poet and father
Clark, Walter

Loon Lore
In Poetry & Prose
The elusive loon—here one moment, gone the next—shows the limits of what we can grasp, and the temporary nature of what is
Sullivan, William

Music Hiding in the Air

A portrait of the artist and musician Rory McEwen, by his niece, the writer Christian McEwen.
McEwen, Christian

The Next Hunger
Lyric meditations on the longings and losses that drive us into each other’s arms or put us on our knees
Green, Kimberly Cloutier

Notes from Old Lyme

Williams, Sydney

One Man’s Family
Growing Up in Peterborough & Other Stories
... an unconventional life in an unconventional place, but during a conventional time
Williams, Sydney M.

Opening the Window
Sabbath Meditations
Insightful and engaging Sabbath Meditations
Seligman, Leaf

Gibson, Rebecca

Pocket Book of Prompts

Seligman, Leaf

The Proactive Driver
An Unofficial Guide for All Drivers
Taking defensive driving to the next level in the hope of saving lives
Botzow, Hermann S., Jr.

The Meters of Poetry in English
Collected teachings on prosody from the Pulitzer Prize-winning master
Justice, Donald

Raking the Winter Leaves
New and Selected Poems
A New Englander’s collection of poems speaking to a state’s, our nation’s and the world’s traumas and transcendent possibilities—our human and natural neighborhood—in a voice personal and universal
Margolis, Gary

Ruins as Architecture
Architecture as Ruins
A fascinating demonstration of the rich and complex architectural ideas and philosophies of centuries gone by
McCormick, Thomas J.

Saint Sophia at Constantinople

Clearly written and thoroughly researched, students & scholars will find it invaluable
Kleinbauer, W. Eugene


A small tour, near and far
Mansfield, Howard

The Dancing Cockatoo
Kids will laugh even as they’re learning when they read Sy Montgomery’s latest, which features a YouTube sensation
Montgomery, Sy

Sparks from the Anvil
The Smith College Poetry Interviews
A treasure-trove for current friends of poetry, and a legacy for future generations
McEwen, Christian, ed.

A Timeworn Gilded Age Survivor Transformed
The story of transforming a worn-down Gilded Age relic into a sustainable and handsome family home
Clement, Peter W.

The Tortoise Diaries
Daily Meditations for Creativity and Slowing Down
A mini treasure-house of poems and quotations, centered on creativity and slowing down
McEwen, Christian

The 2013 May Sarton New Hampshire Prize Winner for Poetry
Koehn, David

Uncle John
Portraits of a True Yankee Farmer
Evocative black-and-white photographs of a lifelong Connecticut farmer who adhered to traditions even as the world changed around him
Sheron, Georgia

Waltzing with Bracey
A Long Reach Home
A love letter to the glories of the Maine Coast and to the human/animal bonds that can so enrich a life
Gilchrist, Brenda

Watching Great Meadow

Russell, Gordon

Where Have All the Animals Gone?
Travels with Karl Ammann
Peterson, Dale

Words from the Wild
Favorite Columns from A Yankee Notebook
Lange, Willem

Workbook for Prosody by Donald Justice

Supplementary material and guiding exercises
Koehn, David and Alan Soldofsky

World Enough & Time
On Creativity and Slowing Down
Christian McEwen gives her readers beautiful insight of how slowness can open doors to sustained creativity
McEwen, Christian

The Wreck of Birds

First winner of Bauhan Publishing's May Sarton New Hampshire Poetry Prize
Rolland, Rebecca Givens