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Brandeis logoDartmouth College Press is a member press of the University Press of New England (UPNE). Dartmouth College’s unique focus on personalized arts and science learning has made it a global leader in liberal education. This unique focus is reflected in the books that Dartmouth College Press publishes. DCP’s interdisciplinary approach to publishing touches on everything from the fine and visual arts, to cross-cultural criticisms of American Studies, to global health and medicine.

Interfaces: Studies in Visual Culture, is a perfect representation of Dartmouth's ever-growing commitment to the study of visual culture. Similarly, Donald Pease, as founder and director of The Futures of American Studies Institute, has created the new series Remapping the Trans-National: A Dartmouth Series in American Studies, which serves as a forum for Dartmouth's leadership in charting the future course of American Studies throughout the world.

Other important series include Reencounters with Colonialism and The Collected Writings of Rousseau.


Diseases of Poverty
Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases,
and Modern Plagues

Lisa V. Adams, John R. Butterly

Comprehensive review of diseases of poverty and public health strategies to combat them

Trauma and Recovery on War's Border
A Guide for Global Health Workers
Kathleen Allden, MD, ed.;
Nancy Murakami, LCSW, ed.;
Cynthia Maung, fwd.

A guide for mental health workers in regions traumatized by war, human rights violations, and poverty across the globe
Prison Area, Independence Valley
Vietnam Perspectives
Phillip C. Schaefer, ed.

A collection of essays by Dartmouth alumni recalling their Vietnam War–era experiences
The Living Line
Modern Art and the Economy of Energy
Robin Veder

The role of body movement in the formation of American modernism
The Power of Writing
Dartmouth '66 in the Twenty-First Century
Christiane Donahue, ed.; Kelly Blewett, ed.

Why writing matters in higher education
Jackson Wright Shultz

A fascinating collective memoir of the lives and experiences of transgender people, in their own voices