Ghost Riders of Baghdad
Soldiers, Civilians, and the Myth of the Surge
Daniel A. Sjursen

University Press of New England


• Acknowledgments
• Prologue
• Preface: “No Shit, There We Were”: Salman Pak Backstory
• Enter the “Ghost Riders”: 2nd Platoon, B/3-61 CAV
• Citizenship and Sacrifice: Reflections on Military Service
• Life as a Countdown: Drinking, Training, and Otherwise Getting By
• Doing More with Less
• “These Dudes Are Trying to
Kill Us”
• Indispensable Friends: Mark and the Interpreters
• Breaking Point: Fear, Loss, and Defeat
• Sunni versus Shia: The Anatomy of Sectarian Civil War
• Ushering in the “Surge”: Farewell Mada’in, Hello Baghdad
• Troop Shortage, Troop Surge: Good People, Bad Advice
• A Night to Remember
• Shouting at Lindsay Graham
• Staggering to the Finish Line: Aftermath in a Shattered Platoon
• Disappointing Paths: Iraq, Seven Years On
• War in the Rearview: On Life after Iraq
• Coda: The Power of Memory
• List of Acronyms and Abbreviations
• Notes
• Index

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