Where the Mountain Stands Alone
Stories of Place in the Monadnock Region
Howard Mansfield, ed.

University Press of New England


List of Maps
• The American Quest for Placelessness—Howard Mansfield
First Encounters
Readings: Indians and Wolves
• Sokoki Homeland from Monadnock: K’namitobena Sokwaki—Marge Bruchac
• Phineas Stevens at the Threshold of the Frontier—David Stewart-Smith
• 11,000 Years on the Ashuelot—Robert Goodby
• Borders and Boundaries—John R. Harris
• The Disorderly Origins of the Granite State—Peter Sauer
• Journal: The Lost Child—Nathaniel Hawthorne
Making Land
Report: The New Road to Keene, 1839
• Report: Connecticut River Ferry, 1900
• Parables of Place—Tom Wessels
• Journal: Thoreau on Monadnock, 1860—Henry David Thoreau
• Report: Following Thoreau—J. Parker Huber
• Recollections: Marlborough’s Granite Quarry—John R. Harris
• A Mill Girl’s Offering—Ronald Jager
• The Family History of Water—Howard Mansfield
• “Plant Your Apples on the Hills”—Jane Brox
• Recollections: Marion Davis, Cattle Drover—Mortimer Peebles
• The Grange Votes Down Automobiles—Haydn S. Pearson
Emptying Out
The Last 113 People—Alan F. Rumrill
• Letter: Stoddard Reawakening, 1946—Charles L. Pierce
• Land of Stone—Kevin Gardner
• Blueberry Planet—Roger B. Swain
• The Tragic Life of William Preston Phelps—Edie Clark
• The Poor Farm—John R. Harris
• Recollections: The Green Army of Camp Annett—Jonathan Schach
• Recollections: Lost Ski Areas—Mortimer Peebles
• Readings: “What Ails New England?”
Readings: The Folks of the Monadnock Region Want you for a Neighbor!
• Abbott Thayer in the Spell of Monadnock—Richard Meryman
• Letter: A Dublin Summer—Mark Twain
• Confessions of a Part-Time Squire—Newton F. Tolman
• Report: How to Build a House—Raphael Pumpelly
• Far from Nebraska’s Prairies—Linda Dyer
• Grandfather’s Farm—Nancy Hayden
• Back to the Land—Edie Clark
• Getting Out of the Hole in Nelson—Jim Collins
• Eminent Domain: Evicted to Create Pisgah Park—Elizabeth Getchell
• Recollections: Pisgah, a Place Apart—Jonathan Schach
• The Return of the Wild—Sy Montgomery
Here and Now in the Global Market
Taxi—Ernest Hebert
• Il Sentimento della Casa (A Sense of Home)—Paul B. Hertneky
• “This Is a Great Country, and Don’t Forget It”—Dayton Duncan
• The Last Mill in Town—Paul B. Hertneky
• Recollections: The Working Life, I. Marlborough Mill
• Recollections: The Working Life, II. Lawrence Tannery—Geoffrey Douglas
• “How Did It Go Today?”—Martha Weinman Lear
• Letter: And Not So Well for Others—Dawn Powell
• Drawing Our Desires: The Endless Keene Bypass Controversy—William Craig
• Recollections: The Last Train Out of Town—John R. Harris
• Quiet Boomtown—Gerald Burns
• Report: New Hampshire by the Numbers
• Is There a Monadnock Land Ethic?—Richard Ober
• Report: The Last Hurrah for New England Thrift; or, Use It Once, Toss It Out, Buy More—Chesterfield Town Report
• Mr. Roy’s Market—Janisse Ray
• Our Town—Tim Clark
You Can Get There from Here
My Favorite Views of the Mountain—Judson D. Hale, Sr.
• Directions to Some of the Places in This Book
• Bibliography and Sources
• List of Contributors
• Illustration Credits and Acknowledgments
• Editor’s Note
• Index

• The Monadnock Region and Its Relation to New England
• The Masonian Curve
• Historic Indian Trails
• Contested New Hampshire/Massachusetts Border
• Postglacial Landscapes of the Monadnock Region
• Hidden Ireland: Stone Walls and Fields in West Peterborough
• Pisgah State Park Outlined on an 1858 Map
• Ruralburbia: Fragmented Population Growth
• The Mind of the Monadnock School District: A Modern Maze

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