“A Defense Weapon Known to Be of Value”
Servicewomen of the Korean War Era
Linda Witt, Judith Bellafaire, Britta Granrud, Mary Jo Binker

University Press of New England


• Women's Place -- and the Servicewoman's Place -- in Post World-War II America
• Servicewomen's Integration: "Prayerful Assumption" versus "Prevailing Ambivalence"
• Recruiting and Retaining "America's Finest Women"
• Fitting Servicewomen In: Finding "Proper Employment for Sisters and Gilfriends"
• A "Woman's Imperative"? -- Military Necessity Erodes Old Barriers
• "Needed in Cadre" -- Providing Support Around the World
• The Nurses in Korea -- Under Fire and on the Move
• Recurring Issues Relating to Military Women
• "The Old Dividing Line"
• Notes
• Index

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