Reading Jewish Women
Marginality and Modernization in Nineteenth-Century Eastern European Jewish Society
Iris Parush

Brandeis University Press


• Reading Women and the Sprit of Jewish Enlightenment
• Language, Literacy, and Literature as the Battleground of Haredim and Maskilim
• Gender Roles and Women's "Window of Opportunity"
• The Benefit of Marginality: Gender Differences in the Traditional Educational System
• "A Women Prides Herself on Cooing and Prattling in French and German": The Secular Education of Women
• The Reading-Biography of Men
• "This Whole Trouble Is the Fault of the Little Story Books": Women Who Read Yiddish
• "A Hebrew Maiden, Yet Acting Alien": Women Who Read European Languages
• "One in a Thousand": Women and the Hebrew Language
• Hebrew -- Man's Apparatus or Woman's Apparel?

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