Seeking Civility
Common Courtesy and the Common Law
George W. Jarecke, Nancy K. Plant

Northeastern University Press


• Preface
• Introduction
• Keep Your Hands to Yourself: Assault and Battery
• Keep Your Hands to Yourself II: Civility Between the Sexes
• Trespasses to Property: A Man's Home Is His Castle
• Nuisance: Trespass's Messier Companion
Stevens v. Hay, etc.: How Bad Things Can Get
• Outrageous! The Intentional Infliction of Severe Emotional Distress
• Sticks and Stones Can Break Your Bones: Verbal Abuse
• Badgering: By Telephone, on the Street and by Computer Chip
• Nasty Words: Blasphemy, Obscenity, and Cursing
• Gossip Gone Bad: Defamation
• Incivility Incarnate: Litigation
• Revenge by Litigation: Wrongful Civil Proceedings
• Conclusion
• Notes
• Selected Annotated Bibliography
• Index

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