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The Greening of Faith
God, the Environment, and the Good Life
John E. Carroll, ed.; Paul Brockelman, ed.; Mary Westfall, ed.; Bill McKibben, fwd.

Available only as an ebook.

University of New Hampshire Press
1997 • 238 pp. 4 charts. 6 x 9"
Ecology & Environmental Studies / Religion

$12.99 Ebook, 978-1-61168-124-6

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Interdisciplinary and interfaith essays exploring the religious and spiritual implications of human interaction with nature and the environment.

No one argues that continuing depredation of our environment threatens our planet and our existence on it, but conflict arises in finding a solution to the problem. Suggesting that the panacea offered by science and technology is too narrow, 15 philosophers, theologians, and environmentalists argue for a response to ecology that recognizes the tools of science but includes a more spiritual approach-one with a more humanistic, holistic view based on inherent reverence toward the natural world. Writers whose orientations range from Buddhism to evangelical Christianity to Catholicism to Native American beliefs explore ways to achieve this paradigm shift and suggest that "the environment is not only a spiritual issue, but the spiritual issue of our time."

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All editors are at the University of New Hampshire, where JOHN CARROLL is Professor of Environmental Conservation, author of Environmental Diplomacy (1983) and editor of Embracing Earth (1994). PAUL BROCKELMAN is Professor of Philosophy, Director of Religious Studies, and author of The Inside Story (1992). MARY WESTFALL is the university's Protestant Chaplain and an ordained Presbyterian minister.

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