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Integrated Landscaping
Following Nature’s Lead
Lauren Chase-Rowell, Mary Tebo Davis, Katherine Hartnett, Marilyn Wyzga

University of New Hampshire Press
2012 • 176 pp. 170 illus. 8 1/2 x 11"
Landscape Architecture / Ecology & Environmental Studies / New England Gardening

$24.95 Paperback, 978-1-61168-278-6

A new way of thinking about landscaping home grounds and public spaces, Revised and Expanded

Most landscape manuals describe a linear sequence of processes: design, plant selection, installation, and ongoing maintenance. Integrated Landscaping is different. It uses natural ecosystems as models, taking a nonlinear, holistic approach that addresses these processes simultaneously. Integrated Landscaping treats each site as a system of plant and animal communities, considering their interrelationships with each other and their environment.

Integrated Landscaping: Following Nature's Lead is a valuable resource for anyone concerned with helping to shape the landscape we all share. When we see ourselves as part of the whole, we can see that what we do in places where we live, work, and play has a ripple effect far beyond the space each of us calls "home."

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“A first-rate model for forward thinking landscapers everywhere. It’s time to bring nature back into our lives, and this book shows us how.”—Richard Louv, author, The Nature Principle and Last Child in the Woods

“From initial design to plant choice to installation, this book will guide you in the creation of a beautiful, functional, and enriching landscape, regardless of the size of your property or budget.”—Douglas W. Tallamy, author, Bringing Nature Home

LAUREN CHASE-ROWELL is a landscape designer and permaculturist. MARY TEBO DAVIS is University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension’s community forestry educator. KATHERINE HARTNETT is a geographer and advocate for low-impact living. MARILYN WYZGA is a professional artist and teaching naturalist.

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