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First Founders
American Puritans and Puritanism in an Atlantic World
Francis J. Bremer

New England in the World

New Hampshire
2012 • 296 pp. 14 illus. 6 1/4 x 9 1/4"
Colonial History / Historical Biography / New England History

$29.95 Hardcover, 978-1-58465-959-4

$26.99 Ebook, 978-1-61168-258-8

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“[Bremer] takes a biographical approach to detail how Puritans’ ideas and values ultimately contributed to the forming of our American government and institutions. . . .He effectively presents the distinct and evolving Puritan views and elaborates on how they influenced American life. . . . Bremer’s work will appeal to the thoughtful reader with an interest in exploring the roots of our country’s founding credos through these accessible biographies.”—Library Journal

An introduction to the diverse lives of the Puritan founders by a leading expert

Francis J. Bremer has spent his entire career broadening our understanding of America’s colonial founders. Now, in this eminently readable collection of biographies, Bremer brings us a surprisingly varied and dynamic group of characters who continue to guide and influence America today. With its cast of magistrates, women, clergy, merchants, and Native Americans, First Founders underscores the breadth of early American experience and the profound transatlantic roots of our country’s forebears. Bremer succeeds in bringing little-known figures out of the shadows, while allowing us to appreciate better known figures in an entirely new light.

This is a truly fascinating look at the Puritans with keenly drawn portraits and the insight that only a lifetime of scholarship can achieve. It should become the standard introduction to the field. Written in the mold of Joseph Ellis’s
Founding Brothers and Gordon Wood’s Revolutionary Characters, the book will appeal to general readers, students, and scholars alike.

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Reviews / Endorsements:

“The work offers an important contribution in acquainting readers unfamiliar with the 17th-century Atlantic world with Puritanism and its history in North America. . . .Recommended.”—Choice

“A Puritan authority goes behind the dour faces and stiff collars to find that 17th-century New England was a surprisingly varied and dynamic place.”—American History Magazine

“Reading this book makes it clear that the Puritan roots of America in New England are still influencing our culture today. This legacy, Bremer claims, ‘remains the reason to get beyond stereotypes and understand the reason to get beyond stereotypes and understand these men and women as they truly were.’”—Maine Antique Digest

First Founders brings the colonial Puritan world alive in all its complexity through these sensitive and insightful biographies of those who hoped to create a godly society in a new world. Bremer’s mastery of the subject shines through in his new interpretations of familiar figures like John Winthrop and Anne Bradstreet, but readers will also be fascinated by the lives and passions of the ordinary men and women he introduces. This is history at its best.”—Carol Berkin, Presidential Professor of History, Baruch College & The Graduate Center, CUNY

“This book is the kind of accomplishment it takes a career to be able to achieve. While First Founders is at once an eminently readable study of people whose lives demonstrate the richness and diversity of Puritan thought, it is much more. Bremer unpacks complex theology and intricate historical situations through stories that are so interesting, the depth of knowledge he conveys seems effortless. Only a master of the field and of his craft could tell such stories so well.”—Walter Woodward, Connecticut State Historian

FRANCIS J. BREMER is emeritus professor of history at Millersville University of Pennsylvania. A leading authority on Puritanism, he is the author of numerous books, including The Puritan Experiment and the award-winning biography John Winthrop: America’s Forgotten Founding Father.

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