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Where the Great River Rises
An Atlas of the Upper Connecticut River Watershed in Vermont and New Hampshire
Rebecca A. Brown, ed.

2009 • 284 pp. 206 illus. (178 color), 32 color figures, 51 color maps, 13 Tables 10 x 12"
Essays / New Hampshire / Vermont

$35.00 Paperback, 978-1-58465-765-1

“Everything you ever wanted to know about the Connecticut River—and then some! From ancient geology, through natural and human history, to current trends and projections for the future, this atlas covers it all. An invaluable companion for any lover of this priceless (and underappreciated) resource flowing right through our midst.” Willem Lange, writer, television host, storyteller

A lavishly illustrated, comprehensive, interdisciplinary study of the natural and human elements that comprise the Upper Connecticut River watershed

Rebecca A. Brown has compiled a remarkable compendium of authoritative essays on the Connecticut River, touching on everything from its physical landscape and natural environment, to the human history, and culture that has grown up around it. This indispensable volume is the product of a remarkable partnership and years of collaboration between the Connecticut River Joint Commissions, Dartmouth College, and Northern Cartographic. Dozens of scholars, scientists, and other experts—all recognized as top authorities in their respective fields—were commissioned to prepare contributions related to their areas of expertise.
This atlas underscores connectivity. Just as natural communities are integrated systems, so, too, are the communities of their human counterparts. The inherent ties between these natural and human worlds cannot be underestimated. This extraordinary volume succeeds brilliantly in portraying the interconnections — characterizing and analyzing the relationships between these realms and challenging the reader to ponder what the future holds for them. An astounding feat of scholarship and organization, Where the Great River Rises speaks eloquently to the keen senses of history, place, and environmental awareness in the Upper Connecticut River Valley as it educates and entertains.

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Reviews / Endorsements:

"Like other atlases, this is not a book easily devoured in one sitting. It is better enjoyed as a resource, for resolving arguments during dinner, researching school projects, or satisfying idle curiosity. Regardless, it will provide many
hours of satisfaction. And it should help restore the mighty Connecticut to its rightful place at the heart of the Twin States."
Northern Woodlands

"Stunning . . . so much information about the upper Connecticut River region has never been gathered so comprehensively in one place, with a user-friendly index and a bibliography to guide further study . . . For residents and visitors who love the river, and those who just want to learn more about it, this is the reference book you have been waiting for."
Valley News

"The maps in this atlas are useful, but the real strength of Where the Great River Rises is the informational text along with the excellent photographs and figures. ... this is an excellent resource for people interested in the upper Connecticut River . . . Highly recommended." Choice

Rebecca A. Brown is editor of this volume and Communications Director of the Connecticut River Joint Commissions. Contributors to the atlas include Jim Andrews, Laurence Becker, Lisa Brooks, Rebecca A. Brown, Charlie Browne, Charles V. Cogbill, David S. Conant, Roger Damon, Jere Daniell, David L. Deen, Brett Engstrom, Richard Ewald, Sarah Flanagan, Sharon F. Francis, Bob Gagliuso, Kevin Geiger, Preston Gilbert, Judy Hayward, Cleve Kapala, Jon Kim, Natalie Koch, Barry Lawson, Ted Levin, Steve Maleski, John Marshall, Donna Roberts Moody, John Moody, Richard Moore, Adair D. Mulligan, Northern Cartographic, Sharon A. Penney, Barbara Ripley, Will Sawyer, Ned Swanberg, Steve Taylor, Nat Tripp, Thomas Villars, W.D. Wetherell, James Wright, and David Wunsch.

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