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For Educators

The Soviet Jewish Americans
Annelise Orleck

Brandeis Series in American Jewish History, Culture, and Life

Brandeis University Press
2001 • 231 pp. 27 photos. 6 1/8 x 9 1/4"
Jewish Studies / Cultural Studies

$22.95 Paperback, 978-1-58465-138-3

A highly readable introduction to an an important new American population.

This lively, moving narrative provides the first comprehensive account of the immigration of nearly 500,000 Soviet Jews to the US between 1967 and 1997. By weaving a wide variety of immigrant voices and photographs together with historical, journalistic, social service, and psychological studies of Soviet Jewish immigration, Annelise Orleck offers a thorough and highly readable introduction to the history, politics, and culture of this important new American population.

Topics covered include the varied reasons for their exodus from the Soviet Union, their experiences in the US, the communities they have created, and the cultural problems they have encountered. Orleck dispels stereotypical notions about Soviet Jewish immigrants by exploring the tremendous social, political, and cultural diversity of the nearly half million Soviet Jews now living in the US.

Annelise Orleck is Associate Professor of History, Dartmouth College. She is author of Common Sense and a Little Fire (1995) and coeditor, with Alexis Jeter and Diana Taylor, of The Politics of Motherhood: Activist Voices from Left to Right (UPNE, 1997).

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