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The Heart Too Long Suppressed
A Chronicle of Mental Illness
Carol Hebald; Thomas S. Szasz M.D., fwd.

Northeastern University Press
2001 • 256 pp. 15 illus. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2"
Memoir / Women's Studies

$26.00 Hardcover, 978-1-55553-482-0

A stirring memoir of one woman’s mental illness and recovery.


“One day we may look back on perilous journeys like Hebald’s and recognize that certain people were forerunners toward the next stage of heart and mind evolution. Carol Hebald is a heroine herself, this tale of transcendence makes clear.” —Gail Godwin, author of Heart: A Personal Journey Through Its Myths and Meanings

Carol Hebald was an actress for twelve years both on and off Broadway. A former Associate Professor of English at the University of Kansas, she is the author of Three Blind Mice: Two Short Novels and the play Martha. Her poems and short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and literary reviews. She lives in New York City. Thomas S. Szasz, M.D. is Professor of Psychiatry, Emeritus, at Syracuse University. He is the author of The Myth of Mental Illness.

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