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For Educators

The Story Of The Blues
Paul Oliver

Expected: (paperback)

Northeastern University Press
1998 • 288 pp. 75 illus. 6 x 9"
African-American Studies / Music / Ethnomusicology

$29.95 Paperback, 978-1-55553-354-0

For sale in the US and its dependencies only

“Encyclopedic in scope, The Story of the Blues is a bright work of scholarship. . . A profusion of well-chosen illustrations and informative captions makes it a vivid photographic essay as well as an invaluable compendium.”—Arnold Shaw, New York Times Book Review

Now available in an updated edition, Paul Oliver's classic history of the blues is widely recognized as the definitive work on the subject

Featuring over 200 vintage photographs and a new introduction by the author, the engaging, informative volume brings to life the African American singers and players who created this rich genre of music as well as the settings and experiences that inspired them.

The author deftly traces the evolution of the blues from the work songs of slaves, to acoustic country ballads, to urban sounds, to electric rhythm and blues bands. Oliver vividly re-creates the economic, social, and regional forces that shaped the unique blues tradition, and superbly details every facet of the music, including themes and subjects, techniques, and recording history.

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