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A Biography
Jonathan Keates

Northeastern University Press
1996 • 316 pp. 12 illus. 6 x 9"
Music / Biography - Musicians & Composers / Opera

$40.00 Hardcover, 978-1-55553-287-1

“Keates’s work is a marvel of insightful research and witty, elegant prose.”—Library Journal

The lively story of England’s greatest composer

In this colorful biography, Jonathan Keates deftly traces Henry Purcell’s life and career against the backdrop of the turbulent political, religious, theatrical, and social movements of his time. Following the composer through his extraordinarily prolific career, as chorister at the Chapel Royal, as composer for theater and court, as writer of sacred music, chamber music, and the first British opera, Keates shows how Purcell's musical genius both embraced and transcended the tensions of Restoration England to give his era and culture an unforgettable voice.


“Drawn irresistibly into matters of court, church, and theater, the reader quickly realizes that Keates possesses that gift essential for a historian of any discipline: the ability to make other times and places live. His enthusiasm alone makes one want to listen to Purcell works of every stamp.”—Opera Quarterly

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