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Women In Prison
Inside the Concrete Womb
Kathryn Watterson; Meda Chesney-Lind, fwd.

1996 • 402 pp. 41 illus. 6 x 9"
Criminology / Sociology / Religion

$29.95 Paperback, 978-1-55553-238-3

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"A real contribution to understanding what happens to women incarcerated in our prisons today. . . Women in Prison is an excellent primer on the subject. The topics Watterson covers include the history of women's prisons; who is in prison, for what crimes; the prison industries that support the state and are fueled by prisoners' unpaid or miserably paid wages; the profit-making companies, organizations, and communities who benefit from the boom in prison construction and the ever-expanding correctional employment; the difficulties faced by incarcerated women and their children; the frightening world of women inside prison; the plight of those women as they leave prison with $25 in their pockets and no place to call home, no job and children to support; the inadequate medical and psychological services provided for women in prison; and prison friendships, families and sexualities." —Women's Review of Books

This compelling book, which has been thoroughly revised and updated, draws on candid interviews with over 400 women inmates and prison officials to shed a shocking light on our penal system as it affects women.

Reviews / Endorsements:

"A graphic, arresting account of prison as a way of life."—Kirkus Reviews

KATHRYN WATTERSON, an award-winning author and journalist, teaches writing at Princeton University. Among her several books is Women in Prison: Inside the Concrete Womb, also published by Northeastern University Press. Her short stories, essays, and articles have been published in a variety of national journals, magazines, and newspapers, including the Philadelphia Inquirer and New York Times.

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