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Dartmouth College Granite United Way
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Dartmouth United Way 2015

United Way Co-Chairs Invite Thanksgiving Pledges

November 18, 2015

The days leading up to Thanksgiving and the busy holiday season are a good time to remember neighbors in need with a gift to the Dartmouth United Way campaign, say co-chairs Gail Gentes and Rick Mills.

With just one month to go until the Dec. 15 close of the campaign, Dartmouth United Way has raised $151,460 toward the $295,000 goal.


Dartmouth United Way Sets a Target of $295,000

October 14, 2015

The Dartmouth United Way campaign kicked off this week with a goal of raising $295,000 in two months.

“We hope that the Dec. 15 closing date for the campaign will create a sense of urgency for our donors and make for an active and energetic campaign,” United Way Co-Chair Gail Gentes told coordinators and volunteers gathered at the launch breakfast in the president’s house.

A letter from our co-chairs

Consider this: One in four households in the Upper Valley is identified as financially unstable.

We begin our 2015 Dartmouth Campaign for Granite United Way with the firm conviction that the Dartmouth community will not remain idle in the face of this critical need. Since the College campaign started in 1973, our community has contributed more than $6 million to support work to give our neighbors a hand up to a better life.

The people of Dartmouth give back in many ways, among them, volunteering, leadership of area agencies, financial support, and neighbors helping neighbors. Today we ask that you make the United Way a regular part of your contribution to our community.

Here’s why a gift to the Dartmouth United Way campaign—in any amount—can improve the lives of vulnerable Upper Valley residents:

  • United Way focuses its resources on the most pressing issues and can identify which agencies—both large and small—are meeting them effectively.
  • Giving through United Way reduces the need for fundraising efforts for the agencies so that their time and money can be spent helping others.
  • United Way monitors programs that receive grants to ensure that they follow sound fiscal policies and provide effective services.
  • Funding is transparent. Volunteers review and allocate agency fund requests in their own community.

The United Way focuses on the building blocks of a good life: successful kids, financially stable families, and healthy change. As we all work to create positive and lasting change in the Upper Valley, we hope you will join us by contributing to this year’s campaign.

With gratitude,
Gail Gentes 
Rick Mills


Dartmouth 2015 United Way Campaign to Kick-off Oct. 14

Over the past 50 years, with the generous support of donors to the Dartmouth United Way Campaign, local volunteers in the Upper Valley have delivered more than $6 million in support to our community. As the 2015 campaign kicks off later this month, Dartmouth, together with Granite United Way, will continue to work for a stronger community with a special focus on addressing the needs of the low income wage earner. Dartmouth faculty and staff will receive this year’s United Way Campaign packet inviting them to make a donation.

Here are some of the ways a gift to the Dartmouth United Way Campaign—in any amount—can improve the lives of vulnerable Upper Valley residents:

Last year, Granite United Way helped more than 450 children gain access to quality childcare programs to prepare them for school while their parents maintain employment.

Granite United Way’s Working Bridges initiative partners with six local companies, reaching 10,000+ employees with on-site support to increase access to important services, decrease absenteeism, and increase employee retention.

United Way in the Upper Valley provided access to substance abuse prevention and treatment for more than 2,900 people.

Last year, United Way investments supported more than 800 people with crisis services and provided domestic violence prevention education to more than 4,000.

Please watch for your Dartmouth United Way Campaign packet and join the effort to give our neighbors a hand up to a better life.


How Important is Giving?

In this video, Geisel School of Medicine faculty member Dr. Joseph O'Donnell discusses how we can strengthen the social safety net in the United Way and how easy it is for faculty and staff to give to the Dartmouth United Way Campaign and help our neighbors in need.


Let's Draw Attention to Good Work

The Tuck School's Creative Services Team, Tuck Assistant Dean Steve Lubrano, and Upper Valley cartoonist and publisher Matt Young, a former Granite United Way volunteer of the year, got together to illustrate just how much good you can do by donating to the United Way. What are you waiting for?



Dartmouth & The United Way:
Improving Lives In The Upper Valley

Dartmouth has been committed to the United Way in the Upper Valley for 40 years, through volunteer work, monetary contributions and organizational leadership. Geisel PhD student Marie Onakomaiya is just one example. She has volunteered at the Upper Valley Haven for several years, donates to the United Way, and has served on the Granite United Way Grants Review Committee.

"At Dartmouth, we believe in embracing the world's troubles and being our neighbor's keeper," Onakomaiya says.


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