(a.k.a. Undesirable Elements)

A Community Theater Project with Ping Chong & Company

Clockwise from top left:
Ping Chong, Nela Suka, Michael Rohd, Gita Patel, Tekle Tomlinson.
Photo by Alexios N. Monopolis

The "Undesirable Elements Hanover" performance August 9, 2002 at the Hopkins Center is composed of original personal stories contributed by members of the Upper Valley community who live here but were not born here. Our community is made more rich by the accounts of those who live here, and we'd like your stories, too!

Places to go from here:

  • CLICK HERE for background information on the development of this project.

  • CLICK HERE for a brief biography of Ping Chong.

  • CLICK HERE to read excerpts from the stories of our local participants.

  • CLICK HERE to submit your own story!

  • CLICK HERE for complete information about the performance event at the Hopkins Center.

For more information, please contact Susan Callaghan, Outreach Assistant, at (603) 646-2010, or by email: Susan.Callaghan@Dartmouth.EDU.

Presented by the Hopkins Center for the Arts at Dartmouth College, with support from the National Endowment for the Arts, and additional funding from Dartmouth’s Tucker Foundation.