Pain Train Roster 2016


Leo Blooston
Leo Blooston '17

Nickname: Leanderthal, Leo

Hometown: Potomac, MD

Major: Engineering

Ambidexterity: In progress

Nicholas Golini
Nicholas Golini '17

Nickname: Nicky Flash

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Major: Engineering

Cougar Desirability Rating: 11

Daniel Finch
Daniel Finch '17

Nickname: Finchy

Hometown: Lexington, MA

Major: Neuroscience

Vertical: Off the charts


Sean Howe
Sean Howe '16

Nickname: Howie Badger

Hometown: Pleasantville, NY

Major: Engineering

Life philosophy: Howie Badger don't care

Peter Lobel
Peter Lobel '16

Nickname: Petes by Dre, Slobel

Hometown: Albany, NY

Major: Engineering

Favorite destructive tendency: Self-deprecation

Evan Rheingold
Evan Rheingold '17

Nickname: Ev Dawg, BDR, Rhino

Hometown: Potomac, MD

Major: Engineering

Least favorite throw: Backhand

Cedar Farwell
Cedar Farwell '17

Nickname: Cedes

Hometown: Hartland, VT

Major: Engineering

Preferred Vessel: Canoe

David Klinges
David Klinges '17

Nickname: Nature Dave

Hometown: Princeton, NJ

Major: Biology

Special Ability: Retaining dirt on upper lip

Matt Mitman
Matt Mitman '17

Nickname: Perp, Clifford, Moot

Hometown: Mequon, WI

Major: Engineering

Number of cows tipped: 11

Robert Halvorsen
Robert Halvorsen '17

Nickname: Robby, Birdy

Hometown: Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Major: Engineering

Official sponsor of power thirst

Spencer Heim
Spencer Heim '18

Nickname: Zesty, Spooge, The Heimlich Maneuver

Hometown: Corn on the Cob, CT

Major: Engineering

Favorite company to model for: American Eagle

Dan Moder
Dan Moder '18

Nickname: Motor, Momo, Noodles

Hometown: Needham, MA

Major: Cognitive Science

Ability to throw up gang signs: None

Eric Greenlee
Eric Greenlee '18

Nickname: Danger, Greenles, Greenlee, Eric

Hometown: Clarksville, MD

Major: Engineering

Percentage of letters in name that are E's: 130

Isaac Gluck
Isaac Gluck '19

Nickname: Sack, Gluckenspiel, Gluck

Hometown: New York, NY

Major: Computer Sceince

Occupation: Baller

Robert Livaudais
Robert Livaudais '19

Nickname: Callahan Rob, Live a day/Die a day

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Major: Computer Sceince

Paintball skill level: Assassin

Johnny Elliot
Johnny Elliot '19

Nickname: Qwoppy, Johnny Qwop

Hometown: Juneau, AK

Major: Physics

Rice Krispies purchased to ladies entertained: 1:1

Andy Bando-Hess
Andy Bando-Hess '19

Nickname: Derz, Dirty Derz, Durza the Shade

Hometown: Norwich, VT

Major: Economics

Ankles broken: 1 (his own)

Connor Haines
Connon Haines '20

Nickname: JS ;)

Hometown: Topsfield, MA

Major: Being a freshman

Favorite clothing outlet: Zara

Rohan Bose
Rohan Bose '20

Nickname: Ro

Hometown: Brookline, MA

Major: Being a freshman

Preffered catching method: Double jump

Karim Itani
Karim Itani '20

Nickname: Dumpy

Hometown: Westwood, MA

Major: Being a freshman

Hands made of: Snakes

Garrett Rawlings
Garrett Rawlings '20

Nickname: Bambi, G


Major: Being a freshman

Words spoken: 0

Dakota Thompson
Dakota Thompson 3/2

Nickname: Daks

Hometown: Colby College

Major: Engineering

Preferred drink: Homemade Moonshine