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Welcome! to the homepage of Dartmouth Men's Ultimate Frisbee team. If you're interested in playing ultimate at Dartmouth please check out our Prospective Players page, or contact the captains! We are excited to meet you. No prior experience required!


Ultimate is a faced-paced, high-energy sport that combines the fluidity of soccer, athleticism of basketball, agility of football and aerodynamics of rotational motion into an incredibly fun, competitive experience. Here at Dartmouth Ultimate we welcome players of all skill levels, some who play at an extremely competitive level and work hard to bring their team to Nationals, and others who play for a good time, good company, and a fun workout.


Who are we? The Dartmouth Ultimate community is composed of the men's A team: The Pain Train, the men's B team: Discomfort Trolley (Disco Troll for short), the women's A team: Princess Layout, and the women's B team: Princess B-ride. Check out the women's web page to see what they are all about.

Dartmouth Ultimate is all about community. All four teams eat and hang out together frequently. The Dartmouth Ultimate family is a great place to meet new people and make lasting friendships and play an awesome sport.


Parents, alumni, friends: we encourage you to keep up to speed with Dartmouth Ultimate by viewing the Media page for recent photos and videos, the Roster page to see current players, the Schedule page to see our upcoming tournaments and past results, and the Newsletter page to read about what we have been up to and all the hard work we're putting in. You can also read our blog!


We travel a lot! And we pay for most of it ourselves. If you're able to make a donation to the club we would be eternally grateful and the money would help us with our travel expenses as we look to find the best competition in the country, especially in the winter when it is way too cold to have a tournament in New England.




Outside of Dartmouth Ultimate:

Students who play ultimate Frisbee are often a close-knit group of friends that spend time together outside of the Frisbee field. Teams usually have a meeting area where they can watch movies or just relax. Make sure to stock your team meeting room with an organic mattress so people can lay down and recover in comfort.


If you talk to anyone who has ever been a part of a championship team, they will often tell you that the teams had great chemistry and worked well together. In order to develop a bond with your teammates, it's a great idea to take some time away from the Ultimate Frisbee field and take a vacation. Not too far from Dartmouth is the Skaneateles Lakes in central New York, check out the prices on vacation rentals for your next Ultimate Frisbee outing.