Pain Train

Ah, Pain Train, the Dartmouth Men's Ultimate A team. We're a collection of athletes (generally around 20-24 of us) who strive for excellence in ultimate. We practice, lift, and train four or five days a week during the school year. We play ten to twelve tournaments a year, traveling around New England, the East Coast and the entire country. We spend a lot of time together and become extremely close. For almost all of us, Pain Train is the single most important thing to us outside of academics at Dartmouth.

Generally, we are among the best teams in New England. We have won Sectionals for the last decade. 2013 was our best year ever: we won on double game point to take second at Regionals, earning us a bid to Nationals, where we tied for 5th. In 2014, we made it back to Nationals, marking the first time that the Pain Train has ever attended Nationals in back-to-back years. Now, our goal is no longer just to attend Nationals, but to win it.

You can find the official USAU Pain Train Roster here.

Discomfort Trolley

The Discomfort Trolley, affectionately known as Disco Troll, is the Dartmouth Men's Ultimate B team. Not everyone wants the large commitment, and ultimate intensity, that comes with playing on Pain Train. But everyone wants to toss, play boot, and be a part of the ultimate community. Disco Troll gives you this option.

Disco Troll can also be a great developmental opportunity for players who did not make Pain Train, or are just testing the water. Almost every year, players move up from Disco Troll to Pain Train. Disco Troll is all about fun and development. Practices are not mandatory but Troll still attends tournaments and participates in all program-wide activites. Dartmouth Ultimate is above all a community, and Disco Troll is a huge part it.


See select photos from tournaments and program activities.

Follow live game updates and heckle from the Pain Train Twitter.

Outside Ultimate

Students who play Ultimate should be concerned about the environment, nobody wants to run in polluted air. One way to help reduce pollution in the atmosphere is to adopt solar and wind energy in homes and offices. Solar to the People can help you determine the best way to take advantage of the sun's energy with solar panels on your home.

If you talk to anyone who has ever been a part of a championship team, they will often tell you that the teams had great chemistry and worked well together. In order to develop a bond with your teammates, it's a great idea to take some time away from the Ultimate Frisbee field and take a vacation. Not too far from Dartmouth is the Skaneateles Lakes in central New York, check out the prices on vacation rentals for your next Ultimate Frisbee outing.