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Any donation makes a huge difference in travel cost and we appreciate whatever you can give. Travelling around to tournaments with good competition brings us all over the country. Last year we went to tournaments in North Carolina, Texas, and California. This year we've already gone to a tournament in Georgia, and we plan on attending tournaments in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida. All this travelling isn't just vacation. We travel in search of the best competition in the country to elevate our game to a nationally-competitive level. Training and playing during the winter is essential to our performance in the spring, and often over half the season happens before we even have spring break, when it is too cold and snowy to play outside in hanover.


We appreciate whatever you can give, and know that it helps ease the financial burden on us as individuals as a club, and will help us to work our hardest and achieve a nationally-competitive level of play.


Here is the donations page: Giving To Dartmouth

Click "Make a Gift"", and then select "Friends of Ultimate Frisbee"


We'd like to thank last year's donors who are listed in our Newsletter!