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You may notice we travel a great deal. We pay for all of our flights individually and the club pays for all of our tournament fees. If you can provide monetary support, we would really appreciate your donations!


Upcoming Tournaments

Williams Turf: TBD

 -Williams, MA

Florida Warm Up: February 15-17

    -Tampa, FL

Easterns Qualifier: March 2-3

    -Axton, VA

Easterns: March 23-24

    -Wilmington, NC

2012 Fall Season:

Club Sectionals: September 15-16

    -Hanover, NH

Huck a Hunk Burning Pumpkin: November 3-4

    -Portsmouth, RI

    -Champions! 7-0

Classic City Classic: November 10-11

    -Athens, GA

    -Second Place to FL State.

2011-2012 SEASON RESULT: 2nd place in the Northeast Region

Queen City Tune Up: February 11-12

    -4-3 record

    -7th place finish

    -Charlotte, NC

    -Skyd magazine tournament recap: Day 1Day 2

President’s Day Invite: February 18-19

    -Champions: 7-0 record

    -Beat UW 15-11 in the finals

    -La Jolla, CA

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    -Skyd magazine tournament recap

Centex: March 17-18

    -Austin, TX

    -2-5 record

Easterns: March 23-25

    -Wilmington, NC

    -1-4 record

New England Open: March 31-April 1

    -Hamilton, MA

    -5-2 record (4th place finish)

Conferences: April 21

    -Durham, NH

    -Champions: 2-0 record

Regionals: May 5-6

    -Hanover, NH

    -2nd place

    -5-1 record

    -Lost to Tufts in game-to-go to Natties


    -9-1 total record

    -Tournament Win at Boston Classic

Club Sectionals: September 24-25

    -4-2 record

    -5th place finish, qualified for Club Regionals

Boston Classic: October 16


    -3-0 record

    -Wins over Northeastern, Boston College, Brown

Yale Coffee Cup: October 29-30

    -2-0 record

    -Wins over Middlebury, Brown Alumni

    -Tournament Cancelled due to freak storm

Huck a Hunk o’ Burning Pumpkin: November 5-6

    -4-1 record

    -Wins over Rutgers, Boston College, Cornell, Harvard

    -Lost in semifinals to Tufts

2010-2011 SEASON RESULT: 3rd place in the Northeast Region

Club Sectionals: Sept. 25-26th

    -Fun was had by all

UMassacre (at UMass): Oct. 23-24

    -6-2 record, lost in the finals

    -Wins over Cornell, UMass, Wesleyan, Amherst, ARHS, UMass B; Losses to Tufts

UOA Ivy League Tournament (at Harvard): Oct. 30-31


    -8-0 record

    -Wins over UMass, Columbia, Brown, Tufts, Yale, Harvard, and Brandeis (twice)

Huck a Hunk (at Brown): Nov. 6-7

    -3-2 record

    -Wins over BC, Brown X, and Wesleyan; Losses to UMass and Cornell

UOA Nationals (at Greenville, NC): Nov. 20-21

    -7-1 record

    -Wins over Virginia (2), Virginia Tech, Brandeis, Tennessee, James Madison, UConn

Pres Day (at San Diego): Feb. 19-21

    -3-5 record

    -Wins over Texas A&M (2) and UCSB

Centex (at Austin): Mar. 19-20

    -4-4 record

    -Wins over Missouri, LSU, Texas State, UCLA

    -8th place finish (lost in quarterfinals)

Terminus (at Atlanta): Mar. 26

    -3-1 record 

    -Wins over Georgia, Illinois, Oberlin

    -1st in Pool Play, Day 2 cancelled

One Nightstand (at UConn): Apr. 2-3

    -4-3 record

    -Wins over Bentley (2), Wesleyan, Yale

Sectionals (at Williams): Apr. 16-17

    -2nd place finish

    -2-1 record

    -Wins over UVM, UNH

Regionals (at UMass): May 7-8

    -3rd place finish (4th seed going in)

    -4-2 record

    -Wins over Williams, UVM, Umass, Midd

    -Lost to Tufts in game-to-go to Natties