Hey Alums!

Our alumni are

incredibly important to us, and our freshmen will often hear various tales from the history of Dartmouth Ultimate. Alums-we always love to hear from you, so please blitz us (our addresses are on the contact page) with any ideas, advice, or questions!

We now have a list of a bunch of alums and the club teams they are playing for, which is a good way for alums to catch up with each other at tournaments and whatnot. Check it out here and add anyone else you know of! Thanks to Mike Zargham '07 for setting it up.

We try to host alum games every 1-2 years in the spring. If you live in the Northeast and you haven't gotten an invite to a game before, get in touch with one of the captains and we'll be sure to include you in the next one!



Some photos:

The first Dartmouth Ultimate team Spring 1978 at Harvard

Row 1 (L-R) Chris LaRocca, Vic Pantin, Mitch Arion, Brad Baldridge, Joel Narva

Row 2 ?, Dino Howell, Sandy Koonce, Steve Wirein, Theo Pozzy

Row 3 (standing right side) Pat King, Dan Gilroy, Mike Strage

1978 - Dartmouth vs. Columbia

Arion pases to King (with Strange wondering why he didn't get the disc)

1978 - Cambridge, MA

Arion (L) and Wirein sky for a disc


Spring 1979 on the Dartmouth Hall steps

Row 1 (front): ?

Row 2: (L-R) ?, LaRocca, Koonce, Jeff Woessner, ?

Row 3: Baldridge, Arion, Evelyn Craig, Stu Downes, ?

Dartmouth Ultimate Grads: 2001

Pain Train Regional Champions: 2008

Dartmouth alums at Club Worlds in Lecco, Italy in 2014 (minus four who couldn't make it)

Family, alums, and the team at 2014 Regionals