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Judicial Affairs Office

5 Rope Ferry Road, Room 203
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: (603) 646-3482
Fax: (603)646-0421
Hinman Box 6020


The COS/Dean may record by electronic, stenographic, or other means, any COS/Serious Misconduct proceeding. The College will not ordinarily prepare or provide transcripts of COS/Serious Misconduct proceedings for a student.  When a recording of a COS/Serious Misconduct proceeding has been made, the accused student may request permission to listen to the recording.  The UJAO will determine the conditions under which the student will have access to the recording in order to preserve confidentiality.  Students who fail to abide by the Director's restrictions may be subject to further disciplinary action.  Except as provided above, no photographs, tape recordings, videotapes, stenographic records, or other recordings of a COS/Serious Misconduct proceeding may be made.

*Request to Review Recording of COS/Serious Misconduct Dean's Proceeding Form*

Last Updated: 9/2/10